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The Systems Team provides broad oversight and leadership for technologies used by Alliance programs, teams and members. 

The Systems Team advises the Alliance's Systems Program.

The Systems Team provides broad oversight and leadership for technologies used by Alliance programs, teams and members. As experts for the consortium, the team investigates new solutions, oversees their implementation, and continually assesses existing systems against emerging needs and technological change to ensure agility and achieve improved functionality, efficiency, and interoperability. The team also monitors vendor compliance with Service Level Agreements and general performance of customer support.

Team Annual Goals

  1. Provide an annual summary report to the Alliance community on Systems Team activities.

  2. Provide quarterly (or annual) summary reports to board and interested parties summarizing Ex Libris performance with respect to the Alliance / Ex Libris Service Level Agreement (SLA) and overall performance of Ex Libris customer support program.

  3. Coordinate the ELUNA enhancement voting process for the Alliance-pooled block of ELUNA enhancement votes.

  4. Continue fostering communication and feedback opportunities between and among the Systems Team and the SILS systems representatives from each member institution through:

    • Continued hosting of scheduled GoToMeeting ‘open calls’ for systems representatives
    • Continued sharing of guidance, support and relevant updates and news through the sils-systemsreps@orbiscascade.org email list
  5. In collaboration with the Collaborative Workforce Team, develop and maintain systems-related documentation covering systems-related workflows common across the Alliance.

  6. Manage a portfolio of systems development and implementation projects, prioritized in collaboration with institutional systems representatives, other teams, and the Alliance board. A list of representative candidate projects includes:

    • Develop implementation guides for integration activities such as ‘bursar out’ and ‘invoice importing and exporting’
    • Develop a generalized solution for collecting in-house use counts using mobile devices
    • Implement an Alma and Primo uptime and performance monitoring solution at the Alliance level, using the current Nagios effort at Washington State University (WSU) as model
    • Develop and maintain, in collaboration with the Discovery and Delivery Team, a ‘Primo Customization Kit,’ that rolls up best-of-breed Primo customizations from across the Alliance, into an easy-to-implement set of documented scripts and Cascading Stylesheets (CSS)
    • In collaboration with other teams, model new uses for Alma work orders
    • In collaboration with the Discovery and Delivery Team, develop a generalized workflow for performing physical item inventory
    • In collaboration with other teams, develop a generalized set of monthly analytics reports that could be generally applied at each institution
    • Investigate transactional, resource sharing-level integration between Alma and ILLiad
    • In collaboration with the Content Delivery and Dissemination Team, investigate Alma and Primo as a tool for Digital Content storage and management

The Systems Team began its work in spring 2015, following on the work of the Shared ILS implementation-era Systems Working Group. The team has worked on a number of tasks, including management of Alliance participation in the first-ever Alma enhancements process led by the Ex Libris product user groups and leading a set of systems-related presentations at the Alliance's 2015 Summer Meeting.