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Alma/Primo Analytics


  • Introduction to New Alma User Interface: Ex Libris' official guide to the new Alma user interface (UI).
  • Alma new UI Essentials: Index page with all official Ex Libris training on the new Alma UI.
  • Enabling the Alma New UI: Instructions on how to turn the new Alma UI on and off at the institution level.
  • Menu Changes in Alma's New UI: This document discusses changes to the main Alma menu from the classic to the new UI.
  • Alma new UI information session:  All-Alliance training session held on December 14, 2017, led by COCC's Tamara Marnell and the Alliance's Al Cornish.
  • New UI Video Training: Recording of Alma new UI training led by Ex Libris' Megan Drake (September 20, 2017). 
  • Alma New UI Quick Tutorial Video: Recording of Alliance-led new UI overview for the Systems community by Tamara Marnell (October 12, 2017). 

  • Primo

    Primo Back Office and Primo / Alma integration

    Resource Sharing

    Articles & Presentations

    Open Call Demonstrations

    Date Demo Presenter Files
    9/12/2018 Styling the Primo August 2018 Release
    Paul Ojennus
    8/8/2018 Analytics: Question Form and RSF Shared Reports Bill Kelm
    PCSG: New Resource Type Icons Dan Moore  
    Confluence Preview Tamara Marnell
    5/9/2018 Primo Studio Paul Ojennus
    3/14/2018 Analytics: Reading/Exhibit List Bill Kelm
    2/14/2018 Primo Email Authentication Kun Lin  
    1/19/2018 Confluence Curtis Wyant  
    Resource Recommender Dan Moore
    11/8/2017 Analytics: ACRL Reports Bill Kelm
    10/12/2017 Alma New UI Tamara Marnell
    9/13/2017 Primo Back Office: New UI Configurations Dan Moore
    Primo Search Widgets Paul Ojennus  
    8/9/2017 Analytics: Primo New UI Analytics Maria McShane  
    7/12/2017 COUNTER/Sushi Bill Kelm
    5/17/2017 Intro to APIs Tamara Marnell
    4/20/2017 Maintaining Ebsco 3rd Node Adapter Settings in Primo Nathan Mealey
    Amazon linking in Primo Stewart Baker
    Analytics: Dashboard Prompts Maria McShane  
    3/22/2017 Analytics: Creating a Dashboard Maria McShane  
    2/23/2017 Customizing the New UI Paul Ojennus  
    Analytics: Creatring Formulas Maria McShane  
    1/18/2017 Analytics: Analysis, Table, and Column Properties Stewart Baker
    12/14/2016 Social Login Tamara Marnell
    Analytics: Building Analyses Off of Other Analyses Maria McShane  
    11/9/2016 Analytics: Introduction Maria McShane  
    10/12/2016 Intro to Customizing the New UI Kun Lin
    9/14/2016 Export a List of Primo Search Results via the PNX API and Convert JSON to CSV Blake Galbreath