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September 25, 2015

Survey Reminder: Consortial E-book Options

Last week, Shared Content Reps were asked to fill out a survey on options for future consortial e-book activities. The deadline is October 1st, and the E-book Working Group is asking Shared Content Team reps to coordinate their institution's collective feedback.

Please take a minute to tell us what your library thinks by October 1st: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/M7BD5HJ 

Shared Content Team Tackles Network Zone Licenses!

This week, the Consortial Alma Collection Development Working Group
kicked off its work! The group will be testing the functionality of loading licenses into the Alma Network Zone for use by institutions. I will use this forum to keep you updated on the group's progress.

In Progress: An Alliance Collection Development Policy

The Shared Content Team members are beginning to draft a values-based collection development statement for the Alliance. The group intends to use this to guide our consortial initiatives and help libraries think about how their activities fit into the wider shared collection. The team will share a draft for your feedback before the Thanksgiving holiday. 

January 1 E-Resource Renewals Underway

The fall is always a busy time in the Alliance offices as we start plowing through our January renewals. Expect nearly all renewals to be announced in early October for your review.

Alma Consortial Reporting - A COE initiative

For the last several months, I have led the Alliance's COE initiative on Consortial Reporting. This group is focused on developing critically important consortial-level reports for Alliance work in Alma Analytics. These Network Zone reports will allow us to compare institutions or view all consortial data in a single table.

The group is beginning to hit its stride in working with Ex Libris. Resource sharing and fulfillment reporting are currently up for discussion with Ex Libris, with Jesse Thomas taking the lead.

Jill Emery, Karen Clay, and I are investigating collections and e-resource reporting while we await our opportunity to bring our issues forward with Ex Libris. We're already looking at COUNTER compliance and the quality of call number reporting. If you have any recommendations for cross-institution or whole consortium reporting needs, send them my way.

The full roster of the Alliance-side COE group is: Rose Carlson, Karen Clay, Al Cornish, Jill Emery, Kathi Fountain, Keith Folsom, Mary Galvin, Wade Guidry, Bonnie Parks, Jesse Thomas.