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During Spring 2018, Alliance member staff submitted initiatives (41), reviewed existing work (39)  and then provided points and advice regarding what they saw as priorities for the Alliance during our next strategic plan.  

In late May / June, the Teams and  Board reviewed the member comments and advisory votes.  

In July, Council will review all of this and do a final vote on Initiatives, and the rest of the strategic plan.  See the other pages on this topic for reference on the overall process.

We are pleased to release some data related to the Initiative advisory votes and recommendations now:

When you review the results, you may want to remember the approach we took.  Each person could give 100 points PER SECTION maximum, so the results ACROSS SECTIONS are not comparable.  

Please note that none of the recommendations mean that something will be done!  The Council will discuss the extremely thoughtful feedback you provided and make decisions in July.  We'll post an update after the Council meeting, and begin planning for implementation after that!