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The New Staff Training Group for Serials is a short term outcome oriented group charged with recommending a curricula for training new staff at Alliance institutions in the area of serials. The goal of the curricula will be:
  • provide a suggested framework for Alliance member libraries when training staff new to the institution or new to a particular role
  • provide the Technical Services Working Group and the Collaborative Workforce Program Manager with a framework from subject experts to prioritize development of training objects


  • Create learning objectives for new staff
  • Outline of topics for training
    • Topics should include:
      • Alliance specific policies
      • Alliance specific best practices
      • Alliance specific procedures
      • Alliance specific workflows
      • pointers to Ex Libris training materials for use as appropriate
    • For each topic include:
      • Target audience
      • Short description of topic
      • Outcome objective: After training in x, you should be able to x, y, z. or you should know about a, b, c.
  • Recommend which topics could benefit from exercises/homework examples as part of training.
  • Suggest individuals who could develop training on specific topics
Deliverables due to the Program Manager roughly 2-3 months after first meeting. 

Mary Grenci, Chair, TSWG Liaison 
 University of Oregon
Kim Colvin
 Washington State University
Julianne Hoppen  Whitman College
Karen Spence  Portland Community College
Cassie Schmitt, ex-officio, staff liaison
 Orbis Cascade Alliance