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Date Demo Video Presenter Files
Getit/Viewit bookmarklet (8 Min.) Blake Galbreath (WSU)

12/09/2020 Using and Developing Alma Cloud Apps (17 Min.) Tamara Marnell (COCC)  Slides
11/18/2020 Alma Analytics: Substring Function MARC 008/28 (10 Min.) Jian Wang (PDX)  
Primo Explore Development environment on Windows (9 Min.)
 Ed Hill (PDX)
10/14/2020  Getting Started with Docker (24 Min.)  Jeremiah Kellogg (EOU)  
09/09/2020 What is Angular JS? (20 Min.) Tamara Marnell (COCC)  
07/08/2020 New Alma Layout (10 Min.) Bryan Vogh (Alliance)
06/10/2020 An Analytics Weeding Project (12 Min.) LaVonna Sydow (Reed)
05/13/2020 EBook Carousel (14 Min.) Hilary Robbeloth (University of Puget Sound)

Example, Slides
05/13/2020 Analytics Report to Estimate Shipping Costs (6 Min.) LaVonna Sydow (Reed)
04/08/2020 Analytics Report to Anticipate High Demand Reserves to Scan (4 Min.)
LaVonna Sydow (Reed)
Search Bar Alert with Link (5 Min.)
Blake Galbreath (WSU)

02/12/2020 How to copy Analytics Reports (3 Min.) Lavonna Sydow (Reed) Instructions
SRU WorldCat Holding Cleanup Report (15 Min.) Lesley Lowery (Alliance)
COUNTER5 Demo (13 Min.) Bill Kelm (Willamette)
01/08/2020 ACRL Reports in Analytics (8 Min.) LaVonna Sydow (Reed) Report
12/11/2019 Summit Stats (15 Min.) Jeremy McWilliams (Lewis & Clark) Summit Stats Site
SRU (11 Min.) LaVonna Sydow (Reed)
11/13/2019 Script to Populate Enumeration A Fields (10 Min.) Blake Galbreath (WSU) Slides
OER Resources (20 Min.) Heather White and Holly Wheeler (MHCC) Template
10/09/2019 Chrome bug fix for the Get It Window (15 Min.) Hui Zhang (OSU) Slides
Building a Bento Box: COCC's Federated Search (15 Min.) Tamara Marnell (COCC) Slides
Analytics in Action - Most Checked-Out Titles (6 Min.) Kevin Edwards (PCC)
09/11/2019 Assessing and Adopting Open Source Technologies for Your Library Stewart Baker (WOU) Slides
Normalization Rule Changes Implementation Bill Kelm (Willamette)
Sample Field Order
Analytics Demo: Parameter Cases LaVonna Sydow (Reed)
06/12/2019 Managing Primo Bug Reports Carin Yavorcik Slides
Checking Portfolio URLs Bill Kelm (Willamette) Slides
Mobile Interface Testing Radka Ballada (CC) Slides
04/10/2019 Using Analytics for Resolver Improvement Bill Kelm (Willamette) Document
03/13/2019 Another Look at Primo Studio Jeremiah Kellogg (EOU) Documentation
Newspaper Search Walk-Through Paul Ojennus (Whitworth)
02/13/2019 Analytics Issues: Consortia vs Institution / Resolver by Source Bill Kelm (Willamette)
01/09/2019 Alma Premium Sandbox Webinar Summary Paul Ojennus (Whitworth)
Primo Analytics User Groups Issue Bill Kelm (Willamette)
12/12/2018 PCSG: My Favorites Sign-in Jeremiah Kellogg (EOU)
Systems Documentation Cleanup & Reorg Tamara Marnell (COCC)
11/14/2018 No-PDS Login with Screen Readers Radka Ballada (CC)
PCSG: Add Custom Action Fix Tamara Marnell (COCC)
Analytics: Finding Problem Bibs Bill Kelm (Willamette)
Summary ExL Identity Services Webinar Paul Ojennus (Whitworth)
10/10/2018 PCSG: Show/Hide Advanced Search and Open Access/Peer Review Modal Windows Tamara Marnell (COCC)
09/12/2018 Styling the Primo August 2018 Release Paul Ojennus (Whitworth)
08/08/2018 Analytics: Question Form and RSF Shared Reports Bill Kelm (Willamette)
PCSG: New Resource Type Icons Dan Moore
Confluence Preview Tamara Marnell (COCC) Alliance Confluence Site
05/09/2018 Primo Studio Paul Ojennus (Whitworth) Primo Studio Demo Site
03/14/2018 Analytics: Reading/Exhibit List Bill Kelm (Willamette) Slides
02/14/2018 Primo Email Authentication Kun Lin
01/19/2018 Confluence Curtis Wyant (Alliance)
Resource Recommender Dan Moore Slides
11/08/2017 Analytics: ACRL Reports Bill Kelm (Willamette) Slides
10/12/2017 Alma New UI Tamara Marnell Menu Changes in Alma's New UI (PDF)
09/13/2017 Primo Back Office: New UI Configurations Dan Moore Slides
Primo Search Widgets Paul Ojennus
08/09/2017 Analytics: Primo New UI Analytics Maria McShane Presentation (PDF)
07/12/2017 COUNTER/Sushi Bill Kelm (Willamette) Slides
05/17/2017 Intro to APIs Tamara Marnell Slides
04/20/2017 Maintaining Ebsco 3rd Node Adapter Settings in Primo Nathan Mealey Documentation
Amazon linking in Primo Stewart Baker Documentation
Analytics: Dashboard Prompts Maria McShane
03/22/2017 Analytics: Creating a Dashboard Maria McShane Presentation (DOC)
02/23/2017 Customizing the New UI Paul Ojennus
Analytics: Creating Formulas Maria McShane
01/18/2017 Analytics: Analysis Table, and Column Properties Stewart Baker Documentation
12/14/2016 Social Login Tamara Marnell Slides
Analytics: Building Analyses Off of Other Analyses Maria McShane
11/09/2016 Analytics: Introduction Maria McShane Presentation (PDF)
10/12/2016 Intro to Customizing the New UI Kun Lin
09/14/2016 Export a List of Primo Search Results via the PNX API and Convert JSON to CSV Blake Galbreath Documentation

Systems Open Calls Archive

Presentations from the DUX/Systems Joint Program Meeting 2020

Systems presentations at the Alliance Summer Meeting 2016


See Analytics page under Cross Program Documentation



Alliance Primo New User Interface Manual

Primo Tool Kit

Alliance Primo Hackfest (PDF)

Migration to New User Interface


Primo Back Office

Getting Started
Views Wizard
Resource Recommender
Customization Manager

Primo Studio

Shared Customizations

Primo Toolkit

Chat Widgets
Brief Records
Full Records




Usability Studies by Alliance Institutions

  • Testing the New UI: Issues Uncovered and the Road Map for Future Enhancements (Primo Day 2017 presentation by Bill Kelm and Rami Attebury)
  • Doubling our Fun: Evaluating Two Primo UIs for Optimal User Experience (Primo Day 2017 presentation by Rebecca Marrall, Lesley Lowery & David Bass)
  • Report from User Focus Group Comparing Current and New UI in Primo (Primo Day 2017 presentation by Kun Lin)
  • Primo New UI Usability Focus Groups at the University of Puget Sound (Primo Day 2017 presentation by Hilary Robbeloth)



Application Programming Interface (API) and Search/Retrieve via URL (SRU)


Resource Sharing

Student Information Systems (SIS)

  • SIS Upload into Alma (June 2018, Ann Chiu) - Documentation from Warner Pacific University when implementing SIS import of patron records