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July 17, 2015

Thanks to all of you for making the Summer Meeting such a tremendous success. It was a pleasure to meet many of you face-to-face and to hear what you want to see from the Alliance and the Shared Content Team. The Team will be meeting at the end of the month to discuss the Team's priorities and your feedback.

Given our DDA activity this week, I have not yet posted Summer Meeting Materials. My plan is to finish that early next week before leaving for vacation.

On that note - I will be on vacation between July 22nd and August 5th. All electronic resource questions can go to Margarita, either directly to her or to our joint email account. All invoice and billing questions go to Debi Place.


It's been a big week for DDA at the Alliance! We removed titles, but we also implemented a lower multiplier for our purchased titles. This is a turbulent time in the DDA service, but we will return to stability in mid-August, in time for the return of students in the fall.

Title Removals
On July 14th, I removed the last 18 months of titles from BRILL and NYU Press from the DDA pool in Alma. The list of titles removed can be found on the "Titles to be removed summer 2015" spreadsheet, under the tab listing the pull date of July 14, 2015.

The E-book Working Group decided to take this action because the publisher will be embargoing this content starting tomorrow, and the titles would have been unavailable to our patrons for short term loans.

New Multiplier
ProQuest successfully negotiated with almost all of our publishers to reduce our DDA multiplier. The publishers that agreed to this change represent 95% of the expenses, and this change will bring substantial long term benefits to the consortium.

Moving forward, we will be implementing a new purchase trigger of 10 Short Term Loans. Purchases, which provide permanent access for all members, will cost 400% of list price (down from 500%). In two days, we've bought nine new titles and saved more than $1000 on their purchase price.

The E-book Working Group is moving forward with implementation steps this week, as we have just received word of these final negotiation decisions.

Unfortunately, this decision requires that we remove titles immediately that are published by presses that did not agree to the new terms. We will lose titles published by ABC-CLIO, Policy Press, and Pharmaceutical Press in addition to those NYU Press titles already slated for withdrawal on August 7.

Use of titles from these presses account for only 5% of our costs, so we expect this action will not dramatically affect students. I will be working on use statistics in early August for those titles that we needed to pull at the last minute.

The summer withdrawal list has been updated with these titles.

I have asked ProQuest to continue to work with these publishers to see if they would agree to new terms and allow us to return their content to our pool. If their participation in our DDA pool changes, I will notify you all at once.


DDA use and expenditure reports from May and June 2015 are also posted, and the fiscal year reports will be coming soon.

Academic Complete

Ex Libris and ProQuest have updated the Community Zone collection for Academic Complete. The records are now populated by ProQuest's much better metadata.

ProQuest conducted its semi-annual title removal from Academic Complete in June. The list of titles removed are now available for your review. Any questions or concerns about the titles in the subscription should be sent to support@ebrary.com.

Testing is still required to learn whether the recently deleted titles have been removed from the Alma CZ collection. If any of you have an opportunity to review, please let me know what you find.

Per the Shared Content Team Representatives request, I will be working on building up the collection of use statistics for the subscription.