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The Summit Standing Group (SSG) is charged with ensuring that Summit and fulfillment processing is streamlined and stable, for the betterment of user and staff experiences. The SSG provides support through documentation of best practices, creation and maintenance of online training manuals, participation on Resource Sharing and Fulfillment (RSF) open calls, and proposing data-driven changes to the Alliance's Alma resource sharing configuration (the rota). The SSG provides advice and feedback to the RSF Program Manager, who serves in an ex officio capacity. 

Additionally, the Summit Standing Group may form a small number of subgroups to advise the larger group and carry out specific tasks. Participants in subgroups should include at least one member of the SSG, but may be drawn more broadly from staff at member institutions.

Submitted June 6, 2018

Alma Resource Sharing Release Testing

The SSG currently performs resource sharing testing for new Alma releases on behalf of the consortium. Group members do that work in partnership with these institutional contacts (whose institutions have non-anonymized Alma premium sandboxes):

  • Jennie Rossie, University of Washington
  • Elaine Bortles and Jennifer Bosvert, Pacific University
  • Michael Mackin and Linh Le, Oregon Health & Science University
  • Linda Mackin, Portland Community College
The SSG reports problems or issues back to the larger RSF community.

Summit Processors Survey

In 2016, the (then named) Summit Working Group surveyed Summit processors to support: creating workflow documentation, planning Summer Meeting sessions, identifying Open Call topics, refining the AAR process, and creating and documenting best practices.