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Notice re: ERs during COVID-19 response

With many of you adapting to a rapid move to an online or hybrid remote environment at your campuses for the foreseeable future, I just want to send some thoughts about e-resources:

  • The majority of Alliance e-resources are accessed via IP-authentication, so your authorized users should be able to access resources from off-campus via proxy (as usual).
  • If you have an e-resource with a limited number of simultaneous users or "seats," you can reach out directly to the provider to request additional access if a particular class has moved online or your campus is closed entirely. If restrictions on an Alliance resource are a concern, please let us know and we can reach out to the provider(s) on your behalf.
  • We have tried to make all of the available Alliance licensing documentation available via links from the subscription summaries. If you are not able to locate a license, please let us know and we will try to locate it. (Any missing documentation will be added to the Web site once it's identified, so your inquiries help all subscribers!)
  • If a resource would benefit from a provider-led webinar (such as Zoom or WebEx, live and/or recorded), please let us know. We would be happy to organize an online Alliance session, if possible, to review any of the subscribed Alliance resources or ebook collections. Webinars can cover platform functionality, collection content, or both.
  • If you're willing to post questions, concerns, ideas, etc., to the list(s), it would be appreciated (as always). These lists are a great way to surface questions, discuss issues, and crowdsource answers. If you have a question, so does someone else!
  • If you have questions at any time or can think of other ways we can support your Alliance e-resource subscriptions centrally in the coming weeks, please let us know.

Wishing you all well,

Jesse Holden
Program Manager, Shared Content


The Orbis Cascade Alliance has a longstanding commitment to cooperative collection development and management. The Council's latest Strategic Agenda articulates its continued emphasis of "collecting wisely, sharing freely."

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