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Alma enhancements voting results for Round 1

Al circulated the Round 1 voting results to the ELUNA reps email list on April 25. The email read:

Attached are the results from the first round of Alma enhancements voting for 2016. This ballot was designed to reduce the number of requests being considered by the Ex Libris user groups (ELUNA and IGeLU) from around 600 to 20. The requests shown in the sheet will be reviewed by Ex Libris and assigned development points, which will be shown on the second round ballot. In short, this sheet shows the requests that are still on the table for the 2016 Alma enhancements process.
The requests highlighted in green on the spreadsheet represent the requests that the Alliance prioritized in its collaborative enhancements voting process.
Bonnie Parks is chairing the Alliance's Alma Enhancements Working Group for this cycle. 

All 7 of the enhancements listed on the Alliance recommendations landed in the top 20 vote getters in the ELUNA voting. In fact, the Alliance recommendations comprised 7 of the top 8 vote getters.

Great job by the Alma Enhancements Working Group, and the ELUNA reps!

Alma May Release

The Alma May 2016 Release will be installed into production on May 1.

The release notes for the May 2016 release have been posted to the Ex Libris Knowledge Center, at http://knowledge.exlibrisgroup.com/Alma/Release_Notes/01_2016/00May_2016

Summer Meeting discussion

The team reviewed the current plans for the Alliance Summer 2016 Meeting.

Update on Alliance IT Manager search

The team was updated by Al and Wade on the search for a new Alliance IT Manager. A finalist candidate will be brought in to Eugene on May 12 for an in-person visit. As part of the interview process, the candidate will make a short presentation, to which members of the system team will be invited.

Update on Systems team work with Alliance's assessment efforts

Al and Michele offered an overview of the current state of the Alliance assessment efforts, and where the Systems Team goals and assessment plan for FY2017 fit in.

Primo May Release

The Primo May Release will be installed to the Alliance Primo Premium Sandbox on May 8.

Ex Libris will provide a general customer webinar on April 27 to review the Primo May release. We hope to learn more at the webinar about the current state of Primo 5 functionality within the Primo May release, particularly with respect to the current state of customizability.

Whitworth University migration update

Al provided an update on the state of the Whitworth University migration. Highlighted were efforts around their pre-migration OCLC reclamation project, and the current lack of clarity regarding how the will go about implementing their printing use-cases in Alma.