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2:00 PM, June 28th.  2016

Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel (minutes), Jennifer Ward, Dena Hutto, Kelly Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand, Sarah Stevenson, Andrea Heisel, Holli Kubly, Erin Bledsoe, Ray Henry, Natalie Beach


  1. Review actions from last meeting - some items carried forward to this agenda.

  1. Summer Meeting - D&D Reps session

  • Schedule should fill our 2-hour timeslot for this meeting

  • Might need more time for introductions (40 reps)

  • Goal to help reps feel engaged and understand their role

  • Look at bigger picture strategy of where we want to be in 1-2 years?  Beyond day-to-day; what are our longer-term goals for discovery and delivery?

  • Team Direction: Goals/Assessment measures: Ray and Jennifer will address this

  • Ask reps: how to measure success?

  • In an ideal world, what would discovery/delivery look like for our patrons?

  • Reps cover a diverse group of positions and expertise

  • Jennifer will send an email to Jesse, Lori, & Ray to open the conversation and that group will work over email and report back

  1. Renorm/Reindex Window Survey Results Calendar (Lesley)

    1. Current calendar shows cutoffs of:

      1. 0-1 conflicts = go (green)

      2. 2-4 conflicts = as needed (gold)

      3. 5+ conflicts = no-go (red)

    2. Are these cutoffs okay - yes!

    3. Use calendar as a guide for opportunities for a 3-day window for renorm/reindex (not limited to weekends), rather than having a list of set dates

    4. Allows us to alert people in advance about upcoming work, and plan around dates Ex Libris / Alliance staff are not available

  1. AAR Update (Ray)

    1. Libraries are reporting found items - this phase will through Friday, July 22nd (to account for holidays and the Summer Meeting).

  1. Requests for assistance from other consortia (Ray)

  • Other consortia are looking to Alliance for documentation, workflows, answers to questions

  • You are welcome to participate but also be mindful of the time that this may take; sending a link to the Alliance documentation center is a good starting point

  • Ray is willing to be intermediary for these type of requests

  • Relationship with ELUNA Northwest Users Group? - this may be a broader question beyond just discovery & delivery

  1. Whitworth Update (Ray/Jesse)

    1. Whitworth”s “Held By” information is displaying properly in NZ repository searches, and the locate process is adding them to the rota. We had some initial problems with our institutional Sending Borrowing Request Rules, but Megan Drake fixed those earlier this morning.

    2. We still need to check with Whitworth to make sure their borrowing options are working as expected.

    3. Testing/cleanup with a few records that are currently sitting in a queue.

    4. More fine-tuning in the days/weeks to come.

    5. Official announcement is on hold until Whitworth updates their search widget to point to the Alliance.

WG Updates

Summit 3 COE (Jesse)

  • Summit WG nominations - Jesse created a basic form for nominations

    • Jesse plans to send out the form soon with a deadline around the time of the Summer Meeting, along with working group charge

    • Summer Meeting might be an opportunity for recruiting

    • Chair of Working Group recommends folks to the supervising team

    • Working group appointments are up to 3 years (initial year + two options to renew); each year check in with working group members to determine how things are going and if person wishes to continue (Ray will document this)

  • NERS update - final round of voting

    • Some of ExL”s proposed concepts do not meet our needs.

      • Real-Time Requestability

      • Call Numbers for Borrowing Requests in Analytics

      • Bound-withs

      • Configurability of User Roles

    • NERS team meeting is tomorrow 6/29 at 1pm.  Hopefully we”ll have more information on these concepts that fall short of what we were hoping for and whether or not we should use Alliance votes on them.

  • Alma July Release

    • Resolved Issues involving Alliance SF cases - there are many!

    • We/Jesse will follow up with our Summit Resource Sharing contacts (Chen and Moshe) to ask how they envisioned these enhancements would work for the Alliance

    • Alliance voting recommendations may be out by Friday

Norm Rules (Lesley)

  • The group met this morning with Executive Director Dana Bostrom.  We provided Dana with the context of our work, as well as an overview of our responsibilities to the Alliance.  We also walked her through our workflow for norm rule requests/changes.  She was also able to sit in on the:

  • Rollout of 856 changes to production.  This rollout addresses two problems with 856 links in Primo, documented here.  The changes should show up in production by tomorrow morning.  A selection of test records are in this spreadsheet.

Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

  • We will meet with Dana next Wednesday

Additions from D&D Team Members

  • (Lesley)  WG Chair succession planning - carry over until next week.  Several WG chairs on the Team will need to be replaced next Summer (including ME!)  What are our plans for handing off those positions?  I think we should consider taking the next year to mentor new chairs into those positions.  That means identifying incoming chairs this summer and getting them in on the WG meetings, work, etc.

  • (Stephanie) Alliance Summer Meeting: what technology will be available?  (laptop/computer, projector, live internet connection?)

  • Ray will confirm with Elizabeth and will update us.  Instead of bringing personal laptops; bring your presentation in an off-line format (PDF, PowerPoint) in a thumb drive; avoid Google Docs. Live internet connection should be available but don”t count on it.  Can also email to Ray. 4:3 aspect ratio. Don”t count on sound.

  • Ray will start an agenda soon for next week”s meeting.

2:00 PM, June 14th.  2016

Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery (minutes), Stephanie Michel (out), Jennifer Ward (out), Dena Hutto, Kelly Peterson-Fairchild (out), Lori Hilterbrand (Not It), Sarah Stevenson (out), Andrea Heisel, Holli Kubly (out), Erin Bledsoe, Ray Henry


  1. Welcome new team members:

    1. Andrea Heisel, The Evergreen State College

    2. Erin Bledsoe, Central Washington University

    3. Sarah Stevenson, George Fox University

    4. Holli Kubly, University of Oregon

  2. Review actions from last meeting - some items carried forward to this agenda.

  3. Update on standard sandbox move: Still in progress, config has been copied, as well as individual records.  CP_ALMA and local pipe records are in.  DNS address needed before we can see it.  Goal is for work to finish up sometime tomorrow with a hotswap.  Goal: This will allow us to copy configuration and norm rules to/from the small sandbox without involving Ex Libris Support every time we need to do so.  It makes life easier for the NRWG in a big, big way.

  4. Discuss Summer Meeting topics

    1. All sessions on track?

      1. Dena and Stephanie: Have 4 panelists for session on Primo for instruction.  Once confirmed, they”ll all check-in via conference call to get organized.

      2. Get-together to discuss content of Summit/Fulfillment sessions to cut down on overlap between sessions and get all presenters on the same page.

        1. July 1, 9-11am for prep meeting - Ray will send out invitation.

      3. Hackfest: Schedule is fleshed out, coordination group will be contacting potential presenters very soon to ask for participation/support.

    2. Overview for Tuesday - 3 tracks:

      1. Analytics - closed (one attendee per institution - 40 seats) May focus more on resource management than fulfillment/Summit reporting.  Ray will check with Cassie to see what she has planned for subject matter.

      2. Summit/Fulfillment training sessions (about 80 participants)

      3. Primo/Hackfest day (about 80 participants)

    3. D&D Reps meeting agenda

      1. Need this year”s meeting to be focused and clear in conveying expectations, responsibilities for reps.

      2. Reps meeting will be open, so that reps can bring other interested parties at their institutions, etc.  Attendance not mandatory for reps, and content will be shared after Summer Meeting for those who could not attend.

      3. Key rep issues:

        1. What does it mean to be a conduit of information?  Automated email forwarding?  Or does it mean more?

        2. Who is the rep for my institution?  There was lots of confusion about this last year.  The list is also in need of an update!

        3. NERS activity reporting for their institution?  Ray: keep in mind that the reps are not always (or even usually) the ELUNA voter for their institution.

        4. Need to communicate release/update information sent out from the Alliance groups that review the release notes.

        5. Keeping Alliance site information up-to-date for their institution?

      4. Next steps:  Get the bullet list condensed and put together into an agenda format and ordered with times assigned.  Then we can cut down or add items to match the time we have for the reps meeting (up to 2 hours available, with a preference for going shorter rather than ‘padding’ with items that aren”t productive).  Want to get this done soon, so that we can get an agenda out to the reps.  Lori and Jesse will work on this next week.

WG Updates

Summit 3 COE (Jesse)

  • Alma June release hotfix

    • Case #224724 - patron block problem (Handle Automatically) - tested this morning, seems to be working as expected now.

    • Case #224640/224644 - Scan In pop alert problems fixed too.

    • Patron request directly from Manage Patron Services page: Testing shows that ineligible items are still offered for requesting and services that are not available (booking/ digitization) also show up, and the requests are not processed correctly.  It looks like this isn”t working properly after the hotfix. Kate (WWU) and Lori both have cases on this.

  • AAR

    • All the libraries got their local lists in on time. Ray molded these into a single AAR master list which she shared on the fulfill-discuss list yesterday. Now we”ve entered into the “search for everything” phase. This will run through 7/22, then we”ll turn our eye toward invoicing/reimbursing.

  • Summit COE call

    • Still waiting for an update from ExL about the wave of dup lending requests from 6/5. They haven”t provided us with the report we requested, so we”re still not sure what triggered the increased number of timeouts. (There have only been two new dup requests created since then.) We added this to our upcoming PSI list, partly to express concerns about the workaround coming in July (a Band-Aid rather than a fix), and partly to address the lackluster support response we”ve received.

    • We also discussed the article request form. We want to disable it altogether since it serves no purpose for our “returnable-only” Summit workflow. However there are may be consortia that do use it, so we”re trying to find a configuration solution that gives us more local flexibility. Adding a new mapping table might help. ILLiad offers some interesting parallels. ExL”s development team is currently reviewing our proposal to see if it”s feasible.

Norm Rules (Lesley)

  • Survey for renorm/reindex times wraps up tomorrow. (21 participants so far)

    • Need to contact Paul at Whitworth to get survey filled out for them by the end of the week.  Lesley will take care of this.

  • Virtual bookplate rule changes go live in production tomorrow - there will be an announcement sent out to the lists when this is done.

  • Announcement of 856 NR change implementation date will be sent out to the lists on Monday, with implementation scheduled for 6/28.

  • Need to schedule a joint NRWG/NRAG meeting at Summer Meeting.  Is this entirely up to the groups, or has the Alliance scheduled a time/room block when this can happen?

  • Completed review of documentation on NRWG”s old SILS site, moving forward with getting links/documents added to the NRWG”s current site.

2:00 PM, June 7th.  2016

Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas (minutes), E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel (out), Jennifer Ward (out), Dena Hutto (out), Kelly Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand, Michele Burke (PAJWG), Ray Henry


  1. Review actions from last meeting

    1. 6/14 meeting -- Leave open the possibility of meeting; check in by email beforehand and cancel if there is nothing pressing to discuss.

  2. Renorm/reindex survey update (Lesley): 17 institutions so far, survey closes on Wednesday, June 15th.  I”ll send out a reminder via the Reps list Monday.

WG Updates

Summit 3 COE (Jesse)

  • June Release problems

    • In addition to the numerous SF cases we submitted based on our pre-release sandbox testing, we are also experiencing a recurrence of the duplicate lending problem that we saw with the March release. The June strain isn”t quite as bad. Dup requests are being created by the auto-retry mechanism due to some sort of timeout issue, but at least all the dups are going to the same lending library! Ray has escalated this case with ExL and they are currently investigating.

      • On 6/5, almost 10% of outgoing borrowing requests spawned dup requests

      • Asking for additional reports to support troubleshooting

      • New dups being created daily (likely); no good remediation workflow/workaround yet

    • We are beta-testing (still), but many issues are addressed by the hotfix on Sunday

    • Some issues are role-related (options for student workers that don”t have the right roles to accomplish the work)

    • New request from Manage Patron Services also not working as expected, don”t take configuration/roles into account

    • Expected this to be a ‘light’ release compared to July”s RS-heavy release

    • Lesley: there”s a new holdings record validation routine that shelf-checks existing call numbers - past live version was title/call number; new is checking for dup call number across titles, but only works across same location code. Still waiting to see if ExL has this as expected behavior for this function, or if this is a bug.

  • AAR

    • Ray sent out a reminder yesterday. Everyone is supposed to submit their local institutional lists by Friday (6/10), at which point Ray will compile them together into the Alliance”s master list. Then we can begin the searching phase of the process.

      • Jesse”s been spot-checking and trying to get the synchronization errors fixed before the list is finalized

      • Hoping to get list as small as possible before everyone has to search their shelves

  • Summit COE call

    • Our call tomorrow is going to focus on the Article Request Form in Primo. We have asked ExL to disable it entirely, since it doesn”t serve any purpose in our returnable-only workflow. They say it”s hard-coded depending on the genre information contained within the PNX record. We met internally earlier this week to discuss our needs, and ExL has indicated in our SF case that they might also have some possible solutions on their roadmap. We should know more about this soon.

      • Separate Summit WG meeting held to focus on this issue and one other brought by UW

      • Will share ILLiad approach with ExL

Primo Release Testing (Stephanie) - no updates

Norm Rules (Lesley)

  • Virtual bookplates announcement went out earlier today.  Implementation on production is scheduled for June 15th (next Wednesday).

  • Announcement of 856 changes will go out June 20th, with implementation scheduled for June 28th.

    • Visible on front end but no renorm/reindex required

  • NRWG members are working on NR changes related to Alma collection discovery.  The changes are in place on the PSbox, and testing with UPUGS will commence this week.

Additions from D&D Team Members

Lori (OSU) -

  1. Just an FYI that Kate Cabe was amazingly helpful with my questions about the shortened due date changes.  She worked through testing in the sandbox and gave me great feedback.

  2. Our new discovery librarian wants to do some Alma testing. He asked for the credentials to OSU”s local sandbox, but they”re not sure how to accommodate him. Label configurations in Alma that display in Primo.  Lesley will be willing to help him - Thanks!

Any updates about new D&D Team nominations?

  • No updates yet; board meeting wrapped up today; announcements will be forthcoming

Summer Meeting - D&D Reps document

  • Continue editing Google Doc and reconvene for discussion on our team call next week (6/14)