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August 26, 2016

SpringerNature Journals Package License

The Alliance will renegotiate a 3-year agreement with SpringerNature, and e-resource contacts have received information about package options. They have been asked to submit initial feedback on options for negotiations through a survey.

Library E-Resources Survey

The e-resource contacts in Alliance libraries have been asked to take a survey about e-resources operations at their libraries and with the Alliance. We are reviewing and reevaluating our current practices, and library responses will help us make changes that will benefit the libraries the most. Please check with the e-resources contact (if that person is other than you) to make sure your library's response is registered.

Annual DDA Statistics

Fiscal Year 2016 Demand Driven Acquisitions (EBL) data are now posted for your review.

Wiley E-book Statistics

The Alliance has its first usage report for the Wiley UBCM e-book pilot. The July 2016 report is now posted for your review. This is a very different kind of report than those we receive from EBL. All of the data is aggregated and summarized across libraries. More detailed data will be used later in the pilot to select titles for purchase.