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Production renormalization/reindexing results:  This maintenance took 71 hours, 46 minutes, which included time at the end to rebuild the Didumean index.

To get to this duration requires Ex Libris staff to perform pre-maintenance tasks, including a restart of Primo Back Office (to avoid renorm pipe run time problems) and a clean indexes operation to speed up the indexing process. Thus, the renorm and reindex maintenance continues to be an ExL-mediated operation.

Given that Primo cannot be updated during the renorm/reindex operation, the Alliance stated a target duration of 48 hours or less at the Center of Excellence leadership meeting in May. ExL has not clearly described a technical path for achieving this target. On the positive side, there has been a reduction in the maintenance time this year (example, 84 hours, 49 minutes for February production renorm/reindex).

Project to capture enhancements information in an ongoing inventory sheet:  I'm working on a project to gather Alma and Primo enhancements information from Salesforce and NERS (with tracking by Ex Libris Salesforce case and NERS enhancement number). This Google Sheet will serve as a resource for the 2016 teams that will manage the enhancement processes. I'm targeting late January for availability.

ALA Midwinter:  I'll be attending the ALA Midwinter meeting in Boston. Please contact me if you'd like me to reach out to a vendor representative or obtain information.

Have a happy new year!

Al Cornish
Program Manager
Systems support for Alma, Primo and other services
Orbis Cascade Alliance
541-246-2470 Ext. 204  (voice)
acornish@orbiscascade.org (email)

Have a happy new year!