Inherit custom resource-type icons from the Central Package

Created by

Paul Ojennus, Whitworth University


This customization adds custom resource-type images in the new Primo UI. We selected images that are high-contrast and easy-to-read, have a consistent style, and are highly granular (most of the 52 resource type implemented in the Alliance norm rules have distinct icons).

System components

Package Manager/PBO, html

Skill set requirements

PBO, html

Implementation steps

  1. Turn on inheritance from Central Package, as described in the documentation: Turn on inheritance from the central package
    Note: This customization is automatically implemented when you turn on inheritance from the Central Package; no opt-out functionality is currently available. However, if you add custom icons to your local package, Primo will prefer the local package icons to Central Package icons.
  2. Add a link to a credits page for the icon images
  3. The icons we chose are from The Noun Project ( and are used by a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license, so you need to credit them in a credits page on your site. You can learn more at Icon Credit Requirements.
    1. Use the development environment to implement our credits page; code and instructions at
    2. Create your own credits page: Copy the content of the credit webpage iconcredits.html from resourceTypeIcons/html and place it where you can link to it from your Primo. For example, I put the credits on a LibGuides page.
    3. In your code editor, open home_en_US.html in the html folder of your local package and create a link to your credits page. For example, I put the following link to my credits LibGuides page at the end of my home_en_US.html:
      <a href="" title="Icon Credits" target="_blank">Icon Credits</a>
  4. Zip your local package, upload it in the PBO, and deploy.