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Meeting Dates:

D&D Team meeting, July 26, 2016 (2pm - 3pm)

Participants (please bold as you come in):

Jesse Thomas (out), Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel (notes), Lori Hilterbrand, Sarah Stevenson, Andrea Heisel, Holli Kubly, Erin Bledsoe, Natalie Beach, Ray Henry


  • Alliance D&D Team members page updated
    • Team members: ACTION: review D&D pages, identify any old content or needs for revision, notify Ray by next week's meeting
  • Check-in: what listservs are you on?

    • Alliance - Team members should subscribe to all lists under the "Discovery & Delivery" category (except "courier")



      • ALMA-L (includes some discussion of Primo issues)


      • Forward relevant messages to Alliance email lists (Al and Ray also forward as they see messages)

  • Discuss open call schedule; topics

    • Open calls occur once per month; separate calls for Discovery and Delivery

    • Team members are expected to attend both calls

    • Open Discovery and Delivery calls will not occur during the same week in the future

    • May consider in the future not having a Team call during the week of an open call

    • Calls will be limited to one hour; calls may also offer very focused training. Keep an eye/ear out for tips that are shared via email lists or cool projects that you know people are working on; bring these ideas to the D&D team meeting for potential fodder for future open calls

    • Discovery - boosting/blending settings in Primo (re: email to Ray from Jennifer Ward)

    • Next Open Calls in August

    • Timing for open calls - Ray will confer with Jesse when he returns about scheduling

      • Action: all team members should add to agenda meeting times that are good / that don't work by the end of this week for open call scheduling

      • Lori: please nothing ending after 4:30pm

      • Stephanie: please not Thursdays from 2-3pm (I have a standing meeting). Otherwise, my schedule is fairly open, but gets wonky during our busy weeks for library instruction

      • Lesley: Tuesdays 9-11am, Wednesdays 11-12, 2-4, Thursdays 11-12 are standing meetings.

      • Sarah, no Mondays or Wednesday AMs. Tuesdays / Thursdays are great for meetings

  • WGs/AG meetings getting scheduled?

    • Norm Rules WG has scheduled meetings; Norm Rules AG scheduling their meetings; PRTWG doesn't hold regular meetings;

    • Determining how Summit WG and Summit COE group will function going forward

    • Urgent need to identify incoming NRWG Chair

  • Scheduling/contributing to weekly Community Update

    • Program Managers usually send a weekly update to their Alliance email lists and fellow PMs; Ray seeks feedback about whether a weekly update is a useful approach, and how team can contribute.

      • Start every other week, and then switch to weekly if we have enough content to make an email worthwhile

    • Ray sends team a draft of the monthly Announce email and seeks our input

  • Changes to structure:

    • Ray is asking Dana to forward request for separate reps for Discovery and Delivery, as discussed at our reps meeting; request may need to go through Board/Council for approval

    • Summit COE/Summit Functional WG split

      • Summit COE = wrapping up COE work with Ex Libris; Jesse will no longer be chair; more information soon

      • Summit Functional = ongoing, daily work; Erin Bledsoe will chair

  • New Primo UI and August release

    • Ray sent link to Ex Libris webinar about Primo August release; Ray also has notes she will share. Mentions discussion about changes to roadmap timeline and changes to functionality.

    • August release = ready for production!?!?

      • After August release, Salesforce cases may be opened about new UI (enter as Priority = normal, indicate if you are using new UI as your primary interface), as well as sending email to Primo-new-ui@exlibrisgroup.com

    • Collaborations with Systems?

      • Nathan approached Ray and Stephanie about a potential collaboration between Systems & D&D about training/documentation related to the new UI

      • Stephanie will be contacting Nathan soon to follow up

      • Please share your suggestions/ideas with Stephanie

  • Debrief summer meeting

    • Reps feedback wordcloud from Jesse - key themes

      • ACTION: review before the next D&D team meeting; watch for feedback to which we may wish to respond directly or share

    • Additions from Team Members

      • Primo August Release to be installed on Premium Sandbox this Sunday, July 31.

        • Proposed timeline:

          • Release testing: Monday, August 1 - Thursday, August 11 (deadline for feedback and go/no go vote)

          • PRTWG makes go/no go recommendation to D&D: Tuesday, August 16

          • August release installed to production (assuming "Go" vote): Sunday, August 21

        • Emails about testing process, timeline, link to custom release notes and feedback form - coming very soon!; will try to be clear that a "go" vote for installing release to production does not mean that the library has to switch to the new UI

        • Topic for Open Call?: Steps to take to move to new UI

        • Summer Meeting evaluation form didn't have boxes to check to indicate if you had attended any of the full day sessions (Analytics, Summit/Fulfillment, Primo)

        • Have received about 100 evaluations so far; will need to manually pull out any feedback about day-long sessions

        • Considering contacting attendees of full-day sessions directly and seeking their feedback

        • ACTION: Lori will draft some questions for feedback and will send to Ray by Friday

        • Sarah noted that a separate survey was sent for Analytics training feedback; ACTION: Sarah will also send possible questions from Analytics survey to Ray

      • Open calls are recorded; if you are away during an open call you can (optionally) listen to recording. Open call agendas also include notes and are a good place to get a quick overview of the highlights!

    D&D Team meeting, July 5, 2016 (2pm - 3pm)

    Participants (please bold as you come in):

    Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel, Jennifer Ward, Dena Hutto, Kelly Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand (minutes), Sarah Stevenson, Andrea Heisel, Holli Kubly, Erin Bledsoe, Ray Henry, Natalie Beach


    1. Review actions from last meeting

    2. Review dd-reps meeting plan (Jennifer, Lori, Jesse, Ray)

      1. Agenda went out

      2. Jennifer’s strategic conversation piece (idea to send the questions out in advance and ask reps to think about them prior to the meeting). Think about what we would like to see happen in a more abstract way to help shape large goals and the larger conversation. Worries about this being such an over-arching discussion that we may not have enough time/bandwidth to support this and the rest of the agenda. It’s an important conversation to have, but may be too much for this single meeting (scope creep?). Document the ideas that are brought to the meeting for further discussion later on?

        1. What should the top 3 goals for discovery and delivery be in the coming year?

        2. Where do you see discovery and delivery a year or two from now?

        3. From the user’s perspective, what do we want to be known for?

        4. What does success look like?

        5. What are we trying to achieve in the areas of discovery and delivery?

    Choose ONE question to send out - maybe #1 or #5 ahead of time instead of all 5. Jesse will send it out (including the informational piece at the beginning of Jennifer’s email). Jennifer will edit it down a bit first.

    1. Other issues to discuss - added some folks to the discussions, make sure that you’re comfortable with where you’ve been added.

    2. Team and WG/AG orientation documentation progress - working on stabilization of roles and responsibilities. Available in “view only” since they’re still rough drafts. Details the make-up of the team, responsibilities of the team, the working groups, and the team members. Will be linked to the team web page when finished so prospective members can see what it’s all about. Summit COE working group maintains the “Center of Excellence” focus, but the functional Summit group will have broader focus ultimately. Open to change in the future?
      Team members were originally required to take on a leadership role in sub groups. Originally WG chairs needed to be DD Team members, but not enough team members (or time in the team members’ schedules) to make this happen. Members have the capacity to report back to the team and we can/should take advantage of that.

    3. Review Summit and Fulfillment Day planning session last Friday (Jesse, Ray) -
      The call was really great - well put together and a good opportunity to get ideas and comments from colleagues. Topics will overlap and lead into each other. Trying to supply contacts so people have support AFTER the meeting.
      Letter configuration could include letter activity (activating/deactivating, unscheduling jobs).

    4. Alma Enhancement WG update (Lori, Ray)

      1. Process? Discussion in WG re: half-fixes? Many things we wanted to vote on but chose not to because solutions were “non-solutions.” Al and Ray will be able to continue talking with ExL about the disappointing, half-baked ideas that didn’t make it. Not voting for things that were priority shouldn’t raise a flag because ExL doesn’t see WHO voted for what (thanks Jennifer).
        Some of ExL’s proposed concepts do not meet our needs.

        1. Real-Time Requestability

        2. Call Numbers for Borrowing Requests in Analytics

        3. Bound-withs (was accepted later after review).

        4. Configurability of User Roles

    5. WG Chair succession planning (Lesley)

      1. Several WG chairs on the Team will need to be replaced next Summer (including ME!) What are our plans for handing off those positions? I think we should consider taking the next year to mentor new chairs into those positions. That means identifying incoming chairs this summer and getting them in on the WG meetings, work, etc.so they have background and experience on day one. Chair and chair elect come in at the same time, or pause until the group assimilates and level of expertise and interest can be gauged.
        Concerns about making sure we have a viable candidate for chair elect - if not what do we do? Continue to look at DD Team members as options, or to canvass for members that we WANT just to get them in for these chair positions? Could it be centralized as part of Alliance system-level responsibility? May not be able to be done in that way. Probably can’t shift the structure much for at least the next year. Must provide continuity for at least this year.
        Please send questions and ideas to Ray for inclusion at the meeting about system-wide and central staff organization.

    6. Report out to board and council

      • Jesse, Kelly and Ray will work together to fill Dana's presentation template. Inclusions? Please contact by the DD Team listserv ahead of the presentation. Team and working group schedule has to be done across the alliance, so week after summer meeting Elizabeth will make contact to figure our future meeting schedule.

    7. Timeframe to set up new team/AG/WG meeting schedule - probably the week of the 25th (a hiatus for all meetings the week of the 18th). Team and working group schedule has to be done across the alliance, so week after summer meeting Elizabeth will make contact to figure our future meeting schedule. If you need a GTM, contact Ray or Elizabeth in emergency.

    8. Remaining end-of-the-year issues? Summer Meeting questions?