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  • Attendees
    • Wade Guidry, University of Puget Sound
    • Al Cornish, Alliance
    • Blake Galbreath, Eastern Oregon University
    • Bonnie Parks, University of Portland
    • Nathan Mealey, Portland State University
    • Rose Carlson, Reed College
    • Scot Harrison, St. Martin’s University
Agenda and Minutes

  • Primo release follow-up

    The group discussed a set of authentication issues that have appeared, or re-appeared, following the installation of the Primo July release.

    Namely, searching first, and then authenticating following the search, results in an error landing page in Primo. Relevant cases include: 164209, 170833, 171034, 156265, 171030. 

    Keith Folsom, Discovery and Delivery Program Manager, is following up with Ex Libris on these cases.
Also of note, the new Primo Analytics functionality has not appeared in the PBO yet, but will appear in the PBO soon.
  • Priority Support issues meeting with ExL coming up
The next scheduled conference call with Ex Libris to discuss priority SalesForce cases is scheduled for September 3.

So far, the systems chair and PM plan to represent the following cases at that meeting, assuming these cases are still open:

165005 - Version 2 XML schema results in a different time in the expiration timestamp (5am), compared to version 1 schema (23:59pm)
169958 - 49 of PSU's 84 allocated funds are frozen and cannot be used for orders or invoices
166419 - Cross-institutional apparent Primo authentication
161133 - Alma API booking functionality problem - The endpoint /almaws/v1/bibs/{mms_id}/booking-availability is not returning accurate information.
164209, 170833, 171034, 156265, 171030 - Users searching via dlSearch.do get error page after signing in to see request options.
  • September Alma Release

    The team discussed the Alma September release, which goes into production on August 29 / 30.

    The team identified the following new features in the September release, and intends to test these features by the end of the week, to confirm their functionality:

    • Title Field added to User Record*
    • Resending Patron Notifications
    • New HealthCheck tool tests
    • New library open hours API

      *Update: Wade tested this feature on Aug 25, and found that, for SIS patron loading, the title field is only supported with the V.2 schema.
  •  Alma Enhancements Working group Debrief
Wade presented the main takeaways from the Alma Enhancements Working Group Debrief report:
  1. The Alliance should collude using 80% of institutional voting.
  2. The working group should reduce the number of recommended enhancements at each stage of voting.

    These recommendations would allow the Alliance to enhance, or at least retain, the influence it exerted in this year’s process.

    This report will be presented to the Policy and Coordination Team in the near future.
  • SLA Feedback Report for Q2

    Al and Wade are currently working on the SLA Feedback Report for Q2 2015 (April, May, June).
  •  Upcoming Meetings

    Next Systems Team meeting: Tuesday, September 8th @ 9am
    Next Systems Open call: Wednesday, September 9th @ 1pm