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Alliance Systems community:

Nathan Mealey (Chair, Systems Team) and I have the following items for this week:

Systems Community presentations at the Summer Meeting
Primo Day was a great success, with a number of excellent presentations covering a wide range of Primo-related topics. In addition, a number of Systems-related breakout presentations were held as well. Slides for all of these presentations can be found here: https://www.orbiscascade.org/systems-presentations-at-the-alliance-summer-meeting-2016/

Priority Support Issues channel
For Priority Support Issues - This week, the Alliance Priority Support Issues (PSI) meeting group reviewed shifting the PSI format to a track-based approach, following up on a proposal initially made by Ex Libris at the May ELUNA meeting. The meeting group will work with Ex Libris to get this work started - this work is currently in progress. With this approach, cases in a functional area or subarea at Development status will be reviewed and prioritized by the Alliance. Based on this prioritization, ExL Development will address the highest priority cases. For this to succeed, the Alliance needs to have improved communication with Development and an opportunity to review developed functionality to ensure that it matches needs. 

Alma August release
The Alma August release will be installed on Alliance sandboxes in 10 days, on July 31, for the one week testing period before install on production. The Alliance has made appeals to Ex Libris managers through multiple channels, following July release difficulties, to improve its QA testing of Alma releases before they are installed on sandboxes. 

Systems Team FY17 goals
On Thursday of the Summer Meeting, the Systems Team and Reps mapped out a number of exciting goals and potential initiatives for the coming year.
  • Guidance and support for institutions implementing the new no-PDS authentication for Primo
  • Revamping the Systems Team's open meetings to include ongoing demos of new and updated tech solutions
  • Collaboration with the Discovery & Delivery team to provide guidance and support for institutions implementing the ILLiad/Alma NCIP and lender-of-last-resort integrations
  • Further work to identify and implement shared customizations for the new Primo UI
  • Collaboration with the Discovery & Delivery team to provide guidance for institutions on the new Primo UI
  • Development of a report and ongoing feedback for Ex Libris concerning "quality of service" measures for the Primo and Alma hosted systems
  • Creation of an inventory of systems solutions used throughout the Alliance, including items such as interlibrary loan systems, authentication mechanisms, etc., with the goal of enabling institutions to readily identify potential collaborators and technical contacts
  • Further development of Systems-related documentation, including addition of new items and optimizing their findability
The Systems Team will begin working on these items later this summer, and hope to incorporate Systems reps and other interested Alliance staff as much as possible.


Al Cornish
Program Manager
Systems support for Alma, Primo and other services
Orbis Cascade Alliance
ELUNA Steering Committee/Alma PWG liaison
541-246-2470 Ext. 204  (voice)
acornish@orbiscascade.org (email)