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Shared Content Team 2015-2016 Goals

Shared eBooks/DDA Program

  • The CDMC eBook Team should continue its work administering and improving the shared eBooks program as directed by Council under the guidance of the new Shared Content Team; realign eBook Team membership as necessary for communication.
  • In collaboration with the Systems and the Collaborative Workforce Teams, improve description and management of shared eBook collections
  • Support and prepare to respond to the Assessment Team’s June 2015 report regarding the cost/benefit and user satisfaction assessment of the shared eBook program

WEST Program

  • In collaboration with the Systems Team, work to improve Alma reporting
  • In light of recent changes to the funding structure, articulate the ongoing value of WEST in a report to the Board and Council
  • Consider new directions for the program and other distributed print archive initiatives

Identify short and long-term goals and a timeline to advance the Alliance's collaborative collection development efforts to be considered by the Board. Include new and previous proposals, as appropriate.

Collaborate with the Content Creation and Dissemination Team to investigate HathiTrust membership.

Support and track progress on the following Center of Excellence (COE) initiatives:

  • Collection Development and Joint Acquisition
  • Consortial Reporting
  • Serials Prediction and Holdings Management

In preparation to conduct an Alliance-wide collection analysis in FY2015-2016, clearly articulate a set of project outcomes for consideration by the Board and the COE Leadership Team by February 2015.