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June 19, 2015

E-Resources Documentation

This week, the Electronic Resources services launched its first test cases for the Alliance's new documentation pilot. We've repurposed existing subscription summary webpages to serve as platforms for renewal decisions. Subscribers to EconLit and Alternative Press Index have already provided useful feedback, and solutions are under investigation.

Thanks to those of you who are helping us test!

Alliance E-books - Changes for the New Fiscal Year

We're approaching the new budget year for the E-books service, and the E-books Working Group is planning for a return to normalacy. The ebrary Academic Complete subscription will renew on September 1st and continue uninterrupted. DDA purchasing will be turned on and new titles will feed into the discovery pool again on July 1st.

Publishers continue to raise short term loan rates and embargo front list titles, and those changes are challenging how we manage the DDA collection and keep the service on budget. The working group will implement several changes in the coming year to shrink the pool, increase the rate of purchase, and keep costs down. Here is a summary of what to expect:
  • Pressure on publishers to reduce the multiplier (currently set at 500% of list price)
  • Reduction of the short term loan purchase trigger (currently set at 15)
  • Removal of Brill and NYU Press titles due to front list embargoes
  • Removal of SAGE titles due to price increases
  • Removal of titles over $200, and the establishment of a $200 price cap
  • Removal of 2012 and earlier titles in our annual pool reduction

Expect to see a master list of titles to be removed within the next two weeks. Like last year, a library use report will be created as well so libraries may purchase titles independently. Removal will take place the weekend of August 7-10.

Summer Meeting

Just a reminder that the Shared Content Team and Representatives will meet on the morning of July 9 at the Summer Meeting. Fill out the survey to register your library's interest in potential discussion topics.