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Established: January 2015

Type of Group and General Comments

Group, reporting to EAD Database Working Group, which in turn reports to the Content Creation & Dissemination Team. Coordinate with Content Creation & Dissemination Program Manager.

All Groups have a specific charge to work within the boundaries of their Working Group. Task Force members are asked to focus on the interest of the consortium rather than their own institution.

Charge for FY15

Complete a moderate revision of the Alliance's Best Practices for EAD that incorporates the following:

  • DACS 2nd edition
  • Digital content linking
  • Any needed updates in browsing terms
  • Removing ID attributes
  • Revising approach to MARC records
  • Repository registry best practices


  • Complete Best Practices revision, including opportunity for program participant review and comment, by 2015 March 27.
  • Infrastructure changes to implement the Best Practices are to be implemented in April with all members using them by May 1.
  • The launch of the redesigned site is scheduled for July 1.
Other Tasks

As time allows, continue to monitor the status of the following and make recommendations as needed:

  • EAD3
  • RDA implementation and support at the Alliance