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Systems colleagues,

From Nathan and Al, some updates from this week:

Alma February release

The Alma February release has been installed on the sandboxes available to the Alliance. The release information is available online.

One feature that”s coming is the ability for institutions to import COUNTER data directly to Alma and to use all COUNTER features. This functionality will be available with the May release (delayed from March).

Information on data sharing, benchmark Analytics

Regarding the ability to contribute Alma Analytics data to benchmark Analytics, Ex Libris” Matt Baker provided more information on what happens when an institution opts out of sharing data for comparative Analytics:  

After opting out in the Alma user interface: After a month, your institution's data is purged.

More information on contributing data to benchmark Analytics is available on this Ex Libris Knowledge Center page.  

Alma Enhancements

The Systems reviewed all of the systems-related enhancements that had been purged from the NERS system prior to the current round of voting. Of these, the Systems Team opted to resubmit two requests:

  • ‘Improve user set management functionality’: this enhancement would create additional functionality for the user set management functionality, putting it on par with the same functionality for resource management and acquisitions.
  • Retain Patron Statistical Identifiers’: this enhancement would ensure that circulation data for users” statistical identifier fields is retained after circulation data is anonymized in Analytics.

    The Alliance”s Curtis Wyant has reached out to the Alliance”s ELUNA representatives and Alliance teams for this cycle. Please note that the cutoff date for requests that need to be submitted as Alliance-level requests in NERS is February 7. (This is an internal Alliance deadline.) For questions, please contact Curtis.