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Meeting Dates:

D&D Team meeting, August 30, 2016 (2pm - 3pm)

  1. Review minutes from last meeting (Jesse)

  2. Takeaways from Alliance/ExL Portland meeting (Ray/Jesse)

    1. Dana’s announcement email from last week

      1. Alma release frequency, quality, and testing

      2. Consortial functionality

      3. Support and development

      4. Integrating new members

      5. Alma internal users/patrons

    2. Questions or concerns from D&D Team members?

      1. Natalie: Is frequency of updates going to change, or just getting more information sooner? - More information sooner. ExL is committed to monthly release schedule. Most institutions are standalone, so they aren’t affected quite as much as consortia by frequent releases. 

      2. Stephanie: ExL doing more to address Alma release testing issues? ExL doesn’t want us to bear the burden of testing everything. However, due to past performance, we do this to reduce negative impacts on our staff and end users. ExL’s commitment at this point is to start conversations about why we feel the need to test as much as we do, so that they can (maybe) improve their testing and QA before releases go live in the sandbox. Resource sharing may be something we are in the best position to test, at least for the foreseeable future.

      3. Jesse: Internal users issue. Bar Veinstein explained the security ramifications of Alma storing user passwords internally, and some of the problems caused by this practice. The roll out of this change will not happen until the end of 2017. Alliance folks will be very involved in discussing/planning for this change. We’re waiting to hear more from Ex Libris before figuring out our next steps.

      4. Jesse/Ray: Meeting was positive, productive

  3. Alliance News - September D&D Team Update (Ray)

    1. Review draft document

    2. Need to balance detailed reporting with keeping the announcement concise and targeted to the “need to know” information. Action: Ray will edit the announcement (cut some items, add new reps information) and get it turned around (today or early tomorrow) for review/distribution. Action: Jesse will add AAR information. Action: Everyone to review and add/cut information.

  4. Discovery and Delivery Reps (Ray)

    1. Ray has updated the reps list on the D&D website. It now shows separate Delivery & Discovery reps for each institution. (This will be a topic on the Delivery Open Call to promote it.)

    2. Do the D&D Team members who are not institutional reps (Andrea, Natalie)

want to be included on the dd-reps mailing list? [Update from Ray - I've already added them, as it's part of our expectations doc - which I forgot! It allows them to post there too.]

  1. Update on Alliance Primo Customization JWG (Ray/Jesse/Stephanie)

    1. Review proposed charge

    2. Systems Team members

      1. Paul Ojennus (co-chair), Kun Lin, Jeremy McWilliams, Dan Moore

    3. D&D Team members

      1. Holli Kubly – will provide regular updates to D&D Team

      2. We have also reached out to Barbara Valentine, Bill Kelm, and  Radka Ballada

    4. Action: Everyone review charge and suggest areas where we can clarify what we expect from the group.

  2. Summit COE update (Jesse)

    1. Shanel Parette (WU) has agreed to become the new chair of the Summit COE initiative.

    2. Now that we have both Summit chairs in place, we will be moving ahead on our recruitment efforts for these two groups.

      1. Summit WG – looking for 4-5 new members

        1. Erin Bledsoe (chair)

        2. Sue Shipman

        3. Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen

      2. Summit COE – looking for 2-3 new members

        1. Shanel Parette (chair)

        2. Heidi Nance

    3. ACTION: Ray and Jesse: Set up meeting with Shanel and Erin to review nomination process; send nomination email to Alliance lists. (Could also target specific potential members for COE group, since that work is expert-reliant.)

    4. ACTION: Send out two separate surveys in a single email; include charges; push on announce list!

    5. COE group is context-heavy (relationship with ExL, ongoing issues that have stalled for a long time). Need some more clarity around what is expected of members on this group. Typical WG charge isn’t really what’s done for COE groups, but additional clarity is possible in existing documents.

  3. Alma Release Testing Group – Fulfillment/Resource Sharing (Jesse/Ray)

    1. First meeting is scheduled for Tuesday (8/30) at 1pm

    2. Agenda items: introductions, discuss current testing strategies, review ExL proposal, review September D&D enhancements and assign sandbox testing responsibilities.

    3. Action: Jesse will send out meeting summary/information today.

  4. AAR wrap up (Ray/Jesse)

    1. Deadline for review period ended on 8/19.

    2. Ray is currently putting the finishing touches on the master list and getting ready to move on to the billing phase. [Invoices have been sent out as of today!]

    3. We will be working with the Summit WG over the coming months to evaluate our takeaways from this year’s process and update the Alliance’s documentation for next year. Consortial analytics will be helpful in improving the process for future AAR cycles.

    4. We will also be asking the Summit WG to review the final cleanup steps so that everyone knows how to complete their AAR requests. This might be a good topic for next month’s delivery open call.

  1. Working Group Updates

    1. Norm Rules WG (Lesley)

      1. NRWG is working on the rules for collection discovery in Primo. We had this working for UPUGS a month ago, but it’s not working now. Hilary has a SalesForce case on this issue, and we’re waiting to hear back from ExL.

      2. NRWG is starting its review of existing and template norm rules that handle local notes fields. Estimated review completion in mid-October.

      3. Lesley met with Jodi, Ray, and Anneliese Dehner last week to discuss the norm rules aspects of the CCD’s Digital Content project. Lesley will be working closely with Anneliese to write the NRs for the project data source(s).

  1. Primo Release Testing WG (Stephanie)

    1. Primo August Release was installed to production on Sunday, August 28.

  1. Summit WG (Erin)

  1. Other Topics?

    1. Delivery Open Call → Thursday, September 1st, 10-11am

    2. Usability/Accessibility Testing Update (Ray)

WSU testing workshop - Ray participated. Lots of interested folks, let’s talk about how we can support them and what that would look like: separate list? Interest Group? Interest in participating/coordinating - Action: Everyone think about this, in preparation for discussion next week.

D&D Team meeting, August 16, 2016 (2pm - 3pm)

  • Review minutes

    • Case about fulfillment job config - no data was compromised. ExL says to toggle off/on depending on your situation.

    • Setting up meeting with whitelisted testers - Ray and Jesse get together to discuss. Who should we include as testers? Contact Elizabeth and she can help set up Doodle polls, etc.

    • AAR stuff - document the statuses and how to map to AAR. Positive feedback overall.

  • New D&D Team chair elect – Sarah Stevenson 

  • Delivery Open Call update - ILLiad/Alma Integration (Jesse)

    • On hold until next Open Call Meeting - October 6. Nathan , Julie, Kun, and Jeremy if possible. 

    • Summit lending locations and whether they should be suppressed. Could be the topic for September OC meeting. What are the best practices?

      Nathan suggests structuring the call according to these main precepts:

      • 1. Setting up lending: this is a no-brainer that ILLiad libraries should setup. It's easy to setup, easy to use, and saves time

      • 2. Setting up borrowing: more challenging to setup, with several trade-offs, particularly concerning edge-cases

      • 2.1. Borrowing with auto-receive: what is the workflow with auto-receive enabled, and what are the trade-offs in this case

      • 2.2. Borrowing with manual receive: what is the workflow with auto-receive not enabled, and what are the trade-offs in this case

      • 3. Setting up ILLiad as lender of last-resort

  • New D&D orientation docs (Ray)

    • Ray to spell out what listservs people will be subscribed to as a result of appointment(s).

      • Action item: Get feedback to Ray!

  • Proposal to form a Joint Systems/D&D WG to develop a consortial approach to Primo UI (Ray/Stephanie)

    • Systems has volunteered to take the lead on this, since it’s a natural extension of the work they’ve been doing with the Primo Toolkit and PCCWG.

    • Timeline: 2-3 month, ideally completed before the November release goes live

  • Ray update - AAR about to end; when do we want to schedule the August Primo release move to Production?

  • Working Group Updates

    • Primo Release Testing WG (Stephanie)

      • August release testing ends tomorrow at 5pm

      • 10 people have submitted feedback (7 since yesterday’s reminder!)

      • Since D&D not meeting next week, what is best way to handle Go / No Go decision? (Release tentatively scheduled to be installed Sun. Aug 28)

        • Unless something exceptional happens with the feedback tomorrow, we anticipate moving forward with the 8/28 date.

      • Does need for renorm/reindex to improve LC/NLM call number browse affect our decision?

        • Hold off performing the renorm/reindex until mid-October; include LC/NLM changes along with other changes planned by the NRWG at that time.

  • Summit WG (Jesse)

    • This group is in a holding pattern for the time being. We are hoping to have an update about the Summit COE chair shortly. Once we know who that will be, we will actively start recruiting for both groups. We have already prepared the survey, we’re just waiting for these last pieces to fall into place.

  • Norm Rules WG (Lesley)

    • NRWG is conducting a review of current and template NRs under the local notes focus topic over the next two weeks.

      • Clean up existing rules

    • Planning has begun for an NRWG production rollout in October. PSbox testing will take place in late September/early October.

  • Reminders

    • Discovery & Systems joint call - Mon. August 22, 2:30 - 3:30pm – “New Primo UI: Transition Considerations” – Nathan Mealey & Stephanie Michel

    • No D&D Team call next week (8/23) due to Alliance staff retreat

D&D Team meeting, August 9, 2016 (2pm - 3pm)

Alma move-to-production

  • Monthly Alliance Announcement email

    • Please submit updates to Ray individually, unless someone would like to volunteer to manage this process on a more permanent basis.

    • These are the Discovery and Delivery updates that are a part of the Alliance News Monthly update emails. Usually 3-4 bullet points per team. Think about what qualifies as an announcement.

    • The deadline for the September email will be August 30th.

  • New D&D Reps structure

    • New reps are supposed to begin on September 1st.

  • D&D Team/Working Group/COE Initiative Involvement

    • Priority Support Issues → Sarah 

    • Consortial Analytics (COE) - (preferably someone who has access to both Alma and Primo Analytics, as I suspect the latter will be getting more attention in the near future) D&D dashboard/ready to use reports for resource sharing. Jesse sending Andrea info soon. → Andrea

    • D&D Team (chair elect) we will talk about this one in our next calls

    • NRWG (chair elect) Lesley and Ray will be working on this very soon. Lesley is checking the list for norm rules changes to see if any of those folks look like potential candidates.

    • PRTWG (chair elect) Stephanie has some good potential folks in the group and it is on her to do list.

    • Summit COE Initiative group (chair) Still needing someone here.

    • Summit WG (chair elect) Looks like there are some who are rolling over and it depends on what new folks sign up.

  • August Release Problem - Fulfillment Jobs Configuration

    • The new Active/Inactive toggles did not map over correctly.

      • Aug release proved that this Active toggle could cause problems (U Wisc report on Alma-L)

      • Double-check Send Overdue Message to Resource Sharing Borrowing Partner (check jobs to make sure it is not showing up in your jobs queue)

      • Also, concerned about Fulfillment Jobs Configuration - setting Active or Inactive versus unchecking Active column under Manage Jobs - Monitor Jobs - Scheduled - usability issues with unchecking in one place and having nothing happen...

    • This does not appear to be causing any serious hardships, since many of jobs are either 'Not scheduled' or deactivated in other ways.

    • ACTION: Draft Alliance-level case with Ray and send out email to D&D lists

  • Alma Release Testing Group

    • New email list

    • Alma release testing has become increasingly restrictive and limited over time. Ray sent out an email to this new listserv last Friday. The goal is to get more people and institutions involved in the testing of the Alma monthly releases.

    • How can the D&D Team help support this effort?

      • Which D&D Team members are currently included in this group of testers? [Jesse, Erin, Lori…]

      • One option might be to meet early in the week after the release notes come out and divide up the list so that everyone tests something.

      • Then they would need to report back to the group in time for us to put together the Fulfillment/Resource Sharing summary later in the week.

      • ACTION: Set up meeting with testers to establish ground rules and a course of action moving forward - before September release 

  • Upcoming Open Calls

    • Discovery & Systems joint call

      • Mon. August 22, 2:30 - 3:30pm - "New Primo UI: Transition Considerations" - Nathan Mealey & Stephanie Michel

    • Delivery

      • Next month's open call is scheduled for 9/1.

      • September call - ILLiad/Alma config - ACTION: check with Nathan to see if it's too close to the Discovery call. Booking/Item Policy Exceptions might be a good fallback.

      • October call - work orders - Lori

      • Who would like to help lead this discussion?

      • The sooner we agree on topics, the more time we have to develop presentations and recruit outside presenters (as needed).

    • In addition to the open call that Nathan Mealey will be co-hosting with Stephanie on 8/22, he has also expressed interest in having the Systems Team collaborate with us on several other topics, including 'Usability and Accessibility,' 'Primo Analytics,' and 'ILLiad/Alma Integration.'

  • Working Group Updates

    • Norm Rules (Lesley)

      • NRWG will implement the new call number sort routines and re-enable call number browse searching on the PSbox after the renorm/reindex finishes (hopefully Thursday). Testing of call number browse can begin after that change is made.

      • Alma headings enrichment rules will move to the PSbox the week of August 22nd, to enable testing once this Alma feature is available to Consortial Networks. The Authority Control Working Group will head up testing, assisted by the NRWG.

      • Local display field lds49 is now officially reserved for use by institutions creating data pipes into Primo. (Email will go out to the lists soon!) This will prevent conflicts between local and Alliance level field labels in cases where locally-piped data needs its own display field.

      • The NRWG/NRAG focus topic for this development cycle is local notes. To prevent scope creep, discussions will center on the 5XX and 9XX MARC fields. Tangential issues will be set aside for future cycles.

      • NRWG will provide norm rules training for NRAG members in August/September.

      • NRAG members will be attending team open calls to gather input from stakeholders.

      • NRWG will be working with CCD's Digital Collections Working Group later this year on the Alliance's digital content initiative.

  • Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

    • Primo Release testing is underway; ends on Wed. August 17th

    • Renorm/reindex job currently running on sandbox; should finish by EOD Thurs 8/11

    • Release testers have identified several issues with new and current user interfaces; I have opened 3 Salesforce tickets and sent feedback about 3 issues to the Ex Libris and Alliance Primo new UI email lists

  • Summit (Erin)

    • Update about meeting from last Friday

      • This group will move forward as the Summit Working Group (SWG). The COE group will continue on as the Summit 3 COE.

      • We are working on a team charge that focuses on documentation, participation in open calls, best practices and data-driven changes to Alma (Rota).

      • Biweekly call schedule to start, then reevaluate

      • A recruiting survey will be sent out-please nominate folks you think would be interested (self-nomination is also encouraged.)

    • AAR update (Ray) - Have people submitted any feedback yet regarding the new Review tab on the master list?

  • Upcoming Alliance Meeting with Ex Libris - August 18th - Portland

      • Determining ExL's commitment to developing consortial functionality

      • Lack of information on the roadmap, especially what is planned for the next 2-4 releases (on a rolling basis) 

      • Poor QA of monthly releases. 

      • Access to development. 

      • Whitworth migration problems

  • Reminder about EWU's upcoming Alma Hackfest

    • September 19th in Cheney

  • Other Topics for Discussion? (please add below)

    • Sarah's question on the list re: mashup.css and the change to mapping tables

    • Feedback about messaging on that change

D&D Team meeting, August 2, 2016 (2pm - 3pm)

  • Review minutes from last meeting

  • Primo/Alma August releases

    • Current release testing message from Al - Kelly used to forward the testing call to the DD Team

    • Separate out/share D&D enhancements on dd-reps list/dd-community/fulfill-discuss listservs with more detail and free up some time on the open calls

    • Ray/Jesse? Would other people like to help with this? Lori, Sarah and Erin would!

    • Sample  for Alma August Release - provides more direct linking

    • Jesse will pull info out as a google doc. Lori will help (except for the September release) to add content on circ and analytics related information.

    • Primo Release Testing Working Group already sends out a similar message for Primo

  • Delivery/Discovery Open Calls

    • Thursdays @ 10-11am (maintain same time/day for both calls for the sake of consistency)

    • Stagger every two weeks

      • Delivery call

        • 1st Thursday of each month (to accommodate monthly Alma releases)

        • Next one would be August 4th (i.e. this Thursday!! Is that do-able?) - Looks like NO

          • Lesley, Stephanie, Ray, Erin and Holli: have a conflict this Thursday

          • Lori, Jesse and Sarah: are available

          • Lesley has a good doc on Alma Summit request form mapping - some concern that everything is “turned on” when activated. Also, unless the mapping table is set to true, the customization form doesn’t display. Also, using the form as well as CSS would ultimately be confusing and make for difficulty with future customizations and decisions. Stephanie, Jesse and Ray will be guinea pigs. Will be a great topic for a delivery call.

          • Elizabeth may send out invites to the team, but the GTM link changes each time so we may just need to share with our lists.

    • Discovery call

      • 3rd Thursday of each month → next one would be August 18th

      • NOTE: Jesse and Ray will both be attending a meeting in Portland on this day, so other team members will need to lead this discussion.

  • Special Topics Open Calls

    • Discovery

    • Delivery

      • Booking

      • Fulfillment Networks

      • Troubleshooting Summit Requests

      • Work Orders

      • Missing, claimed returns workflows

      • Analytics

        • Summit/Fulfillment Reports of Interest

        • Dashboard Configuration

      • ILLiad/Alma NCIP integration – Nathan created a very helpful document, could be shared on email, or an open call with Nathan to present. (Jeremy McWilliams (Lewis & Clark) for information on creating Marc Imports as an alternative)

    • General

      • Strategic Planning/Big Picture Thinking

  • Summer meeting stuff

    • Survey

      • Ray’s survey out.

      • Survey ends this week and Ray will send updates and info to the team once analysed and combined.

      • Lori update

        • Add in a question for each focus area about “one issue in this area that you are still encountering for us to focus future trainings on” or something like that.

        • Also interested in gauging success of existing workflows in fulfillment particularly - some question about “did we focus on fulfillment issues that you need assistance with?” or “is there a fulfillment workflow that you would like to see us focus on for next year?”

    • Are the fulfillment/Summit/breakout session presentations posted anywhere yet? Will that be on the Summer Meeting website or the D&D website? - Cassie will put a link on the archived summer meeting page.

    • D&D rep feedback forms - takeaways?

      • Training Opportunities

        • Topics?

      • Summit Functionality

      • New Primo UI testing & master transition calendar (?)

      • Lots of calls for more communication (including calls and training)/documentation

      • Seeing an overall request to hold ExL accountable for expected or lost functionality

  • Working Group Updates

    • Norm Rules (Lesley)

      • Several changes are ready for testing in the Premium sandbox, and several others are in progress in the small sandbox.

      • NRWG/NRAG are going to come up with the “focus topic” for this fall in the next week or so.

      • NRWG has proposed a renorm/reindex on the PSbox to implement a configuration change in the August Primo release. The new call number sort routines should improve the result of call number browsing (LC and NLM), since it helps account for missing periods in some of these call numbers.

        • Plan: New sort routines implemented in the PBO late this week (Lesley will do this).

        • Renorm/reindex on PSbox next week (Monday kickoff?)

        • Testing through August 17th.

  • Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

    • August Release Timeline (longer than usual testing timeline due to need for renorm/reindex on the sandbox)

      • July 31 – Primo August Release installed on Premium sandbox

      • August 17, 5pm – deadline for submitting feedback and institutional go/no go vote

      • August 28 (tentative) – August release installed to the production environment (assuming “go” vote and no major issues)

    • Question (JT): Do we know if any schools are going live with the new UI in August or September? Should we send out a survey to take the pulse of all the libraries?

      • (SM):In the Feedback form for testing the Primo August release, we included a question about when the library is considering migrating

      • (SM:) Based on my conversations during the Summer Meeting, I don’t know of any Alliance libraries planning to migrate in August. Some might migrate during the Christmas break if the August (and November) releases go well.

    • August 22nd meeting/open call for update about future collaborations with the Systems Team (Nathan conversation)? What you need to plan for with the move to the new UI.

    • Reminder from ExL that this is just a new FRONT end, no new Back Office - 2 different views of the same setting.

    • Summit (Erin/Jesse)

      • Resource Sharing Request Form mapping tables

        • The August release has a new feature for configuring the resource sharing request forms in Primo; Lesley has put together an extremely helpful document based on her testing in the sandbox environment; we will need to address this on our next delivery open call and we should probably share this document out too. (Thank you, Lesley!!)

      • AAR update

        • We have completed the search phase but there are still a number (135) of problem requests on the list. Some look like they should be courier claims and others are showing “on shelf” and need confirmation from the owning library since these can slip through easily at check-in.

        • Double-checking from consortial analytics should make this kind of review a consistent part of this process - PHASE 2 of review! Make sure to let people know what we’re doing and why - people are going to want to save the money! Borrower OR lender could initiate the conversation?

        • We are considering adding a Review tab to the master list to resolve some of these issues before we move on to the billing cycle.

      • Rota readjustment

        • Our last rota change was in March. We reviewed the numbers again in mid-July and found that there was not enough new data to justify modifying it again at this time.

        • We posted an announcement about this on the lists last week, along with the relevant stats.

        • We will re-evaluate again in December.

  • COE initiatives

    • In addition to the Summit COE group, the D&D Team is participating in several other Alliance COE initiatives

    • Would anyone be interested in serving as a liaison for the D&D Team on either of these groups? Lori (maybe) depending on time commitment….