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Systems Team Meeting
February 9, 2016
Agenda and Minutes
Alma Enhancements Process

1.       Review of Alma-L email from Ann Miller providing overview of this year”s ELUNA calendar

2.       Recruitment of members for Alma Enhancements Working Group.

Possible composition:
  • chair (Bonnie Parks)
  • alliance systems pm (Al Cornish)
  • alliance dd pm (Ray Henry)
  • alliance cw pm (Cassie Schmitt)
  • DD representative (Primo / fulfillment expert)
  • CW representative (technical services expert)
  • CW representative (acquisitions expert)
  • CW representative (electronic resources expert)
Action item: Wade to start recruitment process to fill open positions

Action item: Al to talk to Jodi about her level of interest in having her team participate in this process via a seat on the working group.

3.       Summary discussion of open call on Wednesday, Feb 10. Topics to include:

  • no-PDS authentication update
  • overview of Alma Enhancements Process for 2016
  • Review of PSIs
4.       Discussion of Board meeting this week, and team status and goals reporting.


5.       Discussion of Uresolver problem referenced on sys-discussion and Alma-L, February 8.

6.       Discussion of who should be on Discovery and Delivery”s Primo 5-specific email list.

Action item: Al will communicate to Ray Henry to simply add sys-discussion@orbiscascade.org to the planned Primo 5-specific email list.