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2:00 PM, January 26th, 2016

Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery (minutes), Stephanie Michel, Jennifer Ward,  Dena Hutto,  Kelly Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand, Ray Henry


  1. Review actions from last meeting:  All are done.

  1. Resource Sharing Call (Jesse)

    1. John, Al and Cassie have been meeting with some high-level representatives from the Wisconsin, Georgia, and California library consortia. Wisconsin is currently live on Alma; Georgia and California are scheduled to go live later this year.

  1. Wisconsin had identified resource sharing as one of their major pain points, so John asked me and Heidi Nance if we could prepare some slides for their call on Monday and share how our experience has gone..

  1. Wisconsin echoed many of our concerns, and the other consortia reps also expressed interest in working with us to identify common points of both interest and frustration. I think the hope is by expanding our focus to include other consortia, it will give us more leverage with Ex Libris to effect the changes we want to see.

  2. Additional opportunities for collaboration with other consortia?  Yes.  This (Resource sharing) is just the first major issue to come up.  There will likely be other opportunities / issues for us to form cross-consortial groups around.  Possibly enhancement requests?  Identify requests that address “core” functionality for consortial customers.

  3. For all of these issues, there will need to be discussion to consider balancing conflicting needs (e.g., public vs. academic) and make sure everyone’s talking about the same thing.  There are also frequently conflicting needs from different institutions, and Ex Libris has already expressed that they have significant difficulties in reconciling these.  Collaborative efforts like this might be a way in which we can better support Ex Libris in developing enhancements.

  1. WG updates

    1. Norm Rules (Lesley)

      1. Feedback is in on proposal for joint coordination group between NRWG/TSWG.  Revised joint proposal will be ready by the end of this week, and will be sent to NRWG/TSWG members for final review.

      2. Work continues on next batch of NR changes.  There are a lot of changes coming - nearly half of the NRWG punchlist is being addressed in this cycle.

      3. Revised testing cycle (See Stephanie’s PRTWG report below.) and request to implement NR changes in renorm/reindex prior to installation of February release.

        1. Several of the changes in progress cannot be tested on the small sandbox due to the limited number of records there.  We’d like to put the changes on the premium sandbox to do some more “build testing” before we open Alliance-wide NR testing.

        2. The high-impact changes have to be turned on by PBO Admins, so there should be minimal (if any) conflict between NR changes and the February release testing.

        3. We want to schedule this so that the renorm/reindex wraps up before the install on the 7th - so we’ll plan on the 3rd-5th.

      4. QUESTION (from Jesse): Can you talk a little bit about the email that Doris sent earlier this morning re: New Books facets in Primo?

        1. A request came in to the NRWG for a “New Books” facet in Primo.  In order to determine whether this is something we can deliver, the NRWG is requesting feedback from institutions on some basic questions:

          1. How would you define a “new” item for inclusion in such a facet?

          2. Are there any materials that you would exclude from such a facet?

          3. Do you have any suggestions about how to identify such items (MARC coding, locations, etc.)?

        2. There’s no time limit on this - at this point, we’re just trying to determine whether it’s even feasible for a consortial-level build.  (We suspect not, but if there’s agreement in a majority of institutions, it might be.)

        3. The big problem is that to establish a facet, the rules have to work the same way across all institutions, and all records within each institution.  So, for example, if we build the rule to use the record accession date from Alma (if the NRs can even get to this date!), all institutions would have to agree that this is the date they want to use in identifying new materials.  We’d also need agreement on the rollover range - how soon do items age themselves out of the facet?

        4. Already have “sort by newest” (which works off of the dates in the bibliographic fixed field) and the date facet - improvements to which aren’t part of the Primo work plan - We’ll all need to use the date slider. (Per SF#179014: from the case: "The publication date facets have been disabled in the OTB, and we don't recommend customers adding them back to Primo. It has been decided that a solution for this will not be part of the current Primo work plan.  Instead Primo OTB provides the Date Slider and the Creation Date Search Box, which bring more precision results. If you find any issue when using the Date Slider and the Creation Date Search Box, please open a new case and we will investigate and troubleshoot. " )

  1. Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

    1. Primo Release notes (draft) have been released; final version available January 28. Primo February Release webinars scheduled for Wed. Jan 27.

    2. Primo February Release will be installed February 7 (Al Cornish heard from Matt Baker at Ex Libris that this is when the release will be available to us)

    3. Lesley and I tentatively coordinated the following schedule for sandbox use:

Sandbox use for Primo Release testing and Norm Rules testing:

FEB 3-5:  Premium sandbox renorm/reindex to implement NR changes

FEB 7: install of Primo February release

FEB 8-16: Primo release testing

FEB 16-18: Premium sandbox renorm/reindex to implement NR fixes

FEB 18-29: NR testing

FEB 26-28: Primo Feb release installed on production (barring major issues)

MAR 4-6: NR rollout on production

  1. I have contacted the working group to share our tentative timeline and to get our work started.

  2. This release is potentially “light” in terms of testable items.  Most interest will probably be centered on the Primo 5 interface.  Some items of note are Collection discovery, and Primo analytics improvements.

  1. Summit 3 COE (Jesse)

    1. Local configuration changes have been contributing to Summit problems at WSU, EOU, and WHIT over the past week..

      1. WSU - made a change to their Send Borrowing Request Rules; this resulted in all their borrowing requests getting hung up in their Ready to Be Sent queue

      2. EOU - changed the password for their Z39.50 setup; they didn’t realize that there was also a Z39.50 component to the partners config we use for resource sharing; this resulted in them receiving more than 100 random lending requests for items they didn’t own

      3. WHIT - all of their borrowing requests suddenly started getting routed into Locate Failed late last week; ExL is still investigating; it sounds like this may be related to the EOU problem; Julie assures me they’re sending out good requests today, so I think the problem has been fixed, but I’m still trying to get more information from Ex Libris; it doesn’t make sense that a Z39.50 config change at EOU would suddenly disable WHIT’s borrowing workflow.

      4. I’ll also be addressing this on our delivery open call later this week. Libraries need to be able to assess the severity of these problems when they arise. If all your borrowing/lending requests are failing, you should start by sending an email to the fulfill-discussion list to see if other libraries are experiencing the same problem; then follow up with a high priority SF case. It sounds like people might need a refresher.

      5. Is there any local reporting that could catch these?  Yes - the lending and borrowing queue statuses (and the counts next to each status) should alert users to any problems.  People just tend to get “tunnel vision”, or don’t click on the “more” link to see all the statuses.  Maybe a reminder is needed - keep an eye on all status counts in the queues.

    2. GES/Display Logic Rules open call

      1. Our open call last week went well; I have the documentation written up but I still need to get the recording from Cassie; I imagine we’ll probably want to post both of those on the D&D website.  

        1. Ray will get these posted once she has website editing credentials.

      2. I’m thinking we should probably go back and post some of the other documentation we’ve shared on our open calls to the D&D website too. This will make them more accessible to everyone. I’ll work with someone at the Alliance  (Elizabeth? Ray?) to get these links set up.

        1. Ray is meeting with Cassie this week to iron out support for centralized documentation storage.  She’ll update us all on progress and new procedures.

    3. PSU lending problems

      1. Turner contacted me last week to ask about a Summit processing problem; they have several vacant student positions and this is making it harder for them to keep up with their lending requests.

        1. This is a good example of rota issues; libraries lower down have capacity to step in and handle situations like this, but if PSU cancels requests, they don’t necessarily go to an institution that has extra capacity.

      2. On a related note, the Summit Working Group has started reviewing the borrowing and lending stats in the hope of updating the rota in the near future. I had Al run some consortial analytics reports for me. I have forwarded those to the SWG and we’ll be reviewing those on our call tomorrow.

        1. Hopefully, reinstating the regular review / adjustment of the rota now that Summit 3 is stable will help with these pain points.

Additions from D&D Team Members? (Tabled for next week’s call - lead-off items)

  • (Jennifer) plans for Primo 5: will anyone/group be coordinating help? where can PBO admins/UI designers/etc ask questions and get them answered? Or is everyone on their own? There will probably be too much chatter to make those conversations appropriate for the existing community lists. Also: groups need to be cross-functional, which is NOT how we’re currently organized. Should get fulfillment/DD/systems peeps involved.

    • need to coordinate w/ systems group since they’re likely looking at some parts of it

    • FYI (from today’s meeting w/ the ELUNA group): in Primo 5 there will be a way to down/upload all CSS/image files in PBO rather than doing it singly via the UI. Installation-level bulk downloads are not currently available, but I think I successfully made the case so it will be on the roadmap.

  • (Lesley) If the next production renorm/reindex (March 4-6) is around 72 hours, we should re-survey for Alliance-wide renorm/reindex windows.  The last survey (done in June 2015) asked for 4-day windows, and we could now ask for 3-day windows instead.  This improvement should result in more renorm/reindex opportunities.

  • (Lesley)  I’m working on documentation of the process for synchronizing configuration between Primo environments.  It’s been held up for a few weeks waiting for a response from Ex Libris on a SalesForce case.  Now that I have their information, I can move forward with testing (until I hit the next snag).  I hope to have that document ready for review and broader testing in a few more weeks.

2:00 PM, January 19th, 2016

Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter(minutes), Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel, Jennifer Ward,  Dena Hutto,  Kelly Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand


  1. Review actions from last meeting:

  • Jodi and Michele invited to attend the Primo UI meeting Jan. 27

  1. Accomplishments and Goals- update (Kelly)

Spreadsheet due February 5th.  Assessment team guidance in Google drive

  • Please look at your areas and consider what needs to move on for next year.

  1. WG updates

    1. Norm Rules (Lesley)

      1. NRWG members discussed the new methodology proposal today.  Feedback will continue through the end of this week.  Next steps: Bob and Lesley will meet to incorporate NRWG / TSWG feedback into a joint proposal.

        1. Need some representation from someone with public services experience.  Not necessarily PBO or deep systems familiarity, but can represent the perspective of a user.  Neither NRWG or TSWG feels comfortable “tapping” someone for this. Will need to go through P&C first.

      2. Research and writing of new norm rules changes is underway for the planned February 26-28 rollout.  Will go into Sandbox probably around February 8.

        1. NRWG will review any NR changes introduced by the February release for inclusion in this rollout cycle.  

  1. Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

    1. Al has consulted with Matt Baker and opened a Salesforce ticket (00196877) for January release to be installed on premium and standard sandboxes January 31.

    2. According to Primo-L, draft release notes available January 21; official release notes available January 28.  Webinar available--anyone can attend.  Stephanie will forward information to the team once it’s available.  Information might be on the Knowledge Center too.  The webinar might be useful for Ray in particular.  In general for new people coming on board at Alliance institutions it’s often hard to know where to go for information.  We could use more standardized training documentation.

     c. Summit 3 COE (Jesse)

  1. We discussed rota revisions on our SWG call earlier this morning. Julie Carter (WHIT) and Erin Bledsoe (CWU) have volunteered to help with this. We’ll use Anya’s previous drafts as a model. Based on that, we’ll develop a new draft rota which we’ll share internally with the D&D Team before posting it to the fulfillment list for wider review. Our next SWG call will be in two weeks. We’ll see where things stand at that point.

  2. We also talked about the D&D charge as it relates to Summit/delivery. I mentioned the possibility of the SWG assuming some of the responsibilities that had previously fallen to SPOT. They were receptive to certain ideas (i.e. conducting one-on-one interviews with Summit processors to identify frustrations and training opportunities) but not others (i.e. writing up/reviewing documentation, creating training videos, etc.). I think there is still some confusion about the structure of the D&D Team, and whether it is capable of addressing our needs in its current incarnation. Perhaps this is something that Kelly, Ray and I can discuss more offline.

  1. Anya used to have scripts used for SPOT interviews with Summit processors.

  2. We’ll add this as a goal for the D&D team.

  3. Concerns about burnout on the Summit 3 COE team.  We need to have a clear sense of the team’s charge/mission.

  1. Our GES/display logic rules webinar is this Friday. Cassie says we have 52 people registered so far!  Hopefully there will be no problems with GoTo Webinar.

  2. I received an email from Al on Friday indicating that John has reached out to some other consortia (including the University of Wisconsin system, the University of Georgia system, and the California State University system) expressly for the purpose of discussing resource sharing. John and Al are hoping that by expanding this conversation to include other consortia will give us more leverage with Ex Libris. That’s all I know about it at this point. Will forward email.

  1. Perhaps something could be done at ELUNA.  Kelly, Jennifer, Lesley, and Stephanie are going from our group; Abby from Reed.  Ray might be going as well.  Jesse will communicate with Ray about coordinating something at ELUNA on this issue.

  1. Lori and I reviewed the first wave of C&RSWG support incidents last week. We are going to ask for updates from ExL on some; follow up with individual libraries for others; and forward some to the PSI list.  We need to show that these issues aren’t forgotten (by us at least).  

  1. Additions from D&D Team Members?

    1. Monthly Release Notes--we’ll take this up when Ray is back (we like the way Ray organized the notes).

    2. PTWG update (Lesley)

      1. Documentation of Toolkit items is well underway.  Group members are reviewing/finalizing documentation of specific customizations and discussing how/where the Toolkit will be hosted.  Tentative Toolkit go-live in February.

      2. Discovery Open Call January 25th. Focus?  We could postpone the call a week (or two) until after we have our call with Miri about Primo 5.  We’ll also have more information about the February release available.  We should prepare some talking points on the new interface for that call.  Stephanie will talk about the release in the first half hour, but then will have to leave.  Bill and Rose from her team could be available after.  We’ll plan on holding the open call on February 8.  Elizabeth will send out updates, assuming we can get a GoToMeeting slot.

      3. User roles expire based on User Registration TOU!  Who knew. (Lori)  Affects internal accounts the most.  UP has run into the same problem.  

1. Will discuss at next Delivery open call.  

2:00 PM, January 12th, 2016

Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas (minutes), E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel, Jennifer Ward,  Dena


  1. Review actions from last meeting:

  2. Accomplishments and Goals- update (Kelly)

Due February 5th.

  • Working with other teams complicates the reporting structure.

  • Best practices are being documented/recorded in open calls

  • Lori: Convert Kelly’s document into a spreadsheet?: 1) Tasks, 2) Subtasks, 3) Who is involved? 4) Links to related documentation, 5) Next steps?

  • Lori will create a basic spreadsheet that everyone can edit. Ray will also help finesse it into a more polished document that the board can understand.

  • We need to make a distinction between ongoing daily tasks vs. long-term strategic goals.

  • Summit tasks - Are these the responsibility of the Summit COE working group or should they be taken on by the D&D Team as a whole? Do we have the necessary representation on our team to manage these problems? This might be a good opportunity for us to review our team structure and report back to the board.

  • Dena: This really goes all the way back to the initial decision to combine discovery and delivery to this team.  It's pretty huge.  Are we achieving any advantages (communication) by combining the two??  We should have a separate dedicated conversation about this.

  • We need a communication plan to figure out how information is organized on our website. We need to talk to collaborative workforce to figure out where this documentation will be archived.

  1. Primo UI Call - January 27th(Kelly)

10:30 am Lync Meeting

  • Should we invite someone from the Primo Joint Assessment Working Force? Ask Jodi and Michelle.- Kelly sent email invite 1/15/16

  1. WG updates

    1. Norm Rules (Lesley)

      1. New methodology proposed for NRWG rule changes: “section” focus and partnership with TSWG.

        1. Meeting with Bob Thomas last week - more details have been fleshed out and both groups will review the new draft proposal at their January 19th meetings.  A joint proposal will then be crafted for submission to DDT and PCT.

      2. Primo NR testing conflict with Primo February release testing

        1. Feb. Release due February 6th on sandbox?

        2. NR testing scheduled for Feb 8-22 (two week window due to number of changes anticipated)

        3. Next NR rollout window is 2/27 - 2/28; need go/no-go recommendation by 2/23, so testing needs to wrap by 2/22

        4. February release goes live on sandbox on 1/31 (SM will check with Al to verify actual install date); split testing windows for Primo and NR testing; Lesley and Stephanie will hash out exact dates for this.

  1. Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

    1. Our next round of work will begin when we receive the release notes for the Primo February release.

     c. Summit 3 COE (Jesse)

  1. Rota revisions

    • We will be discussing this at our next SWG call. We’ll need to review Anya’s documentation from previous go-rounds and identify the best method for targeting this information in Alma analytics. I should have more information about this next week.

  2. January Release - Locate Faileds

    • We’re seeing a new Summit problem with the January release. Certain requests are turning up in the lender’s locate failed queue that shouldn’t be. I submitted a high priority case yesterday (#196298). Ex Libris’s response: “Thank you for reporting this problem to us. I have reported this urgently to Development. I will update you as soon as I hear from them regarding a fix.”

    • There is also a new problem with how we resolve these locate failed errors. Previously we could just click on Search to resolve the failure, but this interface looks different now too. I shared a workaround on the fulfill-disc list yesterday and also referenced this problem in my case.

    • Jesse: resend email to delivery list

  3. C&RSWG support incidents

    • Lori and I will be meeting tomorrow to review this spreadsheet. These Alliance-level cases were previously assigned to Chelle and then got switched to Anya. Should they now be reassigned to Ray? We do not currently have the privileges to update these cases and/or see the attachments.

  4. GES/Display Logic Rules open call - next Friday (1/22) at 10am

    • Chelle, Cassie, Michelle, and I met last week to discuss this open call.

    • I’ve cobbled together some documentation based on the summer meeting session. We are currently in the process of reviewing/updating it.


  1. Additions from D&D Team Members?

    1. Update about Summer meeting? (Jesse)

      1. I emailed Jane Scott for an update earlier this morning because I’ve received some questions about the Summit component. It sounds like her team is putting the finishing touches on their survey and will be sending it out to the entire Alliance sometime in the near future.

    2. Monthly Release Notes - how is the D&D Team going to manage these moving forward? Primo and Alma.

2:00 PM, January 5th, 2016

Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel (absent), Jennifer Ward,  Dena Hutto,  Kelly Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand, Ray Henry (minutes),


  1. Review actions from last meeting:

  2. Accomplishments and Goals- update (Kelly)

Very rough draft started. Due February 5th. In Google docs. Kelly: please feel free to make any edits or clarifications to this document. Chairs, please review and clarify ahead of discussion with P&C

  1. Primo UX Call - January 18th?(Kelly)

Ray and Kelly working to find a time for this call with Miri Botzer at ExL and will keep you updated

  1. Renorm/Re-indexing

Any issues reported? Nothing at OSU yet, same for WWU - one question from Sara B. at UO re: norm rules. In 72-hour window, as we had for last time. Still not close to 48-hour desired.

  1. Collecting Primo UX Examples (Jennifer)


Through my work on the ELUNA Primo PWG, I’m on calls w/ Primo 5 beta testers and ExL. As they get closer to releasing Primo 5, ExL is looking for usability testing scenarios/scripts that they can use and/or share with customers to get feedback from users

Jennifer: PWG looking for tasks with Primo 5 - hoping that someone could create a webform to collect that info, including type of researcher and task researcher is doing to add to these scenarios.

Could one task be submitted per institution? Jennifer: May need more than that work, and want concrete things that have already been used in usability testing.

Dena will look to recruit someone to work on this, Kelly also has someone to assist

  1. WG updates

    1. Norm Rules (Lesley)

      1. Annual goals discussion - proposed change to specifically incorporate changes introduced in quarterly releases:

        1. Normalization Rules gathering and prioritization of issues; understanding, implementing, and documenting normalization rule changes; communication with institutional staff about changes; review and selective testing / implementation of normalization rule changes made quarterly by Ex Libris.

      2. New methodology proposed for NRWG rule changes: “section” focus. A proposal for this change has been reviewed by the NRWG, and is ready for D&DT review.

        1. NRWG would focus on a “section” (MARC and/or PNX-based) of rules during a 2-3 month period.

        2. NRWG would partner with TSWG to hold interest meetings and gather feedback to form a picture of Alliance needs/wants for fields in this section.

        3. NRWG would review existing rules and identify opportunities for cleanup/streamlining in the section.

        4. The current build/test/implementation cycle would remain the same, but since changes would be related, testing would be more focused.

        5. High-priority requests and release-introduced changes would be incorporated into each cycle, even if they are outside of the defined section.

(New methodology targeted for Spring, take up at January 5 team meeting)

  1. Punchlist review is complete!  NRWG will discuss and prioritize new requests as they come in.

  2. No problems reported with NR changes made in December renorm/reindex.

  3. Work is underway on the next batch of changes - tentatively scheduled testing period for the Alliance will be February 8-22 on the Premium sandbox (2 week testing window) - need to work around Primo February release!

Question from Kelly: Will this be a formalized liaison relationship that’s proposed to P&C? Lesley: Could be, could be a joint call/meeting, planning meeting at the beginning of each quarter. Haven’t discussed the specifics of proposal with Bob Thomas yet. Kelly: The next P&C may not be until March. Lesley will talk with Bob to get his take on this, if the group agrees? Group agrees. Kelly: may need input from Content Creation and Dissemination for special collections/archives. Lesley: Agreed.

Jennifer: note that the February release is also the Primo 5 projected release.

Ray: Any more info about how that will work, especially Alliance-centric?

Jennifer: new URL for Primo 5 UI, separate from current sandbox install URL

     b. Primo Release Testing (Stephanie absent)

     c. Summit 3 COE (Jesse)

i.  After reviewing the collateral damage from the December release, it looks like the

hotfix that went in on 12/13 resolved our most pressing problems (i.e. inability to

receive/return certain cancelled requests). The other problems we reported are only

viewable in the audit trails and don’t impact normal daily processing.

ii.  There are two big changes going in with the January release that will impact everyone:   

   1) disabling the reject functionality on the borrowing side and 2) improvements to how

   cancelled move requests are managed. The former will require a configuration

                             change at the NZ level. I’ve already reached out to Al to ask for help with this, and I

                             I will also communicate it out on our upcoming open call. The latter fix will mainly

   benefit libraries, like UW, that have lots of branch libraries. Sandbox testing is still


iii. Rota problem over the holiday break

   Libraries reported a new error message in Primo last week. I think it can be traced

   back to how the locate job runs when we pull libraries out of the rota for extended

   closures. I forwarded all the emails to Moshe for review. He confirms that something

   isn’t working properly and will continue to investigate.

iv. Rota revisions

   We need to conduct a rota review at some point in the near future. The SWG is

   primarily tasked with ongoing Summit development, but we are probably in the

   best position to undertake this until Ray becomes acclimated to her new PM role.

   Does that sound agreeable to everyone? If so, we’ll start reviewing this on our

   next call.

Ray: Agreed!

v. Sandbox testing

   It looks like some changes were made to the premium sandboxes recently in an   

   attempt to make them more consistent with our live environment. This is causing some testing problems. Requests submitted in WWU’s sandbox are generating real requests in our live environment. Does anyone know more about this? The Alliance test credentials no longer work either.

Lesley: On the Sandbox Testing WG - Alma data refresh needed and was implemented by ExL in December - takes the live config and puts it on the Alma sandboxes. Externally created user accounts are wiped out. Suspect there’s a resource sharing config target that’s using production. Checked in with Al, and he has info for resetting rota for 6 testing institutions, but will contact Jesse & Kate Cabe.

Jesse: Concern is that the deletion of partners in rota could cause a recurrence of the “error message” problem experienced during the holiday break.

Lesley: Might need a new user credential for testing with more constrained roles.

  1. Additions from D&D Team Members?

Update re: last item - New (WU-only) test credentials related to the sandbox refresh came out in an email from Al to team leaders. Lesley is forwarding it back out to the team. Lesley will check in with Al re: additional credentials for the WWU side.

Lori: Any concern over the patron ‘opt-out’ for notices?

Ray: Significant concern at WSU - plan is for the next release?

Lesley: probably at network level, if opt-out is possible

Jesse: Delivery open call on Thursday - does Discovery want to add anything to it?

Kelly: Let folks know that there will be a call with Miri for DD-team, mention renorm/reindex, dedup issue