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  • September 15, 3 - 4pm GoToMeeting, log-in in your calendar

The Policy & Coordination Team has two areas of responsibility:

Policy: Receives high level policy issues from Alliance teams. As appropriate, acts on or forwards issues to the Board. If issues have significant budgetary implications or create sustained inequalities among the members, the team will provide recommendations and forward to the Board. As reflected in Alliance Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation, Council determines the Alliance budget and strategic initiatives.

Coordination: Coordinates the activities of teams associated with each of five program areas, promotes information sharing, identifies areas of shared responsibility, creates joint working groups, recommends priorities to the Board, and ensures that team workloads are appropriate.


  1. Early warning
    The team consults with the Executive Director and provides a "heads-up" about any topics that look like they may be candidates for the Policy Team.
  2. Presentation of issues
    For issues going to the Policy & Coordination Team, the forwarding team describes the issue, the groups consulted, the pros and cons of various options, and the recommendation proposed. The committee should note any critical path, time-sensitivities, or dependencies that the P&C Team should to take into account (for example, we can't proceed on to XXX until we make a decision on YYY). Proposals may originate with a working group but must be reviewed, potentially revised, and then endorsed by the committee.
  3. Decision by Policy & Coordination Team
    The P&C Team makes a decision or refers the issue to Board or Council with a recommendation. The need to seek additional consultation should be rare since the forwarding team will already have consulted with stakeholders.
  4. Communication
    The P&C Team communicates decisions to the Alliance membership.


The Policy & Coordination Team was approved by Council in March 2015.  Predecessors:

  • Policy Team, created November 2014
  • Shared ILS Policy Team, created January 2014.