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From Wade Guidry and Al Cornish, here are this week's Systems Community updates.

Alma update to sandboxes this weekend

The May Alma release will be installed on production on Sunday, April 27. Release notes and the list of resolved issues will be posted to the Ex Libris Knowledge Center.

Note on Whitworth University holdings in Alma

During the migration period, prior to Whitworth University”s go-live date of June 27, Whitworth's holdings will be visible in production Alma. Note that this will not impact Primo production in any way and that Whitworth University is not part of the Summit rota for filling requests. Whitworth University holdings willl not be requestable prior to its go-live date.

Alma Enhancements Recommendations and Voting 2016

The Alliance Alma Enhancements Working Group has released its recommendations for the first round of Alma Enhancements voting in NERS (http://ners.igelu.org ).Those recommendations were circulated to ELUNA reps earlier this week, with a brief summary shown below. ELUNA reps should complete their voting in NERS by 3pm on Friday, April 22.

And thank you to the members of this year”s working group:

  • Bonnie Parks, UPORT, (Working Group Chair)
  • Al Cornish, Alliance
  • Cassie Schmitt, Alliance
  • Karen Spence, PCC
  • Kyle Banerjee, OHSU
  • Lori Hilterbrand, OSU
  • Morag Stewart, UW
  • Ray Henry, Alliance
  • Rose Krause, EWU
The recommendations:

Chart showing Alma enhancement recommendation

Primo Toolkit Released!

The Primo Toolkit Working Group has formally released the Primo Toolkit. The Primo Toolkit Working Group attempted to create a curated, best-of-breed list of Primo customizations and a guide to using them in your own Primo instance. The working group has engaged in this effort since the Fall 2015. The resulting work product represents a prime example of the kind of collaborative, curated documentation of which the Alliance is capable.

The Toolkit is hosted on the Alliance's website at: https://www.orbiscascade.org/primo_toolkit. The Toolkit currently includes 29 topics, ranging from ‘Getting started in the Primo Back Office’, to implementing a newly designed sidebar to  adding a ‘latest articles’ tab for journal titles. Many  amazing, useful and creative customizations are included, with something of interest for every library!
The hope is to maintain the Toolkit over the long run, by adding new customizations and updating the current ones in relation to Primo 5. More info on that to come though, so stay tuned.
In the meantime, many, many thanks to the members of the working group for all of their hard work in creating the Toolkit:

  • Stewart Baker (Western Oregon University)
  • Kate Deibel (University of Washington)
  • Doug Eriksen (Seattle University)
  • Dawn Lowe-Wincensten (Oregon Institute of Technology)
  • Lesley Lowery, Discovery & Delivery liaison (Western Washington University)
  • Tamara Marnell (Portland Community College)
  • Nathan Mealey, chair (Portland State University)
And an additional big thanks to a few developers who were not on the working group itself, but contributed several customizations:

  • David Bass (Western Washington University)
  • Mike Flakus (Portland State University)
  • Jeremy McWilliams (Lewis & Clark)
If you have any questions about the Toolkit and any of the items included in it, please start a thread on the Systems discussion mailing list (sys-discussion@orbiscascade.org).

Update on the Primo ‘My Account’ Summit request cancellation error (213620, 213621, 189907, and others)

We have finally made progress on the often-discussed Primo ‘My Account’ Summit request cancellation error. As you may be aware, upon cancelling a Summit request in Primo, patrons from all institutions would be presented with a cryptic message reading ‘null>UW Libraries users log in now".

An April hotfix resolved the ‘null’ portion of the problem.

Through UW Salesforce case 213621, Ex Libris narrowed down the ‘>UW Libraries users log in now’ problem to a customized PBO code table entry in UW”s PBO.

The particular customization entry that causes the problem is: Code Tables / Front End / Error Messages / default.generalmessage. The default, out-of-the-box (OTB) value of this entry is is {0}. UW”s initial customization of this entry was being delivered to all institutional Primo views, not just UW”s. UW has since removed their customization to help resolve the issue for the time being. We now need to determine whether this specific code can be safely customized at the institutional level, or if any additional institutional-level customization of the entry would cause similar problems.

No-PDS Authentication

We currently don”t have any updates on no-PDS testing, and continue to await additional investigation of a couple of outstanding issues by Ex Libris.

Recently Posted Library Systems Jobs around the Northwest

Please help spread the word about these exciting employment opportunities currently available both within and outside of the Alliance.

Update on Alliance IT Manager Search

The search committee (which includes Wade and Al from the Systems Team) is continuing its work. One candidate will be interviewing in-person for the Alliance IT Manager position on May 12. Updated information will be provided soon via the sys-discussion listserv.

Ex Libris ‘Ask the Expert - Advanced Topics in Analytics’

If you missed the recent Ex LIbris ‘Ask the Expert’ analytics session, you can view the recorded session at: http://knowledge.exlibrisgroup.com/Alma/Training/Ask_the_Alma_Expert/Advanced_Topics_in_Analytics. Additional records of past ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions are available at: http://knowledge.exlibrisgroup.com/Alma/Training/Ask_the_Alma_Expert.

Al Cornish
Program Manager
Systems support for Alma, Primo and other services
Orbis Cascade Alliance
541-246-2470 Ext. 204  (voice)
acornish@orbiscascade.org (email)