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Summer meeting 2016 was held the week of July 12, 2016 at Warner Pacific College. 

Primo Day (includes links to presentation slides)

Finance Training for Council and Finance Team, 1-5pm

Presentations & Notes

Abby Bibee (Reed), "Authority Control: Update on Current Landscape," Orbis Cascade Alliance Summer Meeting, Portland, OR, July 13, 2016. - pdf
  • The Technical Services Working Group's (TSWG) Authority Control Group will present an overview of the current Alma Authority Control tools and and update on the group's work in figuring out how to manage Authority Control for the Alliance. Presenters include Abby Bibee (Reed) with other group members on hand for questions.
Amanda Brown (Clark) "Tips and Tricks to Have Fun with your Dashboard." Orbis Cascade Alliance Summer Meeting, Portland, OR, July 13, 2016. - pdf
  • Show my current Analytics Dashboard and explain how it works for me. Adding reports and graphs/charts to your dashboard. Setting up additional pages on your dashboard. Customizing your view with colors.
Ann Miller (UO) "Information at the point of need, the UO Collections Dashboard." Orbis Cascade Alliance Summer Meeting, Portland, OR, July 13, 2016. - pdf
  • In 2015 I created a "Collections Dashboard" in Alma using the Analytics Dashboard functionality to create a suite of reports which provide collection management information to subject specialists. I'll demonstrate the dashboard itself and take a peek under the hood to look at what reports, filters and prompts make it go.
Bill Kelm (Willamette) "Tracking Library Usage by Major and Grade Level." Orbis Cascade Alliance Summer Meeting, Portland, OR, July 13, 2016. - pdf
  • Although there are some inherent flaws with statistical categories in Alma, using Alma Analytics reports you can work around them for some decent reports.
Chelle Batchelor (UW), "The Open Textbook Publishing Pilot: a Collaborative Approach to the Next Generation of Open Textbooks," Orbis Cascade Alliance Summer Meeting, Portland, OR, July 13, 2016. - ppt
  • The University of Washington is participating in an Open Textbook Publishing Pilot being coordinated by the Open Textbook Network. I will provide a brief description of the pilot, who the participants are, and the role University of Washington will play in it. This exciting pilot has huge potential to make open textbook publishing feasible for any individual or institution wanting to contribute to the growing corpus of open educational resources.
Devin Becker (UI), "Future-Proofing the Past, Presently: Digital Preservation across the Orbis Cascade Alliance," Orbis Cascade Alliance Summer Meeting, Portland, OR, July 13, 2016. - ppt
  • What is the state of digital preservation activities across the alliance? Using “Levels of Digital Preservation” established by the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA), the Digital Preservation working group composed and sent out a survey to Alliance libraries meant to help assess each library’s digital preservation status and needs, as well as give a better picture of the Alliance's digital preservation activities as a whole. This talk will detail the findings from that survey as well as introduce audience members to some of the (impressive) digital preservation expertise spread across the Alliance.
Elizabeth Nielsen (OSU), "Alliance Professional Development Award," Orbis Cascade Alliance Summer Meeting, Portland, OR, July 13, 2016. - ppt
  • Building Capacity for Addressing Electronic Records through Training and Networking": The Oregon State University Libraries and Press (OSULP) received a $1000 Alliance Professional Development Award in 2015 to subsidize the registration fee for staff from Alliance member libraries at electronic records workshops hosted by OSULP in Jan-April 2016.   The workshops provided rigorous and in-depth training on appraisal, accessioning, ingest, and providing access to born-digital materials and facilitated in-person networking and collaboration among staff of Alliance libraries and with others in the region.
Julie Gaida (Pacific) "Intro to Import Profiles Powerpoint with notes - pptx." Orbis Cascade Alliance Summer Meeting, Portland, OR, July 13, 2016.

Karen Kunz (Oregon Tech) "YBP EOCR update Powerpoint with notes - pptx." Orbis Cascade Alliance Summer Meeting, Portland, OR, July 13, 2016.

Kate Cabe (WWU), "Successfully working with Alma's Shelf Report tool," Orbis Cascade Alliance Summer Meeting, Portland, OR, July 13, 2016. - ppt
  • In December 2015, Ex Libris rolled out the new Shelf Report functionality. WWU was eager to use this in order to perform a much-needed and overdue physical inventory of our Reference collection. We were really happy with the results and plan to use it for other inventory projects. Talk would focus on how to use the tool, including the newly-functional Range inventory, what worked well in our experience, and what pitfalls to avoid.
Larry Landis (OSU), "Sharing Unique Collections," Orbis Cascade Alliance Summer Meeting, Portland, OR, July 13, 2016. - pdf
  • This session will explore the possibility of developing a set of standards and best practices for the physical sharing of a wide range of unique collections, including manuscripts and archives, among Alliance members.
Maija Anderson (OSHU), "We’re Not the Science Police: Research Data Management at the Alliance," Orbis Cascade Alliance Summer Meeting, Portland, OR, July 13, 2016. - pdf
  • Research data management (RDM) is an emerging field in libraries that crosses many domains. The CCD Data Sets Exploration Working Group performed an environmental scan of RDM issues in Alliance libraries to recommend an appropriate consortial role. We heard from Alliance staff engaging in outreach, instruction, advocacy, and technical work in RDM. We found that libraries face advocacy issues, struggle to leverage funder mandates, and are still finding their place within the research cycle. We also found significant staff expertise, widespread enthusiasm, and promising pilot services.
Rob Bohall (George Fox) Creating "New Books" Webpages With Analytics and WordPress." Orbis Cascade Alliance Summer Meeting, Portland, OR, July 13, 2016. - pdf
  • Presents a streamlined two-step process for creating user-friendly "New Books" webpages. teps are: (1) export discipline-specific reports of recent acquisitions in Analytics; (2) automate webpages creation using a modified WordPress plugin
Robert Ferguson (WSU) "Alma Analytics for periodic fulfillment reports." Orbis Cascade Alliance Summer Meeting, Portland, OR, July 13, 2016. - pdf
  • I'll show how I've set up analyses in Analytics to report circulation data for the preceding month, and how I manipulate it using MS Office applications.

Coming Soon:

  • Alliance annual report (Assessment) Assessment Team session on items that member library staff would like to see in the Alliance's annual report (topic change from that originally advertised). Annie Downey, Reed College (chair, Assessment Team) .ppt
  • Reference and Instruction Librarians Roundtable (Discovery & Delivery) An open conversation on supporting reference and instruction as a part of the Discovery and Delivery community. Sharing resources, channels for participation at the Alliance level, and a discussion about next steps. Presenter: Ray Henry, Alliance. Session notes [.docx]
  • Ebook Information and Update (Shared Content) Come get up to date on the Ebook Program including budget breakdown, challenges and opportunities over the past year, and where we stand with the Wiley Usage-Based-Collection Management Pilot. We will have a look at overall statistics and a brief look at plans for the next year.
  • Course Reserves Best Practices (Discovery & Delivery)  Demonstrating institutional approaches to managing course reserves workflows, and an opportunity to ask questions and share information. Presenters: Mary Van Court, UW; Stephen Weber, UW; Joanna Bailey, WWU.  [.pptx]  [.pdf]
  • Last Copy Policy and 3-Copy Threshold Guidelines Discussion (Shared Content) This session revisits the Alliance’s “Last Copy Policy,” approved in 2008, which asks library staff to consider retaining the last copy of a title in their collection. As time allows, we will also revisit the “3-Copy Threshold Guidelines,” a voluntary pilot program in 2010-12 that asked libraries to consider limiting acquisitions to only 3 copies of the same title in the consortium. The Shared Content Team invites your feedback through a discussion about the effectiveness, adherence, or value of each policy.
  • New Primo UI: Functional Update (Discovery & Delivery) Sharing information from the May release as well as roadmap updates, the new customization package manager system, and things to consider before going live with the new UI. Presenters: Stephanie Michel, UP  [.pptx]  [.pdf]; Jennifer Ward, UW; Kate Deibel, UW. Session notes [.docx]
  • Primo 101 for Front Line Staff (Discovery & Delivery) Aimed at staff who work primarily in Alma, this is an introduction to: which parts of the Primo user interface come from Alma, what can be customized in the Primo Back Office (or elsewhere), tips and tricks for troubleshooting access issues, as well as time for questions. Presenters: Lesley Lowery, WWU; Ray Henry, Alliance.  [.pptx]  [.pdf]  [full version - Google slides]
  • So, What's the Plan? Aggregating unique digital content at the Alliance (CCD) Discussion about the digital content aggregation initiative for this year. You'll gain an understanding of the role of the LSTA grant and how your institution can participate. Presenters: Ann Lally, Kyle Banerjee, Julia Simic, and Jodi Allison-Bunnell. [.pptx]
  • Using Alma APIs (Coding in Alma) (Systems) This session will include some basics on Alma development using Ex Libris Developer Network resources, along with demonstrations of the extension of Alma functionality, via API, for staff support and to improve user services.
    Presenters: Jeremy McWilliams, Lewis & Clark [pdf], Linda Ackers, Lane CC [pdf], Bill Kelm, Willamette U [pdf]
  • Teaching With Primo: Strategies for Success (Discovery & Delivery) A panel of librarians will share their success stories about teaching with Primo. Presenters will describe their strategies for framing Primo instruction to different audiences in a variety of instructional situations. Panelists: Radka Ballada, Clark College [.pptx] [.pdf]; Beth West, Linfield College [.pptx] [.pdf]; Anne-Marie Deitering, OSU [.pptx] [.pdf]; Stephanie Michel, UP [.pptx] [.pdf]. 
  • Open Educational Resources (OER) (CCD) Karen Bjork, Mark Dahl, and Annie Gaines will talk about their respective groups' approaches to Open Educational Resources and possible roles for the Alliance. [Bjork.pptx] [Dahl.pptx] [Gaines.pptx]
  • Implementing no-PDS Authentication (Systems) This session will provide an overview of the new no-PDS authentication for Primo, covering both the steps for implementing it and the reasons for why to consider doing so. A hands-on walkthrough of setting up no-PDS authentication will be included in the session. The goal for the session will be for participants to have the info they need to implement no-PDS at their own institutions. Presenter: Nathan Mealey, PSU. [pdf]
  • Evaluating our work processes after SILS Implementation: An Invitation to Library Staff (all areas) This session seeks feedback on how our work processes have changed since the Alliance adopted the SILS, as part of a larger project the Alliance Board is proposing to Council. Council will discuss this during the Council meeting, so we especially encourage member library staff to attend this session.
  • New Primo UI: Building Accessibility and Usability Resources (Assessment/Discovery & Delivery) Presenters: Michele Burke; Kate Deibel [Burke.pptx] [Deibel.pptx]
  • Moving metadata for unique content through infrastructure (CCD/Tech Services) Curation and discovery of unique materials often means using multiple interlocking systems and moving the metadata through them. The results are sometimes not what we want, and the chicken-and-egg game can be confusing and difficult, in and out of the Shared ILS. Come hear some real-life examples and increase your understanding of this ubiquitous challenge! Presenters: Jennifer Ward, Ann Lally, Rose Krause, Eva Guggemos, Elizabeth Nielsen, and Jodi Allison-Bunnell [.pptx]
  • Primo Toolkit Roundtable (Systems/Discovery & Delivery) Members of the Primo Toolkit Working Group will share the existing toolkit, talk through or demo customizations, and talk about plans for integrating this work into the new UI customization framework. [No presentation]