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2:00 PM, April 26th.  2016

Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel, Jennifer Ward, Dena Hutto(minutes), Kelly Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand, Ray Henry,


  1. Review actions from last meeting

Have been taken care of.

  1. Summer Meeting (Ray)

    1. https://www.orbiscascade.org/summer-meeting-2016/

    2. Committee & Program Managers working on refining the list of breakout topics.

    3. Full day for Summit-related issues/training

Additional comments from Ray: Broad, rough schedule from the program committee.  Two full days of training.  Computer classroom has capacity of 40 seats, so that limits Alma Analytics sessions.

Lots of Summit and fulfillment stuff is being requested.  Looking for trainers!  Have some people in mind for training.  Jesse is hoping for more guidance on topics desired.  More information from summer meeting survey? Ray: yes?  Might be worthwhile to query the fulfillment list.  Kelly: tailor to new staff?  Deadline to identify sessions and trainers:  Ray says that we should get this lined up as soon as possible.  Jesse confirmed that he feels a full day of Summit training is warranted.  To address different experience levels, offer a 101 and a 201 track.  Share your anecdotal sense of desired training with Ray.  Ray and other program managers have primary responsibility for coming up with session topics.  Ray will share with us a draft of what the program managers have come up with for sessions.  Team role? Suggestions of speakers and topics for DD should go to Ray as soon as possible. Team dinner on Wednesday night, 7/13.  Save the date!

Lunch provided for Mon. and Tues.  

Tues. Hackfest led by Systems -- DDT co-sponsoring.

Wed. & Thurs. Are more traditional.  

3. Whitworth Trainings (Ray & Lori)

Went very very well.  4-5 Whitworth staff.  Really good presentations from trainers.  W. staff asked really good questions about how things would work in their setting.  Anonymous evaluation form to participants.  Ray: important to be as available as possible at golive time and immediately after.  Cassie is the PM point person.  Will check with Cassie on status of survey. Potential for a webinar or two as we draw closer to their go-live if they have further questions or areas we didn”t cover in the original training. Question from Jesse about whether we can contact people at Whitworth directly or need to go through Cassie to get answers to specific questions, such as adding Whitworth to the Summit Circulating Material spreadsheet for Alliance libraries.

4.  Team positions nomination-

  1. The Discovery and Delivery Team determines policies and procedures and continually assesses the Alliance's discovery and delivery (fulfillment, resource sharing, courier) systems and interfaces to achieve improved services. Often in collaboration with other teams, this includes implementing, testing, and maintaining documentation for both existing and new features. This work is done to support and inform a variety of stakeholders, including: staff and faculty at member libraries working in Primo/Alma administrative interfaces, in public services, or both; and students, researchers, faculty, and library staff at member institutions.

Team members are responsible for actively participating in and contributing to: weekly 1-hour team calls, two 1 1/2 hour open calls per month, as well as 10 - 20 hours of monthly work that may include Alma and Primo release testing, normalization rules review, delivery of training or presentations, reporting and assessment responsibilities, and collaborative work with other Alliance teams and working groups.  

Point from Jennifer about team members representing not their institutions, but the Alliance membership as a whole.  Part of role of team is to get feedback from membership.  Like how Jennifer framed engagement in her email.  Suggestion: Put this language about representation role in the call for nominations.  Ray: ELUNA attendance (?) should not be part of this charge.  Ray: be aware that this description will be twice as long as any other team description!  Nomination vs. volunteering.  Library directors do play a role because they ultimately need to approve -- being on a team or work group is a serious time commitment that will impact the institution.

  1. Norm Rules (Lesley)

    1. Advisory Group Chair Nomination/Appointment

Kelly: team involvement in appointment -- so we discussed this appointment.  Agreed to move forward.  Ray: what is the term of appointment? Lesley: Norm Rules charge states that terms are up to two years.  Would recommend a minimum of one year, renewable term for group chair appointments. Ray: recommend an incoming chair/chair structure to ensure continuity.  Lesley: process for soliciting members for advisory group? Chairs of working groups advised to encourage volunteers; two working groups would then have a pool to choose from.  Teams make the appointments.  

NRWG Trello board was well-received on last call.

  1. NRWG may want to recruit one member this summer - discussion pending.

  2. Global renorm/reindex alternative - pilot project conducted 4/21 on PSbox.  There is some confusion about the processes in between NZ publishing and the Primo-side pipe.  Lesley”s working on those, then the group will figure out how this process might integrate with the existing workflow, and when we”d want to use it.

    1. So far, the group consensus is that republishing should be done from the NZ as much as possible, so that institution staff aren”t burdened with making Alma sets and publishing on a schedule (for large changes that have to be ‘metered’).

    2. One nice side effect of the republishing approach is that in making Alma sets of the affected records, we”re making sets of records that can be used by institution staff during Alliance-wide testing.

  1. Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

    1. Primo May Release to be installed to premium sandbox Sunday, May 8.

    2. Alliance-customized release notes and feedback form will be sent out later this week

    3. Tentative timeline:

Sunday, May 8: Primo May Release installed to premium sandbox

Monday, May 9 – Wednesday, May 18 at 5pm: Primo May Release Testing

Thursday, May 19 – Friday, May 20: Working group makes go/no go recommendation for installing May Release to production

Tuesday, May 24: Discovery & Delivery Team makes go/no go decision for installing May Release to production

Sunday, May 29 (?) – tentative date for installing May Release to production

Question about installation to production: Ex Libris notification of upcoming installation to sandbox indicates that ‘Your Primo Production environment will be upgraded four weeks after the Sandbox upgrade.’  That would be June 5; however, wouldn”t that conflict with the monthly Alma update?

Ray will check out whether the release can be rescheduled to May 29. Stephanie will be out of town but other WG members could step in.  Jesse: Any more information about PRIMO5 functionality? Will Miri Botzer talk about this on the call tomorrow?  May should have been a major release, but apparently some of the functionality has been pushed out to August.  Release notes have not been very helpful.  Are release times getting pushed back?

  1. Summit 3 COE (Jesse) Jesse should go first next time: he”s always shortchanged on time!

    1. Summit Circulating Materials spreadsheet

      1. This has been updated. I”m going to check with Whitworth and add their information before forwarding it to Ray for wider distribution on the D&D website.

    2. Alma release testing for May is currently underway

      1. ExL has added some new mapping tables in Alma for hiding specific fields (holds, booking, digitization) in Primo. This is a (potentially exciting) departure from the previous css mashup method. I”m not sure why the resource sharing form wasn”t included in this release. We will be posing that question to Chen and Moshe on our COE call tomorrow. Updates to follow.  Lesley has experimented with using the mapping tables to customize the local request form and it is working well; it mimics the form created via CSS.  Activating the mapping tables does not seem to break the CSS (Lesley had both activated at the same time).  Will Alliance offer guidance about recommended configuration for request form?  Lesley, Ray, and Jesse will talk further about this.  More updates soon.

      2. We are still experiencing some challenges in terms of premium sandbox access. Al has reached out to PCC, OHSU and Pacific to identify potential testers at those institutions who have the necessary login credentials. They”re mainly systems folks who don”t have much experience with Summit/fulfillment processing, so we may have to rely on other staff members at those libraries to offer assistance.

    3. AAR update - reimbursement process for lost Summit materials

      1. Ray sent out a general announcement about this last week. The Summit WG is still reviewing the consortial analytics report we”ve created to help everyone generate their lists in a consistent manner.  Jesse is looking into how to eliminate ILL requests.  Ray will run a consortial-level sample report to identify potential issues.  Consortial report should improve the consistency across the Alliance.

      2. We will be sending out these reports in the coming weeks. This process continues through the rest of the summer.

2:00 PM, April 12th.  2016

Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel, Jennifer Ward,(minutes),  Dena Hutto, Kelly Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand, Ray Henry (in at 2:30), Rob Bohall


  1. Review actions from last meeting

    1. Still using a separate feedback form for website/content feedback.

  1. Summer Meeting (Ray)

    1. Committee & Program Managers working on refining the list of topics.

    2. Half-day requested for Summit-related issues/training

  2. Whitworth Trainings (Ray & Lori)

    1. Draft schedule reviewed as a group. Megan Drake at ExL is coordinating on their end.

  3. ELUNA

    1. Get together for D&D Team members who will be there.

    2. Ray trying to get meeting w/ Miri from ExL. ExL analyst participation is limited; Al checking on.

    3. Debrief after ELUNA. Share info broadly within the Alliance; can’t make tech seminar materials available on the open Internet, perhaps put on silsdocs site?

  4. Alma NERS voting: timeline moving forward?

    1. Final votable list out to OCA members in the next couple of days.

  5. Open Call Topics/Speakers

    1. Discovery April 25th

      1. Primo Toolkit (Nathan). 10 minutes.

      2. How are system down issues handled at the Alliance level? (Ray) 10 minutes.

      3. Primo Assessment Joint WG update (Rebecca @WWU, Michelle @?; Jodi as PM) 20 minutes. ACTION: Lesley will check

      4. NRWG: Trello, site work (Lesley) 10 minutes

      5. Whitworth training progress (Ray) 5 minutes

      6. May release? As time and info allows. (Stephanie)

      7. Update on PSI issues?

    2. Delivery April 28th

      1. Depends on releases and the fire du jour.

      2. Reserve overview - Mary Van Court (UW) - considerable portion of call. This issue hasn’t been discussed in any great depth; might be a very meaty topic. Put out a call for questions so Mary knows what to cover in her portion of the call.

      3. May release (Alma).

      4. Alma NERS update (Ray & Lori)

      5. Idea exchange (Lesley)

      6. Whitworth training progress (Ray)

      7. Update on PSI issues.

        1. Comment from jlw: perhaps do this via email? Might be better to track/get the word out about the issues to all.

  6. Assessment Plan (Rob)

Assessment Team evaluating their activities and structure.

  1. Community update email (Ray)

    1. Good idea! (i’d use a thumbs up emoticon if I could find one).

    2. Include link to PSI page.

    3. Ray will aim to submit to the dd-team, dd-reps and dd-community lists every couple of weeks.

     [N.B.: alliance-announce is a broader distribution list. More newsletter-y content.]

  1. WG updates

  • Reports should focused on highlights and questions, since most details are well-documented on the agenda.

  1. Norm Rules (Lesley)

    1. NRWG has linked to their Trello board for active requests from the NRWG site.  This will make the request workflow a bit more transparent, and allow anyone to see (but not edit!) where their requests or their institution’s requests are in the NRWG workflow, among other benefits.

      1. There’s in-board introductory documentation for those unfamiliar with Trello.  The NRWG can also advertise this on the lists to create awareness.

      2. Group is ready to start sharing the boards and info.

      3. This is part of an NRWG website re-working/update that’s currently in progress.

    2. NRWG has rolled out support for LibGuides as both a display type and a resource type, so that institutions who choose to “pipe” those records into Primo can take advantage of facets and pre-search filters for those resources.

  2. Primo Toolkit WG (Lesley)

    1. The toolkit (https://www.orbiscascade.org/primo_toolkit) is ready for prime time, and will be demo’ed at tomorrow’s open Systems call.

    2. jlward1: seems like Whitman might be a good test case for it. ???

  3. Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

    1. Nothing to report

  4. Summit 3 COE (Jesse)

    1. Summit Circulating Materials spreadsheet - emailed Summit circ processors for one last review on 4/8. The deadline for feedback is 4/15. I will then send the spreadsheet to Ray and have her post it on the website (perhaps under Resource Sharing > Related Policies?)

    2. Summit COE initiative document - We talked about Ray’s document on our Summit COE call last week. I’m not sure what the next step is. Ray will either share it with the D&D Team for review, or she will be showing it to John. Then we will forward it to Melissa Hilbert at ExL to get their response. Updates to follow.

    3. COE Analytics - we had another Alliance call yesterday. We are still reviewing the progress we’ve made to date and discussing next steps. I think we will have another fulfillment/resource sharing call with Yoel in the near future. Future topics will include Primo analytics, improvements to how timestamps are managed, and call number reporting.

    4. Summit documentation - I will be meeting with Shanel and Dawn later this week to review the progress they’ve already made. We still need to finalize some details regarding topics, content, and formatting. Bottom line, they need to be both consistent and accurate. I will share more about this next week.

Additions from D&D Team Members

10. Tabled for the next meeting:  

Cancel meeting on 4/19 because many members will be at Whitman for training.

2:00 PM, April 5th, 2016

Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel, Jennifer Ward,  Dena Hutto, Kelly Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand, Ray Henry, Rob Bohall

Discovery and Delivery housekeeping meeting - managing work, shared expectations