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This update appeared in Alliance News, distributed on the Announce listserv on March 4, 2016:

Alma March release
The Alma March release will be installed on Alliance production this Sunday, March 6. Details on the release are available on the Ex Libris Knowledge site.  Note that for Alma, monthly releases are calendared through December 2016.
Whitworth University migration to Alliance Alma/Primo
Work is ramping up to bring Whitworth University into the Alliance’s Alma and Primo in the June timeframe. The first Whitworth University-Alliance-Ex Libris planning meeting is expected to be conducted early next week. Ex Libris' Audrey Ho, who worked with the Alliance on its migration, is the Ex Libris lead for this project. Ex Libris' Megan Drake, fomerly of Pacific University, is part of the ExL project team and will be performing Alma and Primo configuration work in support of Whitworth University.
Open Systems Call, March 9

The Open Systems Call on March 9 will include the following enticing topics, among others:
  • A brief overview of SMS (text-based) patron notice implementation, by Rose Carlson, Reed College
  • A brief overview of  pivot tables in Analytics (a much easier way to construct rolling-time-period reports), by Mary Galvin, University of Oregon
  • A brief overview of filtering journal usage reports in Analytics to just the journals you actually subscribe to, by Bill Kelm, Willamette University
No-PDS authentication
No-PDS authentication testing continues in the University of Puget Sound and Portland State University sandboxes. Following a call with Ex Libris contacts in Israel, we are very close to having the configuration fully working, and hope to try it in production soon. Note also that Ex Libris has confirmed that CAS and LDAP support for no-PDS is currently planned, but won’t be implemented until May / June 2016 timeframe, at the earliest.
Alma Enhancements ELUNA voting cycle for 2016
Institutional ELUNA representatives should plan on receiving information and calls-to-action from the Alliance Alma Enhancements Working Group, regarding ELUNA Alma Enhancements voting, in the early April timeframe.
Serving on this year’s Alliance Alma Enhancements Working Group will be:

  • Bonnie Parks, Systems Team, University of Portland, Working Group Chair
  • Al Cornish, Alliance Systems Program Manager
  • Cassie Schmitt, Alliance Collaborative Workforce Program Manager
  • Ray Henry, Alliance Discovery & Delivery Program Manager
  • Lori Hilterbrand, DD representative for fulfillment, University of Oregon
  • Kyle Banerjee, TSWG representative for cataloging, OHSU
  • Morag Stewart, TSWG representative for acquisitions & e-resources, UW
  • Karen Spence, TSWG representative for serials & /e-resources, PCC
  • Rose Sliger Krause, CCD representative, EWU