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Meeting Dates:

2:00-3:00 pm, September 27th, 2016

Participants (please bold as you come in):

Jesse Thomas, Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel (minutes), Lori Hilterbrand, Sarah Stevenson, Andrea Heisel, Holli Kubly (out), Erin Bledsoe (out), Natalie Beach, Ray Henry (out)


  1. Review from last meeting
    1. ACTION: Jesse will follow up with Ray about linked accounts
    2. Holli, Lori and Andrea will meet next week (Wednesday afternoon) to talk about accessibility.
    3. UX product: Lori has contacted Al but hasn't heard back yet
    4. Follow-up from Systems update: ACTION: next week, we'll talk more with Ray about how to approach these topics. Should we discuss this at an open call? At this point do we know enough information to have a productive discussion (and avoid frustration)?
  1. Working Group Updates
    1. Norm Rules (Lesley)
      1. Feedback on local note use is in for 24 Alliance libraries (deadline is October 3). NRAG is following up directly with the others. NRWG will start its review of existing and template local notes fields next week.
      2. The list of changes for testing in October has been (almost) finalized. Announcements (with links to testing documentation and feedback form) will go out late next week.
      3. October testing will take place 10/10-10/24. Approved changes will be implemented on production with a renorm/reindex on October 31 - November 3.
    1. Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)
      1. Nothing to report
    1. Summit (Erin)
  1. Priority Support Issues update (Sarah/Jesse)
    1. ACQUISITIONS was chosen as the first track that will be addressed as part of ExL’s new track-based approach.
      1. Teams weren’t very eager to go first
      2. Our team was well prepared with clean lists and justifications for moving cases forward
      3. Acquisitions chosen because their issues haven't been a priority in the past; they don’t get much traction in the NERS process. Acquisitions had around 20 cases (more manageable number).
    2. We are still reviewing our open D&D casework. There were a number of fulfillment and resource sharing cases that were categorized incorrectly. Those will need to be incorporated into our D&D list.
      1. Jennifer Ward originally noticed because one of her cases hadn't been included in our list
      2. Need to look at Miscellaneous cases to determine which overlap with Fulfillment and need to be added to our master list
    3. We are continuing to refine our list with an eye on volunteering as the second track chosen once Acquisitions finishes up.
      1. We may volunteer to go next (unless Resource Management is very eager or strongly supported by Al)
    4. The estimate for this first track is approximately three months.
  1. Summit WG recruitment (Jesse)
    1. The Summit recruitment window closed yesterday. We received 12 nominations for 8 different people.
      1. Includes cross-institutional nominations
      2. Erin encouraged some people to apply
    2. Ray and I will be reviewing these nominations over the coming week and conferring with the group chairs.
    3. Hopefully we’ll be able to finalize these appointments later this week in time for the Alliance’s announce email.
      1. Jesse and Ray may meet in the next few days to review these appointments
      2. Working group's work is being held up until recruitment process is complete
  1. Courier RFP (Jesse)
    1. An email was sent out late last week announcing the formation of a new Courier RFP task force.
    2. Members were chosen partly with an eye on geographic distribution.
      1. Jen Jacobs (L&C) (chair)
      2. Raven Keppinger (SOU) – Southern region
      3. Sarah Rowland (EOU) – Eastern region
      4. Johanna Staman (SPU) – Seattle metro area
      5. Molly Gunderson (PSU) – Portland metro area
      6. Beth Longwell (Sage Systems Manager) – Other participating libraries
    3. Timeline
      1. October/November – solicit feedback from the courier community and draft RFP
      2. Early January – publish RFP
      3. Late February/early March – host in-person vendor presentation sessions (open Alliance-wide, recorded)
    4. Additional information:
      1. We need a new / longer-term contract to give us stability for the future
      2. This is not just the Alliance; it includes the broader courier community / large number of stakeholders
      3. This will be a significant project; look for future communications for opportunities for input
  1. Other Topics
    1. Primo Sandbox renorm/reindex (Lesley)
      1. Completed last Friday, per Curtis’s email.
      2. Ex Libris neglected to run the “clean indexes” procedure before reindexing (as requested in SF case #00340397, filed 9/14), so the reindexing ended up taking all week to run, instead of the 72 hours it should have taken.
        1. Al’s email to the Sandbox Testing WG (9/23/16, 8:58 a.m.) regarding this:

“On the Primo side: I can say that Ex Libris made a painful mistake with a renorm/reindex maintenance that's in currently in progress on the Primo premium sandbox. Prior to the start of the maintenance on September 19, the Alliance requested Ex Libris to run a clean index maintenance in order to reduce the maintenance time. The vendor didn't do this and the indexing job is still running for this maintenance. The daily updating jobs on the premium sandbox will not run until this maintenance is completed. But, in summary, this support mistake has interfered with the Alliance's use of the Primo premium sandbox.”

  • Process took 5 days instead of 72 hours because clean indexes process was not run (even though we requested it a week in advance)
  • This was a significant mistake because it negatively impacted our access to our only testing environment
  • Anticipate more follow-up between Alliance and Ex Libris
  • Another renorm/reindex on Premium Sandbox will start October 3
  • Lesley has already contacted Ray to request that clean index process take place before this renorm/reindex; hopefully this recent error will help the next process go more smoothly
  • This process also applies to the production environment
  • Process was smooth after it was underway.
      1. Alliance Newsletter topics for October
        1. We'll need to go in and flesh out details for each of the bullet points. Keep balance between fully detailed write-ups and bullet points.
        2. ACTION: Lesley will fill out Norm Rules bullets, others are encouraged to pitch in on other topics. Deadline is the end of this week.
      2. Alliance Primo Customization JWG update (Holli) (Holli is out, so we'll ACTION: carry this forward to next week’s call!)
        Paul and I have our first phone call with the group on Friday morning. Here is our agenda and tentative schedule:Discuss timeline (suggested goals)
  • Select initial customizations (9/30)
  • Develop customizations (10/13)
  • Test locally (10/21)
  • Upload to Consortial package manager and test opt-in (10/28)
  • Present to stakeholders (early November, e.g., 11/8 Systems Group call)
  • Develop plan for ongoing development/maintenance (11/18)

Discuss initial customization selection

  • Examples of image, css, js-based customizations
  • Suggestions from the Primo Toolkit
  • Suggestions from D&D Team

D&D Team needs to have more information before we can help with suggestions to this group. ACTION: Jesse will follow up with Holli to get more specifics on what suggestions the WG is looking for from D&DT.

    1. Summit COE update (Jesse)
      1. We're still reviewing our punch list internally. The punchlist has gone through some evolutions, and it’s gotten a bit messy as a result of shifting problem groupings. Many specific problems have been resolved, so there’s a need to update casework on everything and see what major development priorities are still outstanding.
      2. We want to shift the focus away from monthly release problems and devote more attention to high-priority development needs (like real-time requestability, article request form, etc.).
      3. We will be discussing this with Ex Libris shortly.
      4. May need to sacrifice some smaller needs/problems in favor of progress on higher-level development issues.

2:00-3:00 pm, September 20th, 2016

Participants (please bold as you come in):

Jesse Thomas, Lesley Lowery (minutes), Stephanie Michel, Lori Hilterbrand, Sarah Stevenson (sick), Andrea Heisel, Holli Kubly (out), Erin Bledsoe, Natalie Beach, Ray Henry


  1. Review minutes from last meeting
    1. Discovery open call was successful.
    2. Other items carried forward to this week’s meeting.
  2. Eastside Analytics Hackfest (Jesse/Erin)
    1. This was hosted by EWU yesterday afternoon. There were approximately 40 participants.
    2. We split up into two groups, one for tech services and the other for fulfillment.
    3. Doris recorded a large portion of the fulfillment session (not sure how/if she plans to share this recording).
    4. Erin and I moderated the last three hours. We covered a lot of basic information (creating reports, creating/sharing dashboards, adding widgets, etc.), plus we also presented on some more specific subjects.
      1. Summit Borrowing Statistics by Call Number Range
      2. New Rolling Date Filters in Alma Analytics
      3. ACTION: Linked User Accounts FOLLOW UP WITH RAY
    5. Overall it seemed like the content was relevant and well-received by the attendees.
    6. Doris is tentatively planning on hosting another hackfest in November. I'm not sure how helpful it will be for the people who already attended this session, unless presenters/topics are arranged in advance.
    7. Potential for other Analytics hackfests for the west side / south (other regions within the Alliance)
      1. We'd need someone to step up and spearhead this.
      2. Difficulty: Teams are kind of maxed out right now, and Analytics doesn't fall under any one team.
      3. Structure would be up to the host/participants. Anything from formal (Summer Meeting - like) with presentations to just a gathering / Q&A.
      4. Need to make clear ahead of time what levels of complexity will be offered so that those who travel to the event get information that's useful to them.
    8. ACTION: Add shout-out to newsletter regarding the hackfest - thanks to Doris for hosting, etc.
  1. Alliance Primo Customization JWG (Holli/Ray/Jesse)
    1. We had an introductory meeting last Friday (9/16).
    2. Holli and Paul are going to work out when to convene the entire group.
    3. It sounds like the co-chairs are leaning towards a weekly meeting schedule in light of the short turnaround time.
    4. Other updates?
    5. Primo Toolkit folks have been poking at their customizations in the new UI, so there will be some material for the APCJWG to work with once they get underway.
  1. Summit WG recruitment
    1. Our recruitment survey went out last week; the deadline is 9/26.
    2. We have four nominations so far.
    3. I am checking with the two chairs (Erin & Shanel) to see if they want to send out targeted reminders. Jesse has some suggestions for these targeted messages as well.
    4. We might also want to send another reminder out on the fulfill-discussion list.
    5. Remind folks that they should contact their supervisor and/or dean/director if they want to self-nominate. This is so they are certain of their institution's support.
    6. ACTION: Ray will send out reminder to DD-community.
  1. Usability/Accessibility Testing
    1. Three of our team members have expressed interest in participating on this project: Holli, Andrea & Lori.
    2. Do we have a sense for what direction this project should take? Or would it be better to reach out to the discovery community as a whole?
      1. We could use the WSUV email list as a starting point.
      2. Or we could create a new UX interest group.
        1. This would be bigger than just D&D, since there's been interest in doing this since the Discovery Working Group days, and several usability issues overlap into Systems, Tech Services, etc.
        2. We'd be creating more of a steering / organizing group. Or we might be setting up a communication channel and a place for shared usability resources.
      3. ACTION: Start by putting out a call, recruit potential testers, assess interest.
      4. ACTION: Lori, Andrea, Holli to get together to mull over and formulate focus, intended outcomes, time commitment. Then bring these back to the Team before recruiting. Lori will set up - target = week of October 3rd.
    3. Review federal recommendations
      1. Other resources?
    4. Things to consider
      1. Primo or Alma? Or both?
        1. Lori and Andrea are in favor of both - this would broaden the scope of input and the opportunities for gathering input.
        2. Three tracks: Primo UI, Alma UI, Other library interfaces.
      2. New UI or current interface?
      3. Who should participate: faculty or students (Primo)/staff (Alma)?
      4. What questions do we want to answer?
        1. Let’s try to avoid duplicating the work of the Customization WG!
      5. What methodology should we adopt?
        1. Basic User Testing
        2. Focus Groups
        3. Heuristic Evaluation
          1. ‘A heuristic evaluation is a usability inspection method for computer software that helps to identify usability problems in the user interface (UI) design. It specifically involves evaluators examining the interface and judging its compliance with recognized usability principles.’
      6. Does this tie in to the work that we’ll be doing with the Alliance Primo Customization JWG?
    5. Accessibility is harder to evaluate
      1. We would first need to identify a target population, then provide them with an environment to support their work.
      2. Other considerations or suggestions?
      3. Should this be split off from usability, or should both be taken together?
        1. Accessibility IS usability - Separating these might limit testing practices.
    6. ExL's Alma UX Product – June update
      1. Institutions can opt in.
      2. It might be helpful to know which Alliance libraries, if any, are already participating.
        1. WWU, TESC have opted in.
        2. UW has not opted in, due to concerns about the use of data and level of detail that will be captured.
      3. We could either pose this question to one of the listservs, or reach out directly to the Systems reps, since those are the people who are most likely involved.
      4. ACTION: Lori will email Al to see if he has info. on which libraries are participating - or if he can send out a survey.
  1. Working Group Updates
    1. Norm Rules (Lesley)
      1. Kelley McGrath is working on improvements to the Topic facet and MeSH subject facet behavior for rollout in early November.
      2. Recent discussion on journal uniform title display (TS-discussion) has produced an NRWG request. It's likely that titles will be the next focus topic for the NRAG.
      3. Next week: discussion of NRAG feedback received on local notes used across the Alliance.
    1. Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)
      1. Nothing to report
    1. Summit (Erin)
  1. see #4 above (Summit WG recruitment)
  1. Other Topics
    1. Norm Rules Advisory Group recruitment
      1. One of Doris's group members stepped down due to a scheduling conflict.
      2. Ray/Lesley/Jesse met last week to discuss next steps.
      3. Ray is currently checking with Jodi, the program manager of the CCD Team, to see if they have anyone they would like to nominate.
      4. There's also the possibility that the group can continue with 3 members instead of 4. There’s a lot of recruiting going on right now. D&DT members are encouraged to suggest potential members to Ray.
    2. Upcoming Deadlines
      1. AAR borrowing cleanup ends: September 23
      2. Summit recruitment ends:September 26
      3. PSbox renorm/reindex: October 3-5
    3. Announce Newsletter Topics - deadline is Sept 27
      1. Analytics Hackfest recap
      2. Norm rules testing/rollout information (timeline, etc.)
      3. Summit WG recruitment wrap-up
    4. Alma internal account changes (see below)
      1. Systems open call update information could be sent out to the Discovery community, but there’s too much information here. We need to trim this down to just the most important information for Discovery folks to have.
      2. In the message, encourage DD reps to contact their Systems rep to discuss!
      3. Ex Libris is NOT providing a hosted solution for this problem (as of right now).
      4. Currently there's a lack of detail from Ex Libris, as well as some nebulous elements (like the effect of EU pressure against the OAuth option) that may lead to significant developments before implementation.
    5. Move of Primo configuration to Alma interface (see below)
      1. Lack of Alma premium sandboxes within the Alliance creates an inability to test Primo configurations outside of production for 32 Alliance institutions.
      2. ACTION: Everyone should read the Systems update and think about these issues in advance of next week’s meeting.

System’s Team update

Phase out of storing passwords in Alma, internal accounts

During the August in-person meeting with the Alliance in Portland, Bar Veinstein described ExL's plan to phase out Alma internal accounts with the password stored in Alma by December 2017. This is for internal accounts supporting public login to Primo and staff login to Alma. One point of information from the IGeLU meeting: The transition date could be extended by several more months - making the likely required transition date in the first half of 2018.

There are three options (identified to this point) for institutions to handle this migration:

  • Moving users to the institution authentication system
  • Transitioning users to anOAuth-based service to support Alma login
  • Creating and supporting a cloud-based identity service

For the second bullet point: Ex Libris is developing a tool that was demo'd by ExL's Josh Weisman (Development Director) for handling the user migration to OAuth-based services. The workflow: Notifying users based upon sets in Alma; the user clicks on a link in an email message sent by the library/Alma and sees options for OAuth-based services (Google, Facebook, Twitter are confirmed; more may be added) and then logs in and chooses to link their service to Alma. Even at this early stage, it appears workable for those institutions that feel that can move their users to OAuth authentication.

The third bullet point describes institutions or the consortium taking on a support responsibility, working with a cloud service like Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Its implementation would represent significant add-on work.

There may be European and UK libraries that firmly state that social authentication is not possible due to law or regulation (and that the other options aren't possible as well), which will then drive ExL to develop another option beyond the three listed above. ExL has been adamant to this point that the options defined in the above-bulleted list are all that it will support.

Primo configuration settings integrated into Alma

At this year's ELUNA meeting in May, Ex Libris announced that it was working to integrate Primo configuration into Alma, termed the Alma-Primo workflow optimization initiative. Ex Libris plans to move Primo administrative functionality from Primo Back Office to Alma. This will include mapping fields, labels, local fields, view configuration, and user authentication settings. This approach would offer some benefits, including reducing configuration duplication (such as institutions, libraries, authentication) in the two services. This development is tied to the new Primo user interface that's included in the Primo August release.

At the same time, the Alliance and some other customers have a problem. Institutions that have access to a Primo premium sandbox, but not a matching Alma premium sandbox. All Alliance institutions can currently test configurations in the Primo premium sandbox. However, if the configuration is moved to Alma, only six of the institutions would be able to test configuration, those with a premium sandbox. ExL’s Bar Veinstein reported at the IGeLU meeting that Ex Libris is aware of this use case and will plan a solution that takes it into account before solution delivery. He provided no additional information.

There are significant concerns in the Alliance Systems community about this planned change, based on this week's Open Call discussion. The UW's Kate Deibel noted the need for significant time for UI feedback and ExL adjustment, to help ensure that the settings UI isn't degraded for staff supporting Primo following the move of configuration to Alma.

2:00-3:00 pm, September 13th, 2016

Participants (please bold as you come in):

Jesse Thomas, Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel,Lori Hilterbrand, Sarah Stevenson,Andrea Heisel,Holli Kubly, Erin Bledsoe, Natalie Beach, Ray Henry (minutes)


  1. Review>minutesfrom last meeting
  2. AAR update
    1. We hosted an open call about cleanup procedures last Thursday. It was pretty sparsely attended, due to NWILL, but we shared the recording on the AAR website for people who couldn’t make it.
      1. Already got some positive feedback from participants
      2. Simplified procedure that *should* work for everyone
    2. Deadline for borrowing cleanup is 9/23; deadline for lending cleanup is 10/7.
    3. The documentation on the AAR website was also updated.
    4. SWG will review for future
  3. Future Open Calls
    1. Discovery open call
      1. Thursday, Sept. 15th, 10-11am.
      2. Primo Analytics – Mary Galvin is going to reprise her presentation from the summer meeting
      3. APC JWG (?) -- Introduce team members, share charge, timeline, and expected outcomes
      4. Other agenda items?
        1. Upcoming Norm Rule changes (Lesley)
      5. ACTION: Jesse will create/send out invite and agenda today. Presenters can go back and fill in details.
      6. ACTION: Ray will send email to dd-community and dd-reps for upcoming delivery/discovery open calls.
    2. Delivery open call
      1. Thursday, Oct. 6th, 10-11am.
      2. ILLiad/Alma integration
        1. Nathan Mealey (PSU), Jeremy McWilliams (L&C), and Kun Lin (Whitman) have all said they’re willing to participate.
        2. In addition to these systems folks, it might also be nice to have some ILL staff members on the call who can provide live demos of what each of these workflows look like.
        3. Any suggestions about who we should ask?
          1. Keith Palmateer @ PCC
          2. Jen Jacobs @ L&C
        4. Identify other presenters over the next couple weeks.
  4. Alliance Primo Customization JWG
    1. We have finalized the D&D membership for this joint working group.
      1. Holli Kubly (co-chair)
      2. Bill Kelm
      3. Radka Ballada
      4. Barbara Valentine
      5. (Systems Team members: Paul Ojennus - co-chair, Jeremy McWilliams, Dan Moore, Kun Lin)
    2. The first call with the co-chairs (Holli Kubly & Paul Ojennus) will take place on Friday at 1pm.
    3. I talked to Nathan about this more last week. In addition to providing recommendations about usability, the D&D members will also assist in prioritizing which customizations the Alliance pursues, and identify several

representative pilot cases that can be implemented prior to the Nov. release.

  1. Goal to have work completed by WG to coincide with that release.
  1. Working Group Updates
    1. Norm Rules (Lesley)
      1. Timeline for Fall NRWG rollout is set:
        1. PSbox renorm/reindex October 3-5 or 6.
        2. Alliance-wide testing October 10-24.
        3. Go/no-go vote by NRWG, with confirmation by D&D Team October 25.
        4. Changes moved to Production October 26-28.
        5. Production renorm/reindex October 31 - Nov. 2 or 3.
          1. One note: this is projected to happen during the work week - consultation upcoming with Al & stakeholders to ensure this works (more eyes on environment, more ExL availability, less Alliance central staff/member staff impact)
          2. Need to be "out of the way" in time for November release
    1. Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)
      1. Next Primo release: November 13th
    1. Summit (Erin)
  1. Nomination form to go out in the next couple of days

Meeting of Summit Chairs (Erin, Shanel), Ray, Jesse - single form going out, we have a good sense of how many positions to recruit for. We'll also identify specific folks we want to reach out to and encourage! Team members should take some time to look at the form when it comes out and the different charges for the two groups.

  1. PSI update – track-based approach
    1. Our Monday call was very productive. Thanks to everyone who attended.
    2. We have another call scheduled for Wednesday (9/14) at 3:30pm to tidy up the loose ends. Please come if you can.
    3. Did productive work - we're now collating the yes indicators to give Al the list to submit to the tracks process. Also a good way for us to see what is stalled.
  2. Consortial Analytics COE update
    1. We’re in the process of setting up our next call with Yoel.
    2. At our last meeting (6/17), we addressed several critical shortcomings.
      1. Inability to harvest Note information for resource sharing requests.
      2. Missing date parameters impeding our ability to monitor courier turnaround time.
    3. Some of the issues that we will be carrying over to this next meeting include:
      1. Discussing methods for generating call number information for Summit borrowing requests.
        1. Currently: workaround run at consortial level, relatively labor intensive
      2. The development of a fourth report sharing level analogous to Network Zone (Alma / Community / Network Zone / Local institution), supporting the ability for reports, dashboards, and other Analytics resources to be shared by (and only by) Alliance member institutions.
      3. Developing consortial reports that examine configuration trends (i.e. fulfillment units, TOUs, etc.)

Jesse and Andrea working on next steps - where to pick up the agenda on the next call with Yoel. Waiting on Al to find a time with Yoel for the meeting - Jesse has asked for an advance update so time in-call is more efficient and deals with new business.

  1. Usability/Accessibility Testing (Ray)
    1. WSU-V testing workshop - lots of interested folks
    2. How we can support them and what would it look like? Separate List? Interest Group?
    3. Are any D&D Team members interested in participating/coordinating?
      1. ACTION: Email Jesse, Ray, and Holli if you are interested in participating
      2. Usability primarily public-facing interface, but can include both Primo and Alma
    4. Chemeketa (Kathleen Veldhuisen), Reed, UW, and Clark College have all done some local usability testing
    5. Tie-ins with PRIM?

CARRY OVER: Form a subgroup within DDT?

  1. Other Topics
    1. Sandbox refresh – we are waiting to hear back about a UW anonymization case before we move ahead with this refresh.
      1. Ray emailed Matt Baker and Alon B. for an update; can’t schedule sandbox refresh until this occurs
    2. D&D submissions for Oct Alliance Newsletter?
      1. ACTION: email Ray updates (or add to Google Doc??)

2:00-3:00 pm, September 6th, 2016

Participants (please bold as you come in):

Jesse Thomas, Lesley Lowery (out), Stephanie Michel, Lori Hilterbrand, Sarah Stevenson, Andrea Heisel, Holli Kubly, Erin Bledsoe, Natalie Beach (minutes), Ray Henry


  1. Review minutes from last meeting (Jesse).
    1. Primo Customization JWG - once membership is confirmed will set initial meeting time
    2. Summit COE will meet next week
    3. Alma release testing group met last week; reviewed value & uses of premium sandbox. Reviewed testing expectations. Good meeting.
  2. PSI update – track-based approach
    1. We will be meeting next Monday (9/12) @ 12:30 to discuss and prioritize our list of fulfillment cases. This will be an open D&D call. Sarah, Ray and Jesse need to attend, but we would like to get as much feedback from the D&D Team as possible.
    2. Please review the two lists below and come if you can. Cases should all be status = development. Let Ray know if need additional info on specific cases. Fulfillment/Discovery single track.
    3. Al’s charge: "I would like for you to flag the highest priority cases, resolution of which will yield the most positive impacts to Alliance workflows and Shared ILS functionality, and to provide a short supporting statement for each identified issue/case that you've flagged. If ExL has already promised delivery on a case through the COE channel, please note that on the list - it shouldn't be considered in the track." Deadline: Sept 13th, 5pm. Al to meet with PSI group on Sept 21st.
  3. AAR open call
    1. Thursday, Sept. 8th, 2-3pm
    2. We will be reviewing local cleanup procedures; Action: presenters to coordinate via email.
    3. Jesse/Kate/Erin?
  4. Discovery open call
    1. Thursday, Sept. 15th, 10-11am
    2. Stephanie (unfortunately I will be teaching a class and cannot attend), Holli, Andrea, Lesley? Lori can be there (but won’t be very helpful!)
    3. Topics?
      1. Alliance Primo Customization JWG? Action: Check with Nathan to see about getting this off the ground before next week. Perhaps we could provide an update on the call.
      2. Norm Rules - Doris? - may be too technical for this call
      3. Libguides?
      4. Primo Analytics? - refine focus of session. Certainly, baseline info would be helpful; Anne Pepitone & Mary Galvin presented about Primo Analytics at the Summer Meeting. Action:  send email to dd-reps and disc-discussion lists: which institutions
      5. OER - cataloging vs. discoverability
  5. Summit WG recruitment
    1. Ray/Jesse/Erin/Shanel will be meeting next week to finalize the details for Summit WG and Summit COE recruitment.
    2. Once we have the language right, we will be sending out an email on the Announce list. Timelines tbd.
    3. As it stands now, it looks like we’ll need 4-5 new members for the Summit WG, and 2-3 new members for the Summit COE.
  1. Usability/Accessibility Testing (Ray)
    1. WSU-V testing workshop - lots of interested folks
    2. How we can support them and what would it look like? Separate List? Interest Group?
    3. Are any D&D Team members interested in participating/coordinating?
    4. Chemeketa (Kathleen Veldhuisen), Reed, UW, and Clark College have all done some local usability testing
    5. Tie-ins with PRIM?
    6. CARRY OVER: Form a subgroup within DDT?
  2. Working Group Updates
    1. Norm Rules (Lesley)
      1. Discussion of Open-access textbooks showing as “journal” - from discussion on TS-discussion list. NRWG has formulated a plan for dealing with this type of resource that relies on LC genre/form terms in the master record.
      2. NRWG will share its October rollout timeline (including Alliance-wide testing dates) with the D&D Team next week.
    1. Primo Release Testing (Stephanie): Nothing to report.
    1. Summit (Erin)-see above
  • Other Topics?
    1. Sandbox refresh – do we know when this will be happening? - ticket has gone in to Ex Libris; coordination needs to happen
    2. Courier RFP - early stages?