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Team Charge

The Resource Sharing & Fulfillment (RSF) Team provides broad oversight and leadership for the development and use of resource sharing and fulfillment systems and services. As experts for the consortium, the team determines policies and procedures and continually assesses resource sharing and fulfillment systems and interfaces to achieve improved services.

The Team:

Ensures that Summit/fulfillment processing is streamlined and stable, to support improved user and staff experiences through:

  • Documenting all procedural workflows and maintaining their accuracy, including creating and maintaining online training manuals and videos.
  • Supporting ongoing development of consortial resource sharing and fulfillment functionality.
  • Coordinating monthly Alma release testing in resource sharing and fulfillment.

FY18 Final Report


  • Developing Alma analytics: Build capacity through developing shared reports, training, and documentation for resource sharing and fulfillment areas.
  • Expanding resource sharing: Partner with other program areas (ULC, SCTS) to investigate sharing unique and local content, as well as digital resources.
  • Partnering externally: Work with other consortia to improve the Alliance's consortial resource sharing and fulfillment processes and workflows, including investigating Ex Libris' Fulfillment Network option for resource sharing.
  • Improving connections: Develop a mentorship program that facilitates connections between like institutions and staff in similar roles to build expertise; connect new Alliance member staff to resources.
RSF Team Final Report, FY18, submitted June 6, 2018

Standing and Project Groups

Getting started: Standing and Project Group orientation

Summit Standing Group

Analytics Project Group - work completed June 2018

Fulfillment Project Group - work completed June 2018

Background and History

The RSF Team began their work in July 2017, after the Discovery and Delivery program area was split into two program areas: Resource Sharing and Fulfillment, and Discovery and User Experience.