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Established: September 2016

Following the work of the Primo Consortial Configuration Working Group (PCCWG), the Alliance Primo Customization Joint Working Group (APCJWG) is a collaboration between the Systems Team and the Discovery & Delivery Team to further the Alliance”s goal of taking advantage of the consortial functionality in the new Primo UI. The APCJWG will pursue the three goals articulated by the PCCWG:

  1. Identify a range of images-based, CSS, and Javascript customizations to implement as pilot tests, based on known customizations that are in place in Primo 4 or have been identified as needs.
  2. Implement the list developed via the above goal.
  3. Provide recommendations for an ongoing workflow for developing and maintaining customizations included in the central package, and for managing the updating and deployment of changes.
For additional information on the consortial functionality in the new Primo UI and its implications for the Alliance, refer to the PCCWG”s final report.