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Present: Gordon Aamot (University of Washington), Serin Anderson (St. Martin’s University), Amy Coughenour (Concordia University), Jill Emery (Portland State University), Kathi Carlisle Fountain (Program Manager, Orbis Cascade Alliance), Tina Hovekamp (Council Liaison, Central Oregon Community College), Corey Murata (University of Washington), Mike Olson (Chair, Western Washington University)

Absent: Kris Kern (Portland State University)

1. Call to Order

2. Minutes & Notes

Mike asked group to send comments/corrections to the 5/15/15 meeting notes by 6/3. Gordon took notes at today’s meeting.

3. Summer Meeting – identify presenters at programming sessions

SCT’s three proposals were all accepted. Sessions are 60 minutes each. Began to discuss ideas for presenters. SCT members may want to bring in other Alliance members to participate.

Alma License Module at the Institution and Network Level
– Corey volunteered to work on it. Others may include Kathi, Gordon (2nd choice), possible other UW staff.

Shared eBooks: Updates, Challenges, and Opportunities – Serin volunteered. Would also like to include other Ebook Working Group members. Names mentioned included Jim Bunnelle and Sara Seely. Thought it would be useful to focus primarily in updates and information sharing, but also to leave some time for discussion at end.

WEST and the Alliance: New Directions – Thought it would be useful to include others with WEST experience and expertise in a panel discussion. SCT members willing to help include Gordon, Amy, Jill, Kris, Mike.

ACTION – Members should think about this more, will revisit and finalize at next SCT meeting.

4. Summer Meeting – Identify discussion topics for representatives

Traditionally, this has been an opportunity to solicit feedback on the Team’s work and priorities. An Alliance goal is for each institution to have a voice in decision making. It’s a two hour meeting, so could cover several topics. Decided on this approach: Think of it in terms of four 30-minute blocks. Will brainstorm topics and pick top four. Plan to send out topics to representatives ahead of time so they can be thinking about them.

These topics were suggested:
  • Distributed Print Repository, and the decision to not continue growing it.
  • E-books programs and the future of ebooks in the Alliance.  Since there’s a lot of interest it would be OK to re-use some of the content from the previous day’s Ebook program.
  • WEST and shared print repositories
  • Analytics
  • What do you see as the future of direction of shared content in the Alliance?
  • What are high priorities for collaborative collection development?
  • What sort of central record management in Alma do members expect or would like to see?  Could tie this in with the Alliance’s center of excellence initiative.
  • Shared open access management.

5. Summer meeting – identify topics for Team time

SCT meeting will be 60 minutes. Decided to table this agenda item and pick up again at next meeting in two weeks.

6. Representatives – Identify current, critical messages for reps

Kathi asked for feedback on what kinds of information to share with institutional representatives to keep them in the loop. Some ideas included:
  • Updates on changes/strategies about ebook title pool
  • Send Summer Meeting SCT program agenda to reps in advance.
  • Kathi welcomes other SCT members to contribute to messaging

7. Charge re: eResources and Alma – Kathi

DRAFT CHARGE: Consortial Alma Collection Development Working Group

The working group is charged with exploring, maximizing the use, and advocating for improvements of Alma to develop efficiencies in consortial collection development activities. To that end, the working group will serve as the Alliance body supporting the related Center of Excellence initiative. They will identify priority consortial activities and develop workflows and documentation to support them. Activities are expected to consider efficiencies related to electronic resources acquisitions, activation, description, and licenses in the Network Zone and visibility of library acquisitions activity across institutions.

At the last meeting Kathi broached the idea of forming a new SCT working group to take the lead in exploring existing capabilities, testing the system, developing network workflows, and making recommendations to Ex Libris. SCT discussed the scope of the charge and some potential members. Regarding scope, she thought the group should take a broad approach to facilitate collaborative collection development. It was also suggested that doing testing and learning more about what Alma can do may be more effective than asking for Alma development. There was some discussion about members. From SCT, Kathi suggested that Corey would bring a lot to the group and should be involved. Since the parts of Alma are so integrated, it was also suggested that it would be useful to populate the new group with members from different functional areas, especially Acquisitions. Mary Ellen Kenreich was suggested as a potential member.

ACTION – Kathi will send out the charge again to invite feedback and suggested names.