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November 13, 2015

Academic Complete Changes by ProQuest

ProQuest sent a notification to Alliance libraries noting that Academic Complete will lose titles in December. The list of titles to be removed is posted for your review.

The spreadsheet includes use of titles by each library, and ProQuest is offering a 10% discount to libraries that want to purchase local copies of these titles. You can contact support@proquest.com for more information.

The Alma Community Zone collection for Academic Complete will be updated automatically through a ProQuest data feed to Ex Libris.

DDA Data - Updated

The DDA Statistics page now includes monthly usage and expenditure statistics from August, September, and October.

Shared Content Team

Submitted by Mike Olson, Chair

The Shared Content Team is preparing a draft “Alliance Statement of Collection Development Guiding Principles” that will be distributed to SCT Representatives soon and, after revisions, sent to Board and Council for review.

Ebook Working Group Update

Submitted by Kristi DeShazo, Chair

As the Ebook WG reviews the current DDA program we are gathering information and feedback from institutions through survey as well as an upcoming open call. All input will be used to guide our program change proposal to the board in February.

[note from Kathi] New SAGE rep has been in touch with many of you advocating for the SAGE evidence-based approach to Alliance e-books. You can dismiss these inquiries. The E-Book Working Group will be in touch with you if they deem SAGE a worthwhile option.

Consortial Alliance Collected Development (CACD) Working Group Update

Submitted by Corey Murata, Chair

The CACD is working with Ex Libris to explore the functionality and applications for managing licenses in the Network Zone. The CACD reviewed the options and are working on standards for coding license terms and naming conventions for other fields in the license record. We are currently undergoing a review of the Alliance's negotiated licenses to determine which are likely candidates for coding and management in the Network Zone.