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In all cases, Alma and Primo (including Summit) service outages need to be reported by the institution to Ex Libris using Salesforce or the reporting methods described in the 24X7 Down System Support FAQ (available in the Ex Libris Documentation Center).

Institutions should continue reporting High, Normal, and Low priority Alma and Primo (including Summit) problems to Salesforce as well. However, for issues that involve a common defect or service problem, Alliance program managers (and those designated by the program manager) will work with their communities to submit an Alliance-level case, drawing upon the information included in institutional cases and email reports. The submitter will then disseminate the case number and information, normally via the community listserv, in order to reduce the time required for institutional case submission and tracking. When an Alliance-level case is submitted, it will serve as the case of record for an issue.

Last updated:  September 9, 2015
For questions:  Contact Al Cornish, Orbis Cascade Alliance