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June 10, 2016

Table of Contents
  • Documentation Center
  • Shared Content at the Summer Meeting
  • Shared Content Team Appointments
  • E-Resources Renewals Complete
  • New E-books Central Platform, Update
  • Purchasing High Use DDA Titles
  • DDA Statistics
Documentation Center

The Alliance launched a one-stop-shop for getting important information from the Alliance website.

See the Electronic Resources Documentation and Collection Development Documentation for easy-to-find links to e-resource renewals, e-book stats, and any Alliance policies in these areas.

Shared Content at the Summer Meeting

The Shared Content Team will host two breakouts and a conversation with the representatives at the Alliance Summer Meeting. Please register and join us!

Breakout 1, Wednesday: Ebook Information and Update

Come get up to date on the Ebook Program including budget breakdown, challenges and opportunities over the past year, and where we stand with the Wiley Usage-Based-Collection Management Pilot. We will have a look at overall statistics and a brief look at plans for the next year.

Breakout 2, Wednesday: Last Copy Policy and 3-Copy Threshold Guidelines Discussion

This session revisits the Alliance’s “Last Copy Policy,” approved in 2008, which asks library staff to consider retaining the last copy of a title in their collection. As time allows, we will also revisit the “3- Copy Threshold Guidelines,” a voluntary pilot program in 2010-12 that asked libraries to consider limiting acquisitions to only 3 copies of the same title in the consortium. The Shared Content Team invites your feedback through a discussion about the effectiveness, adherence, or value of each policy.

Representatives Meeting, Thursday

The Team will be distributing a quick survey this month to solicit your feedback for our discussion.

Shared Content Team Appointments

The Team slate has been approved by the Board and I'm confirming nominations. The new team roster will be distributed next week.

There will be Shared Content working group openings this summer as well. Watch for a call for nominations in the coming weeks.

E-Resources Renewals Complete

The flurry is over! By the end of the day today, all of the electronic resources renewals for July 1st will be finalized and invoiced! Thank to all of you for your prompt attention to renewals this spring.

New E-books Central Platform, Update

The Alliance has expected implementation of ProQuest's new Ebook Central platform for some time. This new platform would integrate EBL and ebrary titles into the same interface, provide the same data reporting, and facilitate purchase of titles from either source.

ProQuest is implementing individual institutions first and consortia following. This has had the unfortunate consequence of delaying your local conversion to Ebook Central as we wait for the Alliance's central conversion.

I am working with our rep to see if we can come up with a strategy for accelerating the implementation timeline. As I have more information, I will share it.

Purchasing High Use DDA Titles

The Alliance has managed its DDA budget very well this year, and funds are available for firm order purchases at the end of this fiscal year. The E-book Working Group identified a set of DDA titles that have had 8+ short term loans and were used by more than 8 libraries. Those titles will be purchased in the coming weeks.

DDA Statistics

April and May 2016 DDA Statistics have been posted on the E-books Statistics webpage. Direct links to the Excel reports are here:
April - Usage, Expenditures
May - Usage, Expenditures