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The Summit Policy Testing Project Group, affectionately known as SPoTPiG, completed their charge at the end of July 2020. Their final report was sent to the Alliance Board and their proposal for allowing one renewal for both long and short Summit loans was approved by the Council on September 9, 2020.  The work of implementation will rest with the Summit Standing Group and the RSF Team.

Final Report and Recommendation


Under direction of the RSF Team, the Summit Policy Testing Project Group (SPoTPiG) is responsible for testing the technical feasibility of introducing renewals to the Summit processes, as well as processes for recalls, local and inter-institutional holds.


This group will:
  • Utilize Alliance premium sandboxes to test renewal workflows
  • Document and rate the various tests and outcomes for presentation to the team
  • Offer feedback on the options tested and their viability


The Project Group is of limited duration, and does their work between February and June of 2020.  Should the group find no viable methods for renewals or testing, the RSF Team may suspend the work of the project group prior to June 30, 2020.  Should continued work be necessary, they may elect to extend the timeline.

Due to delays from pandemic response at our member libraries, the testing project group agreed to work through the end of July 2020 to adequately test and report on our findings.