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Alliance FY 17-18 Strategic Planning


The Orbis Cascade Alliance engaged in strategic planning to guide the Board and staff in meeting its Strategic Agenda, and set goals for the next phase of Alliance collaboration. The previous strategic planning exercises the Council engaged in led to three prominent Objectives which guided work for 2012-2018:

  • Work Smart;
  • Design for Engagement; and
  • Innovate to Transform. 

These support the existing Mission, Vision, and Values statements of the Alliance  (New Statements, effective January 2019, can be found on another page).

Current Mission

The Orbis Cascade Alliance enables member libraries to advance institutional missions through collaboration and innovation.

Current Vision

The Orbis Cascade Alliance is an exemplar of the 21st century library consortium. We join together in the spirit of innovation and combined expertise, seeking efficiency and productivity to strongly promote the success of students, faculty, staff, and researchers. We bring multiple perspectives together to challenge traditional thinking and elevate our ability to deliver outstanding services, programs, and collections.

Current Values

As a membership organization we value open communication, innovation, agility, discussion and collaborative decision making that elicits and includes the perspectives of each member. We value and nurture strong and lasting personal and institutional commitments to our work together. Where differences occur we value open debate, exploration, willingness to change, and the creation of solutions that serve the collective good of our member colleges and universities as a whole.

Strategic Planning Goals for the Current Project (planning 2019 - 2024)

  • Revisit and update the Objectives, Mission, Vision, and Values of the Alliance
  • Provide tools to members to support our goal of working together as diverse organizations
  • Create 1-4 measurable goals designed to be achieved within 5 years, to enable:
    • Development of specific plans by staff
    • Development of a multi-year budget by the Finance Team and staff
    • Regular evaluation and reporting (of the plan and the Alliance)
  • Review Alliance program areas to prioritize work 
  • Review governance model to align with member needs and program areas.
  • Determine appropriate resources the Alliance should use to achieve goals.
    • Identify appropriate ranges of work for member contribution to Alliance work


The Alliance has engaged Crux Consulting to work with us to develop a new strategic plan, intended to support activity between January 2019 through at least FY24.  Approximate timeline:

  • Summer 2017: Form a Project Group: Susan Barnes Whyte, Co-Chair (Linfield); Michelle Bagley, Co-Chair (Portland Community College); Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen, OIT; Rick Stoddart, Lane Community College; Betsy Wilson, UW; Lori Hilterbrand, OSU; Craig Milberg, Willamette; Isaac Gilman, Pacific; Tom Bielavitz (PSU); Amanda Clark (Whitworth)
  • November 2017: Council Discussion on Mission, Vision & Values.  Review Environmental Scan.
  • March 2018: Council Discussion on Outcomes & Impacts
  • March - April 2018: Members submit Initiative Ideas.
  • May 22, 2018: Council Update Call Recording
  • June 21, 2018: Release of Initiative Feedback and Recommendations
  • July 2018: Council Discussion on Initiatives; adoption of final Strategy on a Page, which includes our goals for the plan
  • Summer 2018: Team and Staff work to develop more specific objectives and approaches based on the Council work
  • Fall 2018: Team and some Group recruitment begins
  • October: Board reviews strategic plan and recruitment for Teams begins
  • November 2018: Council vote on new strategic plan
  • January 2019: New strategic plan begins!

The Alliance used the Iceberg Model.