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Software Documentation

Helper files for use with XMetaL or Oxygen
(right click to download and save locally): NWDA Standards WG Excel-to-EAD workflow and tools for encoding container lists using an Excel template (under revision; will be available again soon):
  • Instructions
  • Excel template
  • Plain text replace table
NWDA Web Encoding Template (Version 2.0, 2011 September)
  • Instructions (Revised 2011-09-07)
  • Link to Template (Utility Site; must be a Archives & Manuscripts Service participant with login and password to access)
NWDA's Encoding Decisions Flowchart (Beta version, 2011 January 24)

Oregon State University's Instructions for Preparing Collection-Level Finding Aids (2008-02-29)

Central Oregon Community College's Instructions for Exporting Container Lists from Access (2008-05-22)

The Utah State Archives' webcast of Instructions for Producing Container Lists using Excel and Word mail merge (2008)

Steady, a tool from the University of North Carolina for converting CSV to EAD XML. (2011 February 16)