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Here, the Systems Team will provide support for Alliance institutions in their transition to the new interface of Primo.

1. Establishment of the Primo Customization Standing Group (PCSG)
The PCSG will oversee the development of Primo customizations that are appropriate across Alliance libraries and that are suitable for use in the Primo Central Package.

2. Planning for Primo Day 2018
Primo Day 2017: Migrating to the New UI was a huge success. Stay tuned for details on Primo Day 2018.

3. Documentation for configuring Primo New UI

Alliance Documentation
Based on our experiences, we have created a document that outlines the steps needed to get your institution ready to migrate to the new interface of Primo. We have included step-by-step written and video instructions for completing many of the tasks.

List of Alliance institutions live on the Primo New UI - This list also contains go-live dates when institutions plan to migrate to the new UI.

Primo Toolkit resources - the Toolkit covers a range of topics - from a guide to making changes in the Primo Back Office (PBO) to adding a permalink for search results in Primo.

Primo New UI project plan example - This document demonstrates one possible way an institution is managing the migration to the New UI.

Here, you can find the following presentations:
  • Key Differences Between the Current and New UI (Stephanie Michel)
  • Testing the New UI: Issues Uncovered and the Road Map for Future Enhancements (Bill Kelm & Rami Attebury)
  • Accessibility in the New Primo UI (Miri Botzer)
  • Screen Readers and the New Primo UI (Julie Austad & Radka Ballada)
  • Doubling our Fun: Evaluating Two Primo UIs for Optimal User Experience (Rebecca Marrall, Lesley Lowery & David Bass)
  • A Tale of Two UIs: Usability studies of two Primo User Interfaces (Anne Pepitone)
  • Report from User Focus Group Comparing Current and New UI in Primo (Kun Lin)
  • Primo New UI Usability Focus Groups at the University of Puget Sound (Hilary Robbeloth)
  • Usability Testing panel Q&A
  • Primo Standardization discussion (Nathan Mealey, Al Cornish)
  • Customizing the New Primo UI: Central Package and Institution-Level Configurations (Paul Ojennus, Dan Moore & Nick Budak)
  • Primo Back Office Configurations for the New UI (Blake Galbreath)
  • Q&A with Ex Libris (Miri Botzer, Alon Botvinik & Noam Amit, facilitator: Maria McShane)
  • Implementation Model for Transitioning to the New UI Panel + Q&A (Stewart Baker, Linda Ackers & Barbara Valentine)
  • So You've Decided to Run a Public Beta? (Nathan Mealey)

Ex Libris Documentation
ExL documentation for completing many of the Primo Back Office configurations. Here you will find explanations on:
  • How to configure the Views Wizard
  • How to configure the Mapping Tables
  • How to configure the Code Tables
  • How to configure the Institution Wizard
  • The Services Page
  • E-Shelf migration

ExL documentation for customizing the new user interface. Here you will find explanations on:
  • How to use the Customization Package Manager
  • How the CSS code is mapped across the user interface
  • How to create a clickable logo
  • How to move facets to the left
  • How to create a search box to the new interface