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Systems Team
Primo Toolkit Working Group
Leadership, Charge and Goals

Leadership and Structure

The Primo Toolkit Working Group operates as a sub-group of the Systems Team. The chair of the Primo Toolkit Working Group will be appointed from the membership of the Systems Team. A member of the Discovery & Delivery Team will serve on the working group, as a liaison to the Discovery & Delivery Team.

The Primo Toolkit Working Group will include 3 to 5 other individuals, selected at-large from the Alliance member staff, based on interests, abilities, and availability.

All initial working group appointments will last for 1 year, or until Primo 5 is released, whichever is longer.

Specifically, the Primo Toolkit Working Group membership will include:

  • Nathan Mealey, chair (Portland State University)
  • Lesley Lowery, Discovery & Delivery liaison (Western Washington University)
  • Dawn Lowe-Wincensten (Oregon Institute of Technology)
  • Tamara Marnell (Portland Community College)
  • Doug Eriksen (Seattle University)
  • Stewart Baker (Western Oregon University)
  • Kate Deibel (University of Washington)

The Primo Toolkit Working Group will begin work in July, 2015, and will continue until Primo 5 is released to production. Upon the release of Primo 5, the Systems Team will evaluate the working group to determine whether its goals have been accomplished, or whether additional work is warranted.

Meeting Schedule

The working group will meet on a schedule determined by the working group chair.


The working group will develop a Primo Toolkit for use as a resource for libraries when customizing their own Primo instances. The toolkit will include such work products as:

  • Reusable style (CSS) customizations
  • Guides for making interface changes via Primo Back Office (PBO) and Alma
  • Well-documented open source code and documentation
These work products will include work already accomplished by Alliance member institutions, and may also include original work, and work from institutions outside the Alliance, as appropriate.

Specific goals

  • Create and document a library of ‘best-of-breed’ guides and open source customizations related to Primo, drawing upon work done within the Alliance and the ELUNA community.

  • Document PBO and Alma configurations for customizing the Primo interface, for example:
    • Adding a custom header and/or footer to Primo
    • Mapping Primo interface labels to related PBO settings
    • Documenting the set-up of Primo pipes for importing external content into the Primo index
  • Identify potential Primo UI customizations that would be of relevance for Alliance libraries and how these might be achieved. Examples include:
    • Reusable, centrally-hosted CSS elements
    • A reliable means of modifying the Primo Actions menu to include/exclude items at the institution-level
    • Make all work products (code, documentation, guides) available through an openly available, maintainable, navigable, web-based platform, as provided by the Collaborative Workforce Team.
  • Outline and share related training needs with the Collaborative Workforce Program Manager