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Alliance Systems community:

Nathan Mealey and I would like to share some updates. 

Alliance Summer Meeting
The schedule for next week's Alliance Summer Meeting is online.

Note that there will be a Systems Team and Representatives meeting on Thursday morning from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM. An agenda will be posted to the sys-discussion listserv early next week. Please send any agenda items or topics that you'd like to discuss at this meeting to Systems Team chair Nathan Mealey (mealey@pdx.edu).  

Alma Analytics enhancement update
This is a follow-up to the 2015 Alma enhancements process:  Ex Libris will be increasing the export size of .csv files, initially to 250,000 rows (from around 64,000 rows). This will be implemented for North America Alma institutions on July 17.

Google Scholar update
All Alma institutions/libraries (worldwide) recently dropped out of Google Scholar. Ex Libris' Dana Sharvit is providing updates to the ALMA-L listserv. In summary, Ex Libris resolved an Alma-side problem that prevented holdings file harvesting and had a July 7 meeting with Google in order to expedite holdings file reharvesting. According to Dana, Google "informed us that re harvesting the electronic holdings file may take up to a week." 

Alma enhancements voting reminder
Alma Enhancements Working Group chair Bonnie Parks sent the voting request message and recommendation document to Alliance institutional representatives on July 1. Representatives need to vote by 5 PM next Friday, July 8. If you can vote earlier, it would be extremely helpful (the responses are tracked and tabulated to help measure Alliance impact on the product enhancement process). 


Al Cornish
Program Manager
Systems support for Alma, Primo and other services
Orbis Cascade Alliance
541-246-2470 Ext. 204  (voice)
acornish@orbiscascade.org (email)