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2:00 PM, February 23rd,  2016

Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel, Jennifer Ward,  Dena Hutto, Kelly Peterson-Fairchild(minutes), Lori Hilterbrand, Ray Henry


  1. Review actions from last meeting

  • jw: where are we with primo5 feedback loops? Announce newsletter for email (Alliance - messaging due by 3/2).

  • Will follow up on goals in a future meeting.

  1. Renorm/Reindex Update and Action Item:  Proposed schedule:

  • Primo February Release to Production - March 6

  • Premium sandbox renorm/reindex 2/25-28 - catches norm rules updates missed last time

  • Norm rules testing 2/29 - 3/14 (two-week window)

  • Go/no-go vote for production made on 3/15

  • Norm rules goes to production (renorm/reindex) - 3/18-20

If the team agrees to this revised schedule, Kelly will send notices out to various listservs today asking for feedback on major adverse impacts. This would be needed by Friday to Ray and I.

  1. February Open Delivery Call scheduled for this Thursday, 2/25 at 11am has been rescheduled.

The new call time is 11am - 12:30pm on Friday, March 4th, and an updated invitation and agenda will be sent out soon.

NOTE (from jw): The call is currently labeled as “DD Team” meeting. Can that be changed to reflect reality?

  1. WG updates

  • Reports should focused on highlights and questions, since most details are well-documented on the agenda.

  1. Norm Rules (Lesley)

    1. Proposal of change to NRWG methodology and draft charge are ready for D&DT review; submission to P&CT. Action item: Finalize and approve at this meeting for March Policy and Coordination meeting. Approved.

    2. Ray met with the NRWG to discuss the recent sandbox problems, and to ask members to send her any ideas they may have about better ways to accomplish testing and rollout with the sandboxes.

    3. The group reviewed the Local Fields Review Group’s final report.  Several recommendations will require further discussion at the Alliance level before the NRWG can act on them. Policy level at P&CT or back to TS.

  2. Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

    1. Primo Release testing deadline is Wednesday, February 24 at 5pm

    2. WG will have go/no go recommendation to D&D team during next week’s meeting (March 1)

    3. Installation of February Release to production: March 5-7

    4. So far 7 “go” votes and 0 “no go” votes.  I sent a release testing reminder this morning.

    5. For discussion: Launching primo5@orbiscascade.org:

      1. Process & timeline?

      2. Brief description for Alliance Email Lists web page?

      3. Listen to all feedback to help align resources and tasks to help institutions to implement the new interface. Know what ideas are out there. Send feedback to ex libris at: Primo-new-ui@exlibrisgroup.com  cc to alliance primo5@orbiscascade.org. Kelly will email Wade to let him know how we will be using this email. Email would be suspended after full implementation and adoption TBD. Project based. Eventually would be taken over salesforce and existing communication channels.

  3. Summit 3 COE (Jesse)

    1. Rota changes - team go/no go? Next step: send to D&D reps/fulfill-discussion/Summit Circ contacts for wider review. Barring any serious objections, we would like to implement this change in early/mid-March.

    2. We had a productive conversation with Ex Libris on our last COE call. We asked them to give us more information about what they’re working on outside of the stuff they’re developing for the Alliance. Moshe put together some slides and gave us a brief presentation. We have lots of follow-up questions about these enhancements, but it’s a good first step toward re-establishing a productive development relationship.

    3. We’ve also started work on a survey of Summit processors so that we can get a better sense for how they are doing.

Additions from D&D Team Members

  • Question from Ray - Has anyone heard back about sessions scheduled for the Summer Meeting? And related: did Discovery also submit sessions?

  • Question from Stephanie: Agenda for Open Discovery call next Monday, February 29?  Or consider rescheduling/cancelling?Could talk about Norm Rules testing. Primo 5 sandbox testing?Open forum for questions.

  • Question from Ray - Information dissemination about Primo training info from ExL (Yisrael Kuchar’s email to PRIMO-DISCUSS-L from 2/21)

Reps responsibilities (see Alliance web page)  and how to update. When team chairs change send out a note “do you need to change?”

2:00 PM, Feb.9th.  2016

Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel, Jennifer Ward (absent),  Dena Hutto (minutes),  Kelly Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand, Ray Henry


  1. Review actions from last meeting:  

We are working on goals.  Primo 5 is an action item. Primo Feb. release is done.

  1. Summary Document Team Accomplishments/Goals -Submitted Feb. 5th

Presenting at board meeting this week. Will create a higher-level summary document, but detailed spreadsheet will be available.  Has been vetted through working group chairs.  Note: our goals may change after the meeting -- report next week.  Ultimately goes to council in March.  All: nice work on this document!  Kelly and Ray will be able to provide more detail in the presentation, so please send them a note with feedback.  Board agenda is at the board meeting page of the web site:


  1. WG updates

  • Reports should focused on highlights and questions, since most details are well-documented on the agenda.

  1. Norm Rules (Lesley)

    1. Proposal of change to NRWG methodology and draft charge are ready for D&DT review; submission to P&CT.

Is this ready for the March agenda?  LL: still working on the draft charge. But essentially, we would like for this group to inform work of the technical group.  Next DDT meeting is not until 2/23.  If team members can read and comment on the document and/or via email, perhaps we could finalize, clarify, approve on the 23rd.  Okay, we will Get It Done!

  1. NRWG will be conducting testing and adjustment of NRs on PSbox this week, followed by a renorm/reindex of PSbox February 16-18.  Open NR testing will be held 2/19 - 2/29.

Jesse: talk about this more later in the agenda.  Primo or Alma or both?  LL: just Primo. SM: when will hot swapping be finished?  LL: safe bet (guess?) would be by tomorrow morning.  Things are kind of messed up as reported by Lane CC.  They have a case open on several issues.  Multiple institutions are having issues. Many people haven’t delved into testing yet. Ray will send updates to DDT.

  1. Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

    1. Primo February release was installed on the premium sandbox on Sunday, February 7.

    2. Release testing is underway; deadline for feedback and go/no go vote is Tuesday, February 16 at 5pm

    3. Setting date for installation of Primo February Release on production (Feb 26-28, or March 4-6 (norm rules installed to production)).

Follow-up from last week. Any more information about setting date? RH: split two processes. Hoping we can hit these dates. Will confirm with Ex Libris once current issues have settled out.  RH will communicate those dates to Al. LH: are problems result of processes not having finished? RH: thinks they are caused by stopping/restarting the process.

  1. Continue discussion from last week about process of gathering Primo 5 feedback? Create a dedicated email list? Pros/cons of gathering Alliance feedback vs sharing feedback directly with Ex Libris?

RH: Systems and DDT should be able to create an opt-in dedicated email list as a way of managing feedback.  Like the idea of having both teams on the list.  SM: opportunity for communities to have conversations about issues, feedback.  RH will subscribe everyone on DDT; please contact RH if you would like to opt out of the list.

  1. Summit 3 COE (Jesse)

    1. Summit COE initiative report - “one year later”

John would like to get a sense of where stands right now.  Document includes long-term goals that we would need in order to consider COE a success. Ray and John will summarize this and present to the board. ExL has scaled back and is trouble-shooting; consequently, not making much progress on long-term goals.  Hoping to use this report to reinvigorate the process. If anyone wants more information on any of these issues, let Jesse know.  

  1. Rota changes - the Summit COE WG will be reviewing the proposed changes tomorrow. Assuming everything looks good, I will forward a draft rota to the D&D Team later this week and hopefully we can send it out to the dd listservs next week for wider review. Ideally we would like to put this new rota into effect by early March.

Call set up for tomorrow.  Have a draft in place that they will review.  Will forward a draft rota. Jesse will also provide some context in addition to changes recommended.  Process after that: share with reps, share Alliance-wide.  Once the feedback process is completed they’ll implement changes.  Libraries don’t make too big of a jump so that workflows are not disrupted.

  1. NERS update - Fulfillment - Kate Cabe and I reviewed all the fulfillment cases that were submitted on the 2015 list. We eliminated the ones that had already been fixed and encouraged Ray to forward the remaining cases for resubmission on the 2016 list.

Jesse: how does it move forward from this team? There are so many cases.  Al managed the process last year. LH: OSU started an in-house major wish list. Is that something that we’d like for all the institutions to be doing?  Sounds like a pretty interesting idea.  OSU created the list through Google Docs.  Possible summer meeting topic? Will check with Jane Scott -- deadline for topics is 2/10! But lacking that consortial level process:  Kate and Jesse vetted the list yesterday. Ray also got feedback from Lori H.

  1. COE Analytics update - We met with Yoel this morning to discuss how their patron anonymization work is progressing in the NZ environment. This only impacts consortial level reporting, not reports run at the institutional level. Early results look good. The one exception is the shipping note from our lending requests which we use to generate our paging slips. Yoel is going to meet directly with Moshe and see if there is some other way to solve this problem.

  2. February delivery open call - carry on, cancel, or reschedule?  

Jesse is out of town … develop an agenda that others can present, or reschedule for March? Will work with Ray and Lori on this.

  1. UW login error in Primo for Summit/local cancellations seems to have been fixed. Our cases were never updated, so we don’t know what changed, but we’ve confirmed that it’s no longer a problem at UID or UP. Is anyone else still seeing this?

LL has one faculty patron who still gets the erroneous UW login. So let’s not start celebrating too soon …...

  1. Sandbox update (specifically as it impacts Summit testing) - We spent approximately three hours on the phone with Chen last Thursday trying to get our NZ sandboxes reconnected so that we could perform some last minute Summit testing. This was an Alliance problem, not just limited to WWU. We were finally able to get both WU and WWU working again, but I’m concerned that we’re going to continue seeing this problem every time WWU refreshes their sandbox. What is the plan for moving forward with this?

(Question: Lesley, how does this tie into the “Primo Config

Synchronization” instructions you sent out on 2/3?)

Answer - It doesn’t - it’s a totally different process.  To connect the PSbox to the Alma sbox, you just change 3 values on the Institution config page in the PBO.  Config Sync is for an institution that wants their entire configuration to match between two Primo environments.

Additions from D&D Team Members

  • Update on Premium Sandbox - Ray Henry

    • LANECC, WALLA, OSU seeing missing green light availability, virtual browse (LANECC has two cases open in SF).

    • (Question from Lesley): Is this the same thing that happened with WWU SF#163226 (opened 7/14/15, escalated 7/28/15, stalled 7/31/15, (non) resolution 9/17/15) , where our institution code “fell out” of a mapping table with no explanation?  (UPORT had a similar Salesforce case about this issue (00133717) which I opened 2/12/15) - Stephanie will send the text of her previous case to Ray.

Ray will follow up with ExL as well as Al. May need to run renorm to catch everything.

  • May need another renorm to happen before the planned renorm on 2/16, once the reindexing/hotswapping is completed

2:00 PM, Feb. 2nd.  2016

Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel (minutes), Jennifer Ward,  Dena Hutto,  Kelly Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand, Ray Henry


  1. Review actions from last meeting:  

Additions from D&D Team Members? (Tabled from next week’s call - lead-off items)

  1. (Jennifer) plans for Primo 5: will anyone/group be coordinating help? where can PBO admins/UI designers/etc ask questions and get them answered? Or is everyone on their own? There will probably be too much chatter to make those conversations appropriate for the existing community lists. Also: groups need to be cross-functional, which is NOT how we’re currently organized. Should get fulfillment/DD/systems peeps involved.

    • What is our process and how will we manage/coordinate it?  We need to have some answers for Alliance libraries, but it is also ok to say we don’t know.

    • need to coordinate w/ systems group since they’re likely looking at some parts of it

      • Systems and Discovery & Delivery are both involved with some of the day-to-day management of Primo, but currently not integrated

    • Relationship to goals:  

      • propose a new goal for coordination/clarification of roles with Systems Team and other groups (e.g. assessment?)

    • Managing feedback about Primo 5:

      • ACTION: Create a new email list for Primo 5 issues. Ask people to cc the list when they submit comments to Miri

      • Useful for Ex Libris to see the diversity of responses from across Alliance libraries

    • Discovery Call Primo 5 (Monday, February 8).

      • February release is “barely alpha”

      • We’re still working on structures to gather and share feedback about Primo 5

      • ACTION: This is prompting us to review our plan for the next release, to start more collaboration with Systems Team

    • FYI (from last week’s meeting w/ the ELUNA group): in Primo 5 there will be a way to down/upload all CSS/image files in PBO rather than doing it singly via the UI. Installation-level bulk downloads are not currently available, but I think I successfully made the case so it will be on the roadmap.

      • Question: will there be any Alliance branding?

  2. (Lesley) If the next production renorm/reindex (March 4-6) is around 72 hours, we should re-survey for Alliance-wide renorm/reindex windows.  The last survey (done in June 2015) asked for 4-day windows, and we could now ask for 3-day windows instead.  This improvement should result in more renorm/reindex opportunities.

    • Last time, survey was based on one that Jennifer had created.  May have been a Doodle poll.

    • Previously, survey focused on heavy reserves processing time.  We should consider rephrasing to focus on times with low public impact (e.g. before the start of a term).  Need to find a balance between competing impacts (course reserves processing vs public use of Primo).

    • Timeline: spring quarter (mid-March). Next norm rules won’t be ready until April or May at the earliest.

  3. (Lesley)  I’m working on documentation of the process for synchronizing configuration between Primo environments.  It’s been held up for a few weeks waiting for a response from Ex Libris on a SalesForce case.  Now that I have their information, I can move forward with testing (until I hit the next snag).  I hope to have that document ready for review and broader testing in a week or two.

    • Al will send out credentials for Willamette’s Alma sandbox; WWU’s sandbox is still working on patron anonymization.

  4. Finalize Team Accomplishments/Goals - Due Feb. 5th

  • Ray indicated that the following item: “Evaluate Primo 5 and make a go/no-go recommendation for members” was intended to refer to regular release testing and go/no go decision-making, and not to determine when Primo 5 should be installed at individual Alliance libraries.

  • Ray took 27 Team goals and separated into 3 chunks: process, discovery outcomes, delivery outcomes.

  • re: Alliance web site: Anya migrated most documentation over to new Alliance web site. Added response to goal: “Important policy-level documents moved.”

  • Final document should be about 3 pages.  We need to think about ways to talk about these activities as an executive summary, especially for a non-expert audience.

  • ACTION: Keep adding comments and information directly to the document.  Add a comment or send an email when you are satisfied with your part of the document.

  • Final form must be submitted by February 5.

  • Assessment measures are needed for 2017 goals.

  • Ray and Kelly will create a final version of the document.

  1. WG updates

  • Reports should focused on highlights and questions, since most details are well-documented on the agenda.

  1. Norm Rules (Lesley)

    1. New Books Facet Feedback - member institution practices and preferences are all over the map.  We’re going to gather the feedback into a spreadsheet and divide it into categories:

      1. Things institutions can do locally already (things users can be educated on)

      2. Things institutions could do if the right metadata was in place (these are things we can write norm rules for)

      3. Things we’re not sure what to do with

      4. It isn’t looking likely that there could be one facet that would satisfy all Alliance libraries.

      5. Jennifer reported (and emailed to dd-community) that there is an enhancement requested related to this which should be up for voting soon.

    2. New methodology and partnership via joint working group

      1. NRWG methodology proposal has been revised to focus on the NRWG.

      2. New draft charge for the Joint Working Group has been created.

      3. NRWG and TSWG are conducting final review before submission to D&D, P&C Teams.

    3. Norm rule changes have been moved to the premium sandbox in advance of tomorrow’s renorm/reindex.  (Ask me, there’s another sordid Ex Libris failure story behind this one!)

    4. Testing announcement, testing guide, and feedback form for the upcoming testing period are being drafted this week.

  1. Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

    1. Primo February Release will be installed February 7.

    2. Lesley and I tentatively coordinated the following schedule for sandbox use:

Sandbox use for Primo Release testing and Norm Rules testing:

FEB 3-5:  Premium sandbox renorm/reindex to implement NR changes

FEB 7: install of Primo February release

FEB 8-16: Primo release testing

FEB 16-18: Premium sandbox renorm/reindex to implement NR fixes

FEB 18-29: NR testing

FEB 26-28: Primo Feb release installed on production (barring major issues) - ACTION: Ray will coordinate with Ex Libris?. (Ray)

MAR 4-6: NR rollout on production

  1. I will send an announcement to the email lists (dd-community, disc-discussion) in the next day or so with more info about the installation and testing of the release.

  1. Summit 3 COE (Jesse)

    1. Borrowing/lending stats have been forwarded to the SWG; we started reviewing these on our call last Wednesday. Julie and Erin are still working on this. We will forward to D&D Team for review once the SWG has a draft ready, probably in week or two.

    2. We have also started reviewing current documentation. I posted a preliminary list of topics on our delivery open call last week; two SWG team members (Dawn & Shanel) have volunteered to work on this. The most likely landing spot for these instructions/videos would be the Documents section of the D&D website. I am also soliciting feedback from the other Summit processors.

    3. In the process of troubleshooting a problem last week, ExL revealed that they have some new functionality under development that we weren’t aware of involving “auto-cancellations” in certain scenarios. This is a big concern for us!! I have asked Chen and Moshe for a review/summary of any other functionality that ExL is developing outside of our COE initiative. Knowing this will help us anticipate potential problems and discuss testing scenarios in advance.

    4. ? for the COE team/Jesse (maybe followup w/ a call?): where is the issue of surfacing availability/requestability (from across the consortium) in the Primo UI/”more” link? there’s an enhancement request for this kind of functionality and it was discussed at a (crazy early) joint call of ELUNA and IGeLU Primo PWG. I said I’d follow up with our efforts.

      1. Enhancements process: difficulty points are being assigned to both the old and the new UI.

      2. “more” issue and real-time requestability (RTA) got 400+ votes in ELUNA enhancement process; it made the top group of items that will be sent back out for feedback.

      3. Job that determines RTA isn’t triggered until a patron submits a Summit request; however, we want RTA to be factored in before the patron submits the Summit request (e.g. suppress Summit request form if item is not available at any Summit libraries).  Job takes time to run; could be slow if item is owned by many libraries.  Could slow display of “Get it” iframe.

      4. We could tap into our fellow consortial implementers, since this would also apply to them.

      5. Jennifer will be posting this information via the Product Working Groups; she will keep Jesse in the loop.