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The Researcher Site is in the process of being redesigned and will launch as Archives West on 2015 July 1.
This substantial revision includes improved search precision, faceting of search results, revised display of search results, a substantially changed approach to browsing by institution and subject, better links to digital objects, clearer institutional identity, improved contact information to facilitate distance use of collections, and a new name and graphic identity that better captures the purpose and scope of the site and makes the Alliance identity clear. The site was last redesigned in 2006.

Redesign Phases
The redesign is proceeding in three phases:

Phase 1 (February 1-March 27):
  • Move already-developed functionality to production (search improvements, implement faceting, tied search results to search terms, revise display of search terms, allow search revision)
  • Revise stylesheet that creates collection overview and component-level display
  • Develop XML retrieval
  • EAD Best Practices Group revises EAD Best Practices and validates changes with participating institutions by March 27
  • Interface and Usability Design-Infrastructure Group develops approach to and tests subject and geographic coverage and consistency
Phase 2 (March 30-May 1):
  • Implement IUD-I group's approaches in graphic design
  • Metadata cleanup (central and institutional)
  • Utility site revisions (AT2NWDA script, repository registry, compliance checker, document submission)
  • Revamp and deliver training
  • Revised EAD Best Practices to be in use by May 1
Phase 3 (May 2-July 1):
  • Link infrastructure with revised design
  • Implement metadata harvester and digital objects display
  • Interface and Usability Design-Infrastructure Group conducts testing and usability review
  • Develop help as needed
  • Internal and external promotion
  • Site launch July 1
Not addressed in this Cycle:
  • Date faceting (revisit after EAD3 is released/adopted)
  • Further development of institutional slice HTML (what exists will be updated)
  • User customization of search results
  • Extensive rework of component-level display