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Icon Icon for Shared Content and Technical Services The Shared Content & Technical Services (SCTS) Team provides broad oversight and leadership in the sharing of library-selected content, and support of acquisitions and metadata operations across the Alliance. As experts for the consortium, the team continually assesses, manages, and develops initiatives that broaden access by providing cost-effective sharing, licensing, and description of such content.


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Theme Status
Streamline licensing and invoicing process
Reduce steps from existing processes and implement new software to support easy, streamlined access for members and central staff.
Action Plan
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Form the SCTS E-Content Group
Form SCTS group to review licenses and proposed pricing from consortia content providers, assist in establishing fair pricing and reviewing consortial licenses, develop standard model language for select license terms.
Action Plan
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Manage shared record loading
Expand documented process and practices for centrally loading more Alliance e-resource collection records into the Network Zone.
Action Plan
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