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The New Staff Training Group for Acquisitions is a short term outcome oriented group charged with recommending a curricula for training new staff at Alliance institutions in the area of acquisitions. The goal of the curricula will be:
  • provide a suggested framework for Alliance member libraries when training staff new to the institution or new to a particular role
  • provide the Collaborative Workforce Program Manager with a framework from subject experts to prioritize development of training objects


  • Create learning objectives for new staff
  • Outline of topics for training
    • Topics should include:
      • Alliance specific policies
      • Alliance specific best practices
      • Alliance specific procedures
      • Alliance specific workflows
      • pointers to Ex Libris training materials for use as appropriate
    • For each topic include:
      • Target audience
      • Short description of topic
      • Outcome objective: After training in x, you should be able to x, y, z. or you should know about a, b, c.
  • Recommend which topics could benefit from exercises/homework examples as part of training.
  • Suggest individuals who could develop training on specific topics
Deliverables due to the Program Manager by February 1, 2016. (Date was set at kick off meeting on November 2, 2015.)

Morag Stewart, Chair University of Washington
Julie Gaida Pacific University
Cheryl Morrison University of Washington
Karen Spence Portland Community College
Sion Romaine, TSWG Liaison University of Washington
Cassie Schmitt, ex-officio  Orbis Cascade Alliance