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Current Subscriptions and Supporting Memberships

Our program currently brokers subscriptions to about 160 scholarly electronic resource product packages, including databases, journal collections, abstracting services, and indexes. These packages sometimes include products bundled together for easier invoicing. Our subscription summaries are updated when products come up for renewal, or libraries add on to a subscription mid-way through the renewal cycle. You can view all the resources we offer in three ways:

The summaries include information such as product descriptions, vendor contacts, links to central licenses, title lists, and more.

We also have two supporting memberships, which are described here.

Alliance Pricing

Current Offers (under construction)


Currently, we are sending out renewal and new offer pricing to our ER member and non-member email lists. ER Program participants are subscribed to a moderated list announcing all new product opportunities, trial requests, renewals and completed subscriptions.

In addition, a second list (ER-News) is used by the ER Program Manager to call attention to announcements that might be of interest. The latter list does not provide for discussion or posting by anyone other than the Program Manager.

Any staff from participating institutions can request to be subscribed to either list. However, each institution appoints one person as the official representative of that institution. This is the only person that can officially commit an institution to participating in a subscription. See our renewal policies for more information.

Coming Soon: Current Product Pricing Offers

* Access limited to members and non-members with ER login credentials.

New Offers (under construction)

This page is under construction