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Previous Strategic Agenda / Retired December 2018

The Strategic Agenda advances the Mission and Vision of the Alliance. All members support the Strategic Agenda initiatives. Each initiative includes a set of objectives. Council is working to determine the priority, timing, and process associated with pursuing and assessing each objective.

Work Smart

Work and partner at the appropriate scale: local, regional, national, international

    • Maximize impact
           Do things once
           Do things the same
           Do things together
    • Invest in staff training, development, and expertise
    • Leverage financial resources

Design for Engagement

Collect wisely, share freely, and enhance the teaching, learning, and research environment

    • Investigate, create, and implement discovery and resource sharing tools
    • Expose and preserve unique collections
    • Improve usability and reduce barriers to access
    • Collaborate for shared access and shared collections
    • Create and promote new models of publication and data curation
    • Explore new models of pedagogy to advance learning and scholarship

Innovate to Transform

Push boundaries, change the landscape, and inspire the profession

    • Demonstrate the broader contributions of libraries in higher education
    • Pursue research
    • Develop groundbreaking services
    • Reimagine shared systems
    • Advocate for change