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Al and Wade provided a summary of the recent Alliance board meeting, at which each team chair presented a current status report and overview of their team”s goals for next year. Michele Burke offered additional information about next steps for assessment, which involve team chairs and program managers identifying assessable activities within their team efforts.

It was noted that the recruitment of the Technology Manager position at the Alliance is underway. In addition to the venues in which the position has already been listed, the group came up with the following recommendations as venues for posting: Educause job site, Alma-L, and Code4Lib. Immediately following the meeting, Al posted the job listing to Alma-L. The other options will also be explored. Meanwhile, Scot Harrison, who happens to be on the Executive Director Search Committee, said that all feedback resulting from last week”s candidate presentations has been circulated to the committee, and that the committee would be reviewing and discussing all feedback soon.

Recruitment for the Alma Enhancements Working Group 2016 is underway. Bonnie Parks (UP) will chair the group. In addition, Al Cornish, Cassie Schmitt and Ray Henry will serve on the working group, in their respective capacities as program managers. Additional recruitments for this year”s working group are: Lori Hilterbrand (U of O) for fulfillment, Kyle Banerjee (OHSU) for cataloging, and Rose Sliger Krause (EWU) for CCD, with two additional members still to be recruited from the Collaborative Workforce.

Wade provided an update on no-PDS authentication. At present, the new mechanism continues to be stymied by CNAME”d host names(ie, ‘vanity urls’), such as primo.pugetsound.edu. Nathan and Wade have a call with Ex Libris developers in Israel on February 24, in hopes of ironing out the remaining issues.

Wade provided an update on configuration of the Ebsco link resolver plugin introduced in Alma recently. Namely, the new feature does not require configuration at the Alliance level, as was previously thought. Institutions can independently enable the Ebsco link resolver plugin in their own Alma instance, irrespective of the Alliance-level Alma configuration.

Al provided an update on the timeline for installation of the Primo February release into Alliance production environment. Alliance testing on the Primo Premium Sandbox is underway by institutions, with feedback due by EOD February 24 (feedback form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1q6T4k9vNZGT03ZnNIyiVPayy5gNwkC71Qrzx35QbBpk/viewform ). Installation of the Primo February release into the production environment is expected to occur on March 6.

Al provided an update on the Alliance Sandbox Testing Working Group (https://www.orbiscascade.org/alliance-sandbox-testing-working-group ). The working group is currently working to re-populate and re-anonymize the two Alma premium anonymized sandboxes, originally populated with WWU and Willamette U data.

As constant as the tides in Puget Sound, Alma updates continue to arrive. The upcoming Alma March 2016 release is scheduled to hit Alma sandboxes on February 28, and installation scheduled in production on March 6. One anticipated change in the Alma March 2016 release involves the invoice export process. With previous releases, invoices from all invoice owners (ie, libraries) were delivered in the same file every day. With March release:

  • Alma will deliver one file per invoice owner (ie, library)
  • The filenames will include the name of the invoice owner (library)
  • This feature was mistakenly rolled out with Alma February release before rollback - documented in UW case 00202866.
The March Priority Support Issues meeting will soon be upon us. Wade put on the renewed call for candidate PSI issues to potentially highlight in the upcoming meeting.

Wade briefly mentioned a request from TSWG for an Alliance-central SFTP server for use on Alliance-level network zone cataloging projects. Wade and Al have already discussed the issue, and will configure the Alliance network-level Alma instance to use an Alliance-hosted SFTP server. Once configured, the appropriate information will be shared with TSWG.