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Approved by Council on January 13, 2006 and revised March 1, 2007
Revised by the Board on February 17, 2012
Revised by the Board in February 2018

The Chair of Board and Council annually evaluates the performance of the Executive Director. The review period is the fiscal year. The appraisal process must be completed and a written appraisal submitted to the Alliance personnel files by June 15.


1. Executive Director submits self-assessment with proposed goals for the following fiscal year to the Chair by April 15.

2. Chair solicits feedback appropriate to evaluate the year’s goals, including feedback from Alliance staff and the Board. The Chair will seek comprehensive feedback from Council, staff and other relevant parties (a 360 review) no less than every five years. Council will be invited to provide informal comments annually.

3. The Chair facilitates a conversation about the performance of the Executive Director, incorporating any feedback from Council and Alliance staff, with the Board of Directors. The Board may offer key points to be included in assessment, identify rewards and opportunities, corrective action if needed, approve and/or edit goals for the next year, and recommend any appropriate pay raise.

4. Chair drafts key points to be included in the performance assessment and shares them with the Board, and then shares the performance assessment and reviews it with the Past Chair and Chair-Elect.

5. Chair and Executive Director discuss the assessment, no later than June 15.

6. Chair shares the final performance assessment and the Executive Director's feedback with the Board.

7. At the next Council meeting, Chair provides a report on the Executive Director's goals for the following year and any salary impacts.