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Systems Team Meeting Notes
December 8, 2015
1. Welcome Michele Burke
Michele Burke, from Chemeketa Community College, and the Alliance Assessment Team, joined the Systems Team call as the team's newly appointed assessment liaison.
2. Review existing goals and progress
The Team reviewed the existing team goals (https://www.orbiscascade.org/systems-1/ ) and progress toward those goals.
Highlights of the discussion included:
a) need for renewed and continued effort on the SLA Working Group
b) a recognition that the Systems Team will continue to maintain ownership of the coordination the ELUNA Alma and Primo enhancements voting process
3. Discussion of goals for the upcoming year
The team discussed the need to identify goals for the coming year, whether they are a continuation of existing goals, or new goals.
It was generally agreed that the following high-level work will carry forward:
SLA monitoring
Enhancement voting coordination
Regular team and open calls
New work for the Systems Team in the coming year also includes:
Management of Alma and Primo Sandboxes (through a new working group being formed)
Other ideas brought up as possible goal subjects included:
An Alma / ILLiad integration effort
Formal management of Alma release testing
Such new efforts will require willing leaders and participants to be successful.
The team will continue discussion of 2016 / 2017 goals at its next call.
Team chairs are scheduled to present goals to the Alliance board in mid-February 2016.